Sunday, June 19, 2016

Remember the Pinay singer who joined ROMANIA GOT TALENT? Resciebelle Santiago sings "Hello"

My friends usually just email their recommendations & it's up to me to choose what to post. I refrained from featuring music videos for a time & I have a bunch cluttering my inbox. Suddenly I felt like opening a few & when I got to this, I felt something got unstuck: I did finish the song, carried away by the breathless notes & I thought I finally realized what was the thing that I couldn't put a finger on for a long time that got me very curious about birit in the first place. Birit lifts you up & you tend not to want to come down even after the last note has died. It's like a drug whose effects you won't want to dissipate just yet.

It was the finals but I couldn't care less who won. Resciebelle Santiago has more class than some of our more famous divas, one of which I happened to just witness squeaking in a recent act.

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