Thursday, January 29, 2015

XLR8 - I Love You Girl (Official Music Video)

Local boy bands that rode on the Kpop hype really didn't make it in the Philippines, they were mostly derided as "Kpop parodies" and if not ignored were mostly laughed at. The Philippines has a big South Korean immigrant popultion (estimated to be 100,000 in Manila alone, according to some sectors) so the South Korean boy bands have a ready solid support on their own while the local "parodies" were mainly mocked by the mainstream.Nobody really made it big. So much so, they have been slowly disappearing. That is not to say, they didn't produce gems. I actually liked this video, especially the song which was cute. I hope, the Magno brothers could reinvent themselves, they are good singers & matinee idol materials.

The other boy band, Sugar High, is taking the One Direction route. Let's see if that would be more palatable.

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