Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OPENS MAY 13, 2015: "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic"

If you thought this film is only awaited by millions of fans in the Philippines, you're wrong. The Asiatic film fan communities worldwide, composed mostly of young females, are joining the wait. I scanned some of the forums & they can't contain their kilig too. The challenge for Pinoy producers is how to convert this vicarious fandom into a viable market outside of the usual Pinoy diaspora in many parts of the world. Below are the posters that I liked best from among those that were released so far.

Monday, April 27, 2015

"FOREVERMORE" Already Showing in Kazakhstan TV: «Мен саған ғашықпын»

The most beautiful Mongoloids are found in Kazakhstan, especially in the northern portion (I've visited the place) because of the mixture of Russian Slavs  & Kazakhs.The top Pinoy teleserye will surely win the Kazakh youths' hearts.

(UPDATE: August 9Note that with the ending of Forevermore in Kazakhstan tonight, most of the fan clubs were converted into "Got To Believe" fans club. The latter will start tomorrow, August 10, so it will start with a lot of captured fans already. Good for the young Pinoy artists because they have the same audience anyway. Good thinking on the Kazakh broadcast people).

The fan sites in the Russian FB, VK,  click the following links.(Mostly in Kazakh)
Мен саған ғашықпын ♕
Мен саған ғашықпын | Мен саган гашыкпын
Мен саған ғашықпын ★ Forevermore ✔
Мен саган гашыкпын🍓🍓🍓
Forevermore / Мен саған ғашықпын
Мен саған ғашықпын-♡♡♡

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Christian Bautista - A Thousand Years (Official Music Video with subtitles) featuring Solenn Heussaff

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beauty Is Back in Pinoy Showbiz!!!

Girl screams are loud again in the Philippines, youth films & teleseryes are resurgent, that is because really beautiful young people have returned. In the past, "pangmasa" was the convenient (though it turned out, ignorant) reason for recruiting ordinary-looking stars, but those years were the years of doldrums & lost interest (I was one of those turned off by the stars then). It is clear the masa doesnt want to be patronized, it was probably insulted that it was judged as having poor taste. Why should she identify with a duck when she wanted to be a peacock? She herself can change her own reality, not outdated social engineers who probably can't even fathom the world beyond their talking points. So the beautiful actors & actresses returned & Pinoy showbiz is bubbling again. Even me, already a professional, has mixed in.

Media can only alter reality so much- in a country obsessed with beauty, you can't switch an ostrich with a pig. Or you can't fawn over a duck when there are peacocks.

 Hair Bounce Dance ft. Janella, Julia and Liza

Lyrically Deranged Poets - Resonate (Official Music Video)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


David DiMuzio & Philip Mahoney - Sa Iyong Mga Mata (Official Music Video)

Title : Sa Iyong Mga Mata    /   In Your Eyes   /   En tus ojos

MORISSETTE - Akin Ka Na Lang Acoustic Version (Recording Sessions)

This is just to clarify that this blog was not formed to specifically support pirated Asiatic films. I was never a fan of Asiatic films myself though I can easily investigate what's happening in the scene because I can speak Russian, Spanish & Portuguese, among many others. This blog was born when my Spanish friend suggested (jokingly) that I start a blog as reference to the burgeoning interest on Pinoy teen films from Eastern Europe to Latin America. I consented because I have teenage assistants who are avid followers of the current boom in Pinoy youth showbiz & I was sure they would be up for the job of collating the material. My job was to steer the ship, improvise with the articles & it only takes 5 minutes a day anyway. But lately, we've been bombarded by emails endorsing some particular stars, and quite a few were getting too insistent for comfort. Let me make this clear: this is not a commercial blog, we're too overqualified for this blog, so we do it only for fun & we only feature stars that we like. If they don't pass our standards, they are not here.

I follow a simple rule: As I wrote before, showbiz is also visual so they should look right (neither do we include Post-Surgical "beauties" if we knew that they were repulsive pre-Surgery). I don't intend to waste 4 minutes pretending not to be aggravated . Especially in teen films, that's a must. The audience demographic of pirated Asiatic films is mostly young and female, same as most of the usual fangirls everywhere, and you only have to read the memoirs of the old-time managers (mostly gay) of the pioneering rock groups like Rolling Stones and the like that these girls are the ones creating the fan idols so the looks of the male idols are critical in hooking their loyalty (You would also discover that they confessed that the music charts are manipulated as part of the publicity). Even in the Philippines, you only have to look to see that in all the successful romantic young love teams in the past, the male was prettier or at least as pretty as the female. Otherwise, it was short-lived & never really took off.

