Monday, November 28, 2016

HURRY WITH THE 3RD LIZQUEN TELESERYE: FOREVERMORE/ «Мен саған ғашықпын»  shown again in Kazakhstan 31Kanal

In 2015, Forevermore was shown in Kazakhstan and it became the first teleserye to be shown in Central Asia. It became so big a hit its stars, the Lizquen loveteam composed of Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil became the hottest Pinoy idols in the area. The second teleserye of the pair, Dolce Amore, was just shown earlier this year. Guess which replaced it? The reissue of the first. The Kazakhs couldn't wait for the third Lizquen teleserye.

It should be remembered that 2 of the films of the loveteam have been shown on 31Kanal: She's The One and Just The Way You Are. Another Enrique Gil teleserye was also shown in the same channel, Muling Buksan Ang Puso.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Let's see if Julia Barreto will finally have a click loveteam. She has two possible partners in this movie. As the evolving vamp among the current crop of young stars, I can see Julia Barreto playing a Bea Alonzo-Arci Muñoz mix types roles eventually. It's about time that she matches the strides achieved by her contemporaries. This movie, included in the Metro Filmfest come December, might just do the trick.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

COMING SOON: Love, 2 Million Naman Para Sa Bahay Natin Sa Probinsiya O

I am still on vacation but I can't help myself. This is just too delicious. It's politics but this is so big I am sure a movie version will be shot in time. The Pambansang Boytoy, Ronnie Palisoc Dayan, was just nabbed & he readily admitted they've been on for 7 years. Lagot si Pambansang Sugar Mommy, the eerie Senator Leila De Lima, she suddenly became a second-rate comedian. I guess Eugene Domingo will be the perfect actress to interpret her.

Frankly they should have shown the sex videos just to prove it was her. Truth has no gender, so is sex, & the claim that it was a violation of woman's rights & dignity was inane. The penis she was allegedly sucking in the video belonged to a man (the more it should be shown because it bolsters gender equality), and since she had been denying all along she was the one in the video, then it should be shown just to prove if she was lying or not. Truth sets everybody free.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Best Actress nominee at International Emmy for PANGAKO SA YO/THE PROMISE/LA PROMESA: Next time, Jodi Sta. Maria

I am still on vacation but this news didn't escape me. The German actress prevailed eventually as the Best Actress in a telenovela in the recently concluded International Emmy in New York. But being nominated for Best Actress in the International Emmy's was already an extraordinary feat.
Congratulations anyway, Jodi Sta. Maria...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Battle of the Sexy Posts: How about Max Collins?

I'm not so sure anymore if hot-blooded males are still my biggest readers. It's true Arci Muñoz & Ellen Adarna are consistent hit-getters but there are already more boys in our Most popular Posts. If you look at our Most Popular Posts list at the sidebar, Kenneth Medrano matches the girls' consistency. Surprisingly, our relatively new post on Pinoy Big Brother participant Tanner Mata just reached the Top 10 list. The 11-20 slots in the list feature more boys waiting to break into the column: Luis Hontiveros, Mark Neumann, etc. Meaning, the gays & the girls among our readers are not behind the hot-blooded males, they just have more varied tastes.

How about Max Collins? Surprisingly my previous post on her had a big international patronage but it stalled and just hovered shy of the Top 10. She is still sexy and she deserves to be appreciated.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

ARIGATO, TOKYO: Sarah Geronimo wins Asian Best Performer in 2016 Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is not only the biggest direct investor in the Philippines (it puts its money where its mouth is), it is also fair & devoid of trying-hard delusions like those of a certain delusional Northeast Asian neighbor which sabotages fellow Asians just because of the delusional pretensions of its so-called stars who were actually devoid of star quality.

Pinay pop star Sarah Geronimo just won the Best Asian Performer Award in Tokyo.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

HOW TO MAKE A STAR 101: "Tsuper Hero" DERRICK MONASTERIO sings REYNA (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) plus starmaking propaganda tips

Note: I changed the title of the post. Like always, the meat of my posts are the comments. Below are nice tips on the use of propaganda in star-making. One can surely pick up tricks.

