Wednesday, July 6, 2016

GMA should have more class... Seeking Solace from Foreign Washed-Ups will only sink it deeper (Support from a Laos will just make it laos)

We know GMA has been in the doldrums for a long time. It's more optimal to have competition in the local broadcast industry because competition forces everybody to come up with better products. I was hoping it could regain its footing & put up a fight. Though I could imagine it was humiliating to be beaten black & blue in the ratings almost everyday especially in an industry which treats ratings as its Bible. But I have to admit it's really hard to put much weight on the AGB Nielsen tales considering its hard to  explain its obvious lack of  correspondence to reality. Just one noteworthy example, I remember the alleged ratings of a teleserye of its young loveteam was even higher than that of a rival team in Metro Manila but you'll be hard put to explain why they were relatively unknown even in Manila. Nobody bothered to take advantage commercially on their "popularity" as if there was nothing there. But the "less popular" competition became practically superstars.

I could imagine GMA needed a "karamay". But at a time when this blog has just documented the latest among a series of sabotage incidents on Pinoy stars involving South Korean fingerprints, I find it objectionable to read (in the comments section of my post on the latest sabotage) that it still allows itself to be used by the washed-up South Koreans and will be releasing "3 Koreanovelas" next week. As if it's celebrating that a Pinoy teleserye, admittedly by its rival Abs-Cbn, has just been sabotaged successfully.

There's no doubt that the propaganda fiction of Korea Wave has fizzled out  throughout the world. It is being kept alive by the likes of GMA who still innocently echo its propaganda while the South Koreans treat the more star material Pinoys as threats that should be neutralized in order that the propaganda fiction stays alive (Read Tales of Sabotage at the sidebar). GMA remained in the doldrums despite their association anyway, it just reinforced its image as a weak producer that it had to seek the support of a foreign washed-up that is trashing the locals to stay alive. So is GMA keeping them alive locally just so it could sabotage not only its rival but Pinoy teleserye?

Pinoy teleseryes are flying high internationally, it's performing better commercially than the South Korean or other Asian dramas in many parts of the world, and it doesn't matter if it's GMA or ABSCBN.  If Pinoys were really wiser, teleseryes should have been treated as a national strength & protected so it gets stronger. They should defend it & vaccinate themselves from an obvious competitor who consider them as threats & doesn't balk on doing sabotage on them as they embrace. The continued presence of this competitor only perpetuates the inferiority complex that shouldn't be there anymore, it only corrodes the standards that Pinoy should finally start being proud of.

If GMA can't produce viable teleseryes anymore, instead of coddling a virus that seeks destruction, wouldn't it be more practical that its owners just sell to somebody who knows how to defend & fortify national strengths like the teleserye?

Below are comments I extracted from my post on the latest sabotage incident. (Please refrain from commenting below, I don't want a network war. It's enough we read the extracts below).

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