Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TELESERYE: Wattpad Presents: "Im In Love With A Dota Player"

Title: Estoy enamorada de un jugador de Dota

I don't know if the TV5 bigwigs were aware that their little series became trending news in the worldwide DOTA communities when it was released earlier this month. Just look at the Comments on its Youtube trailer page and 3/4 of its contents are in foreign languages, mostly Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German & even Indonesian (amazingly, its trailer had more hits in two weeks than that of the current adolescent teleserye chart-topping hit Forevermore in nearly 3 months). Especially notable was the wide online coverage in the Spanish- & Portuguese-speaking part of the world. Very telling was the fact that the Latin Americans, particularly the Peruvians, noted how similar the look of the characters are with the Peruvians. Same comments were made to Philippine films which have suddenly become hot stuffs among Asiatic film fanatics from Russia to Latin America. Many Russians actually described watching Pinoy films as akin to watching Latin American telenovelas and they even have fan clubs of young Pinoy actors in the Russian Facebook, VK.( I doubt if Pinoy teen stars James Reid & Daniel Padilla even know this?). This international fascination started with "Diary Ng Panget" late last year, which "She's Dating The Gangster" consolidated early this year)

This cultural reconnection establishes the niche of the Philippines as a bridge between the advancing East to the rest of the world. It's a natural cultural niche which can't be filled by other Asians . I hope Pinoys, particularly Pinoy showbiz, learns how to maximize the potentials of this niche.

Especially the youth segment. It is big in the Philippines because majority of Filipinos are below 23 years old (Compare that to the aging population in many countries).. But the best thing is that the multi-racial look of Pinoys is clearly acceptable and popular in such varied markets like Russia & Latin America.

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