Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Oh My G" Teleserye OST: "I Can" Music Video by Janella Salvador

It's nice to know the young stars of Pinoy showbiz continue to strengthen the Philippine Brand: really beautiful Asians which don't rely on Plastic Surgery or special make-up for their beauty but from their fantastic multi-racial genes which should make every Asian proud.

It's Holy Week, I'm still on vacation,  but my teenager assistants egged me to feature 17 year old Janella. Pretty girl, and what's nice with this video, there are lots of other pretty young girls, the Philippines is full of them.


  1. Yeah, very pretty. Let's make sure we have only pretty actresses from now on. Let's build on our strength, our pretty young people are our strength, something which we have an edge in our part of the world

  2. great find, really pretty