Tuesday, August 1, 2017

COMEDY HOUR & Other Suspenseful Stories: ... Meanwhile, in Colombia, Fil-Colombian mestizo journalist Manuel Teodoro reports on the Pinoy Drug War in "SEPTIMO DIA" Caracol TV

There are many things happening in Pinoy showbiz, both international & national. But they pale in comparison to what's currently offered by politics. Both local & international. You find yourself wondering which was in fact more entertaining- politics or showbiz? Really, there is no contest.

I have to admit, politics has been lately dishing out more laughs hands down. I've actually somewhat stopped treating it seriously for sometime now. Despite the many wars, international politics came out somehow hilarious for years, but lately, the domestic front has joined the fun, been busy twisting itself whichever which way for more laughs, as if making up for lost time. With the incarceration of the biggest comedian, Leila De Lima, it simmered down for a while but many emerged recently to take her place in the comedy store. Most people today have the opinion we are in the most dangerous phase of recent modern history because of hectic international geopolitical games, but somehow the danger is upstaged by the many ridiculous events going on at the same time. You know it was not intended to be so, therefore you are sure, some major change is just off the corner. Added suspense. Dark humor, anyone?

It turned out my hunch was right all along- even when I was a student, reading all the political theories & so-called expert opinions, there was something not quite right, as if the arguments were contrived & not really convincing. Really, putting people in boxes & expect them to think & act according to the rules of the boxes? Very unnatural all along, don't you think? The old gimmick of over-rated experts talking so you should just go along  have become hilarious as the experts themselves turned out to be the biggest flops of them all, the self-important media turned out to be as mercenary as the most corrupt they attacked, etc. Worse, the old self-upright arguments like freedom of the press, human rights, people power,etc.  have certainly become spoofs of the real things. Really, a country like the Philippines with a noisy surplus of such issues being surpassed in the prosperity game by countries in the neighborhood  with supposedly less regard for such democratic ideals, is the biggest joke. Most delicious of all, watching the news has often become moments of guffaws.  We are at a time when it is so easy to pick out who are the fools by how they react to current events.

I was only too glad none in the crowd where I circulate is that stupid.

So how can showbiz catch up with the laughs easily coughed up by politics? My interest has been on the spontaneous  international impact of Pinoy teen stars but recent events certainly gave me cold showers. I am not sure now who owns a TV station when it is now featuring the news I laughed myself off watching at international news channels. If even a taxi driver could see the ruse (I rode one when my nightly jogging was rudely interrupted by heavy rains & the talkative driver educated me on the real owners of Daesh/Abu Sayyaf), how can't an educated TV news director or the supposed owner of the station itself?

This business about the Koreans. I have uncovered the fictitious Korea Wave for some time now. A massive propaganda fiction, & the local minions are currently busy with more propaganda, but I guess, we know how this will turn out anyway. For the past nearly two decades, we were bombarded by the same tricks but by the time I started investigating the then-accepted-by-common-assumption Korean popularity two years ago, it turned out they were nowhere near their supposed popularity in reality. With all the supposed local hoopla, I still have to see a change in the general indifference, & I live in a part of the metropolis where there are many local Korean residents & businesses. If I didn't discover the acts of sabotage done on Pinoy stars 2 years ago, I wouldn't waste my time with them. A popular Korean-made premier phone didn't mask their looks anyway (If Kuya Kim looks like their supposed to be hottest matinee idol, I have no more comment). What could not be done for  two decades means it's hopeless already-  and arguments are likely to be overtaken by events anyway, so why bother?

But having started writing about the sabotage on Pinoy teen stars (read Sabotage series below the banner or  Tales of SABOTAGE from the sidebar), it got me thinking about many things. If you've been following the Comments, they were coldly discussing the expected next Korean war. We have here free-spirited readers so it was no-holds barred as usual. One wrote there was a reason why the division of the Korean peninsula was never resolved. It remained for a purpose. The massive propaganda for the South Koreans- the tools used indicated the South Koreans have massive support from a bigger godfather which didn't help them in their most basic need- peace in their land. There's a bigger story about to unfold there and some readers are catching the drift?

After the laughs, comes the real suspense?

Meanwhile, in Colombia, a Fil-Am (Filipino father, Colombian mother) who was formerly an RPN anchorman migrated to the country of his mother (& his wife) & became that country's most celebrated TV journalist. He returned home recently to the country where he grew up up to his 16th birthday before emigrating to the US, to report on the current drug war in the Philippines.

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NOTE: Caracol TV was the Colombian station which supposedly bought the teleserye Puentes de amor (Bridges of Love) but hasn't shown it yet.