Sunday, February 22, 2015

MMJ - HayPa (Hayup Ah) Official Music Video

Frankly,  ABSCBN should overhaul its Music department (you hit a few of their mv's but you tend to ignore most). MMJ can be a good act, but here we go again- this music video is so baduy and I was hesitant to post it because it's so below my standards but the brothers have potential if only they were treated right.  Before, when they were still teen-agers, they were turned into cheap Kpop parodies, and now that they have matured a lot, they are presented in a very cheap provincial music video. Tatanda na lang sila! Luck could be elusive sometimes (they even write good songs, for Christsakes! What a waste!)

Actually, this song has a Psy potential but how can you push to be viral worldwide a cheap crap like this ?

WARNING; The music video is icky and cheap but the song is rather nice. ME DA ASCO ESTE VIDEO PERO LA CANCION ES GENIAL.


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