Friday, January 30, 2015

Movie Trailer: "Crazy Beautiful You" with Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo


 The OPM has been revived by the resurgence of the youth market in the Philippines, and all it took was the strengthening of the old Pinoy showbiz trick of creating popular "love teams", and creating catchy soundtrack as background for the hit films. Just for being the first, KathNiel (Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo) is acknowledged as the most popular but the newer one, JaDine (James Reid & Nadine Lustre) is fast catching up. This early part of 2015, both pairs have already finished their Valentine offerings. First off is that of KathNiel,"Crazy Beautiful You", which will be shown on February 25. That of JaDine, "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic", will follow in March.

NOTE: A sour note. It seems the soundtrack of the trailer is not OPM. Music is not a strong point of ABS-CBN, even its music videos are the lousiest. If it can make great films & teleseryes, why can't it look for better music specialists? It has merely been subsisting on revival of old OPM hits, and now that Viva, Universal, GMA, Ivory, etc. are coming up with many really impressive original songs, ABS-CBN has chickened out and borrowed a foreign song instead just when the air is filled with OPM hits again.. Extreme reaction formation due to  inferiority complex? Music is something the Filipino has always been excelling at. So why the glaring deficits? I can't even post a music video of Daniel Padilla in the sidebar (though I know he has become  big among the international fans of Philippine cinema because of the success of She's Dating A Gangster in online sites and his name is clicked in the search from as far as Mexico & Colombia) but I was ashamed of the songs Daniel was made to sing. It's about time ABS-CBN overhauls its music department, it has the money, for Christsakes!

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