Monday, June 13, 2016

CUTE PINOY MONITOR: The Security Guard is a Bae named Amir Don Abbo

My friend is very active in the social media and she talks endlessly about what she called her "hot crushes" of the moment. She has been egging me to feature some of them for some time now and I finally relented when he pointed out this one. So even security guards here look as good as this.

Amir Don Abbo was formerly a student of Bicol University, and he came from Barcelona town, Sorsogon province, but it was while he was working as a security guard at the Gateway Mall in Cubao that his handsome face was discovered by connoisseurs in the social media. He is now known as the "Security Bae". Even from his amateur pictures, this security guard  looks more like a matinee idol than many of our actors.

Another proof of the beautiful scattered genes left to fertilize the Pinoy bloodline even in the remotest areas of the archipelago.


  1. Nafeature siya sa Unang Hirit pero nakauniporme pa. Parang yong napanuod kong French actor ito pag binihisan, photogenic pati

  2. Piyesta na naman mga bading, may I audition ek-ek lol

    1. Mag sex scandal video muna siya dali