Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beauty Is Back in Pinoy Showbiz!!!

Girl screams are loud again in the Philippines, youth films & teleseryes are resurgent, that is because really beautiful young people have returned. In the past, "pangmasa" was the convenient (though it turned out, ignorant) reason for recruiting ordinary-looking stars, but those years were the years of doldrums & lost interest (I was one of those turned off by the stars then). It is clear the masa doesnt want to be patronized, it was probably insulted that it was judged as having poor taste. Why should she identify with a duck when she wanted to be a peacock? She herself can change her own reality, not outdated social engineers who probably can't even fathom the world beyond their talking points. So the beautiful actors & actresses returned & Pinoy showbiz is bubbling again. Even me, already a professional, has mixed in.

Media can only alter reality so much- in a country obsessed with beauty, you can't switch an ostrich with a pig. Or you can't fawn over a duck when there are peacocks.

 Hair Bounce Dance ft. Janella, Julia and Liza

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  1. I really like your frankness.. just what we need