Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Sex appeal is really making a comeback at Malacañang. The youngest son of the incoming President might have a permanent tan because of his love for skimming the waves at the spectacular Davao Gulf but all my girl & gay friends swear that only deepened his sexy credentials. The lady mayor of Davao City might have capriciously shaved her hair but it doesn't erase the fact she got the beauty genes intact.

I've been featuring in my recent posts the sexy politicians from the Visayas (Leyte specifically). Apparently, Mindanao won't disappoint either. The new Presidential family has good looks aplenty. 28 year old Sebastian Duterte is non-chalant about his face but the lack of vanity only proved the natural resources down south are indeed sexy. Sara Duterte is a diamond untouched by vanity as well but she has been voted as Mayor of Davao not only for her name but for her natural good looks.

Davao might have been one of the last cities established by the Spaniards (1848) but the heady brew of Chavacano migrants from Cotabato & Zamboanga, Spanish plantation owners, early American colonial soldiers who decided to pull up stakes and settle, Japanese descendants of pre-war migrants and practically all the country's ethnnolinguistic classes created a sexy population which is still not talked about much in the press. I often visit the city in my out of town trips & it's one of the Philippine cities with a high proportion of the  population not disappointing physically  (though with the high rate of immigration in recent years, there's a danger it might be diluted too much eventually like Metro Manila). A microcosm of a beautiful Pinoy melting pot still in high gear.

If Malacañang had been a desert lately, in the end some rain must fall. Not amihan but habagat.


  1. Good, nasa limelight na naman ang mga natural ang ganda. Mabawas-bawasan ang trying-hard

    1. Sinabi niyo pa. Good riddance!

  2. Yan ang unique sa Davao, dyan nag-settle ang maraming Amerikanong sundalo kaya nagsalubong ang dugong Kastila at Kano. Blue eyed pa rin ang maraming Kastila sa Davao Oriental

  3. In settling Cotabato & Davao the Spaniards took with them Chavacanos from Zamboanga as first settlers of their new cities that's why these cities have beautiful pioneers. But as the Muslim wars affected Mindanao the Chavacanos flocked to Davao