Friday, January 8, 2016


  1. At first glance, it looks like the modernized Kabuki look of the Japanese idoru's (idols), but this is actually what I call the "Pinoy Blonde Glutathione" look. We had this former maid who went to work as a nanny in Europe but when she returned for a vacation, she came to visit and I nearly didn't recognize her because she was definitely fair-skinned already and her long hair was blonde. I won't say they look exactly alike, they might get mad.
We know it's not Japanese because the Japanese prefer their idoru's to have small, thin faces, in contrast to the more pronounced moon-facies of mainland Northeast Asian artists (though Ayumi Yamasaki's face expanded as she got older). I am not really a fan of this look, especially when adapted by boys, a look trailblazed by the boys of Johnny Kitagawa (collectively known in Japan as Johnny's boys), a Los Angeles-native transplant in Tokyo who changed the Japanese pop boy look, which was eventually adapted by all the other Northeast Asian boy bands. A Japanese friend said a social engineering "success" that neutered the sexual appeal of a group of people already snickered about in that department.

 Though I myself consider the Yayoi-Jomon mixture of Japan- without the stylized Kabuki make-up, that is- as the sexiest among the Northeast Asian Mongoloids.

 The song was nice, so was the video. I almost didn't believe it was done by Starmusic. Things must be moving there finally.

Yeng Constantino - Dance Without The Music (Official Music Video)


  1. Why should they get mad? Ayaw nilang kamukha ang isa't isa? Ganoon?

  2. The social engineering of the boys was to neutralize the samurai spirit in Japan... but Japan has to militarize now because of the new geopoltical realities in Asia & it needs the samurai ethos again..... But... the samurai ethos will always be there, these media hocus-focus are just on the surface..