Friday, January 8, 2016

Edward Benosa - Iingatan Ko (Official Music Video)

Well, nobody would dare suggest that the title of this song should be "The Constipation Song" like what happened in his previous video. But for a moment there, when I saw the initial shots, Edward's face was so contorted by strange wrenching emotions that I thought it was going to be about some toilet ritual again.... but thankfully, he was made to smile so much in time that I sighed with relief. No, it was not "The Constipation Song" all over again. My assistant suggested it should be 'The Pancake Song" instead but I  won't dare pretending to be an expert in what she called thick glistening make-up so let's just listen to the song.
It was a sweet ballad, actually.


  1. Oo nga no, di ba nila tinestest muna sa camera kung okey ba makeup nila? kapal talaga ang foundation. Marami tayong banong makeup artist. Kadalasan kung di makapal ang kolorete na akala mo sinampal ng kalabaw, parang multo sa puti ang mukha pero ang itim naman mga braso

    1. Mas okey title "The Thick Foundation Song"

  2. Mali kayo. Mas okey The Makeup Artist Song