There were a few exceptions, we included a few ugly stars that were parts of a good project but we didn't let them pass the front page, they went straight into the inside pages but if you have the stomach for them, you can access them thru the sidebar. I reserve the front page to the new beautiful music videos which caught our fancy. I watch the videos myself. You see, I have a weak stomach, I have no choice but to be choosy.

DANIEL PADILLA - Next in Line (Official Lyric Video)

Released late last year but still worth listening to; no music video done, however. This blog was only opened last Januar 29, 2015 so we have many catching up on recent videos to do. James Reid may be the most famous Pinoy teen idol outside of the Philippines due to the international success of Diary ng Panget & Talk Back and You're Dead, but Daniel is still considered the reigning Teen King within the country itself. Needless to say, the field has become fluid, especially with the rise of other teen idols like Enrique Gil. Suffice to say, the youth demography is booming. The top teleserye is Forevermore (Enrique Gil & Liza Soerano), and the biggest box office hit so far for the year was starred in by the reigning teen stars, Daniel & Kathyrn Bernardo (Crazy Beautiful You). The next film of the newer but already the next biggest love team, JaDine (James Reid & Nadine Lustre), Para Sa Hopeless Romantic,  is showing next month, and the party just got livelier in Pinoy teen filmdom.

FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL, UDINE, ITALY 17 - Anne Curtis of Pinoy Film "The Gifted", Interview & Premiere Appearance

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jason Farol - Kahapon [Official Music Video]

He has as his partner in this video Filipina beauty queen Bea Santiago, Miss International 2013.

TELESERYE:: "On The Wings Of Love" Teaser

FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL 17, Udine, Italy: "The Gifted"

                             Pinay actress Anne Curtis and director Chris Martinez in Udine, Italy
Movie Poster & Trailer below

Mayonnaise - Dear Classmate ( Official Music Video)

LIZQUEN: Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano


More pics & video below

WAITING FOR THE PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER FIGHT ON MAY 2, 2015: Drake as Manny Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao as Manny Pacquiao

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Oh My G" Teleserye OST: "I Can" Music Video by Janella Salvador

It's nice to know the young stars of Pinoy showbiz continue to strengthen the Philippine Brand: really beautiful Asians which don't rely on Plastic Surgery or special make-up for their beauty but from their fantastic multi-racial genes which should make every Asian proud.

It's Holy Week, I'm still on vacation,  but my teenager assistants egged me to feature 17 year old Janella. Pretty girl, and what's nice with this video, there are lots of other pretty young girls, the Philippines is full of them.

THE OTHER PINOY TEEN IDOLS : Mark Neumann of "I Am In Love With A DOTA Player"

DOTA is big in Peru like in the Philippines. Since I featured the trailer of the TV5 teleserye "I am in love with a DOTA Player", which was featured on many Peruvian websites and forums, a lot of Peruvians have been returning to the blog but they mostly just clicked on the trailer itself. I can guess what is happening: since DOTA itself was not shown in the trailer, there must be another reason why they are trekking back. I can see "Diary Ng Panget" being gushed over in Latin America again. What is common between "I am In Love with a DOTA Player" & "Diary ng Panget"? A cute boy. Now we know the physical type of a teen idol that is starting to be associated with the Philippine brand, and it sells. Remember, a mestizo is not treated as Caucasian in the Western world so it is not foreign, it is just an exotic concoction in a multi-racial country like the Philippines.

Jessica Reynoso - "Sing Along" (Official Video)

PINOY LOVE TEAMS: After JaDine, KathNiel, LizQuen... here's MarNella

MarNella - Marlo Mortel & Janella Salvador

DJ MOOPHS feat ALEXANDRA - Rain Dance (Official Lyric Video)

SEXY SUMMER: James Reid & Maja Salvador LIVE

 The most popular Pinoy love team outside of the Philippines after the two international hits, "Diary ng Panget" & " Talk Back And You're Dead", were lapped up by Asiatic film aficionados from Eastern Europe to Latin America,  is...  JaDine, though it's barely on its 13th month in showbiz itself. That doesn't preclude the proven box-office young stars from pairing up with other hot stars: James, a budding male sex symbol himself, is teamed up in this dance number with the current Pinay sexy actress of the moment, Maja Salvador.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MARLO MORTEL - M.O.O [My One and Only] (Live Video & Official Lyric Video)

Marlo Mortel looks more like a matinee idol when he's not disturbed by the make-up experts.He's cute in a teen idol way in the personal video but looking like a junior funeral parlor undertaker in the publicity shot in the lyric video.

Domino - Veil (Official Music Video)

Aubrey Caraan covers "Runaway" by The Corrs

I will post more often videos of the newbies, some actually have more pleasing voices than some of the more famous ones.

Hale - See You [Official Music Video]

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bubble Butt Dance a la Marian Rivera, SAS

An two-year old clip, but the performance (and beauty) of top actress Marian Rivera is timeless.