Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Tausog Star In Malaysia: Wawa Zainal

Pinoys are mostly clueless to their neighbors down south but there's actually some very interesting  coincidences: the areas adjacent to the Philippines are hailed as sources of the best-looking girls in our neighboring Malay countries. In Indonesia, the Northern Sulawesi area just below Davao is traditionally known for the Latin-tinged beauty of the people & is a source of many beautiful Indonesian celebrities (it was formerly a Spanish outpost before it was transferred to the Dutch colonizers so the people had the same mestizaje like in the Philippines; morever, its Minahasan language, unique among Indonesian languages, is part of the Philippine family of languages, & it was interesting to read in my research  while doing this post that the Minahasans, the name of the people, believe they look more like Filipinos (In Indonesia, a Minahasan descent is popularly called Manado, taken from name of the biggest city in Northern Sulawesi).
Meanwhile, in Malaysia, Sabah just below Mindanao is also known in Malaysia for its beautiful girls. A big part of the population, nearly a third, are migrant Filipinos
dispersed by the war in Mindanao, most of them Tausogs, Samas & Chavacanos. One of the brightest young stars of Malaysia before she got involved in a controversy way back in 2013 with her now husband, actor Aeril Zafrel, was Wawa Zainal from Lahad Datu, Sabah, with a Filipina Tausog mother & Brunei-Badjao father.

Watch Wawa & Aeril in the video below.

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  1. Maganda. Wala pa tayong Muslim na bida pwede siya. Baka marunong mag-Tagalog ito