Friday, January 6, 2017

The Vindication of Julia Barreto

After a few fits and starts, has the moment of Julia Barreto finally  arrived?

Reports say her MMFF 2016 entry Vince and Kath and James topped the overall provincial sales (Die Beautiful topped the Manila area).

To be honest, I wasn't able to watch any of the films in the last Metro Filmfest. I tried two times  but the lines were too long I backed out each time. I'm allergic to long queues. Frankly, I'll just wait for the DVD's.

As for Julia, she definitely has managed to creep back into the game. Good maneuver, I must say. With the upsurge again of ordinary faces among the new wannabe stars, we need all the real beautiful faces to hold our interests.


  1. Oo nga grabe nagkalat ang mga ordinaryo sa mga bago ng Abs

  2. Yong partner nga nya dyan parang naligaw lang nag-artista na

  3. Mas bagay bold sa kanya. Sexy young star

  4. Kaya mabagal ang linya kasi ang bagal ng mga takilyera. Makikipag-uusap sila sa mga makiyemeng moviegoer nang matagal tungkol sa seating arrangement akala mo walang tao sa likod nila. Typical ignorance

  5. Primetime teleserye dapat sunod