GMA has a few interesting loveteams, like that of Derrick Monaterio & Bea Binene. They have a good vehicle in Tsuper Hero, fantaserye being a time-tested successful recipe for the station. I wonder if the GMA people have noticed their young stars have a weak presence in the social media space. Their videos only have a few hits while lesser known stars have hundred times those. They haven't learned much from the propaganda tricks of the Koreans with whom they love to play uto-uto frequently. The patronage of GMA in the urban areas around the metro is still strong, and social media is strongest here so there is a clear hole there in their strategy.  The Koreans have proven a mistaken perception of  "popularity" can be manufactured through a well-oiled propaganda machine, and the best way is to not neglect possible damning signals of unpopularity in the social media. GMA lacks its own trolls to gush over its videos on Youtube, for instance. Somebody should be assigned to raise the hits to 100,000 within a week. How can they create a bandwagon if they don't have a minimum infrastructure to create a popular, however contrived, hook for their stars? If the Koreans, who are not star material, have the gall to propagandize themselves, why not GMA with its infinitely better-looking stars?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

UH-UH... It Should Have Been Frontal, Ellen !...

Things are really getting interestingly sexy in local showbiz. Ellen Adarna is making some bold moves... we would like to encourage her to up the ante... we are egging her, in fact...

Friday, November 4, 2016


There are two Africa-wide broadcast companies that distribute content in many countries in that continent. The two with the biggest footprints are My TV Africa & Startimes, both regular patrons of Pinoy teleserye. Teleserye has built a loyal following in the continent since the original Pangako Sa Yo took the continent by storm in the early part of the 2000's. Teleserye battled it out initially with the pioneering telenovela of the Latin Americans, with the emergence later on of other successful series-producing countries like India & Turkey but teleserye remained a big force in the continent.

Recently, Startimes asked the readers of its Facebook account, which among the leading content providers in Africa (Philippines, Turkey, India and the Latin American countries of Venezuela, Colombia & Mexico) is practically the most loved. You can gauge the prevailing sentiment from the responses.

It's good that teleserye is raising the flag of  Asia in Africa. High ratings don't lie, even the most thick-faced propaganda machine can't make that up.

A few more responses below:

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Currently showing are two Pinoy Indie films which earned accolades in the international film festival circuit. It's always wise to balance our knack to celebrate the popular (AKA commercial) successes of  Pinoy films with our appreciation of the more "intellectual" side of the industry.
Great films.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Elmo Magalona - Kay Dali (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


The latest music video of rising young star Elmo Magalona was just released on October 27 but already, Russian-subtitled videos were released in the Russian VK, the Facebook equivalent of the Russian-speaking space, an area where Pinoy teen stars (and their loveteams) have become  hot pop idols of late.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

MY DESTINY next on KTN Kenya

The successful run of the Pinoy teleserye Forevermore, starring the Lizquen loveteam of Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil, just ended & a new teleserye will be shown as its replacement on the Kenyan TV station KTN starting November 2. Same primetime slot at 6 PM.

My Destiny stars Carla Abellana & Tom Rodriguez.

At 10 AM in the same channel is the re-run of another teleserye Two Wives. It was previously shown last year on the same primetime slot alloted to first-run Pinoy teleseryes on KTN.

Pinoy teleseryes continue to shine brightly in Africa.

GOOD-LOOKING NEWCOMERS: Tanner Mata of Pinoy Big Brother

 It's a holiday but I suddenly received a "shrieking" call from my gay professor friend. He didn't see a ghost, he was just excited He was blabbering, finally the new faces he saw on TV were worth his time. This one looked like Superman.

Tanner should be given a more boy-next-door packaging though. More non-chalance, & not the contrived posturing of a model, which he was before he was discovered, so he must shed off some mannerisms fast. He might be sending the wrong messages, & that would be the worst news to my friend. Handled right, Pinoy showbiz will look light years cuter with him around.

THE 6th MISS INTERNATIONAL TITLE FOR THE PHILIPPINES: Kylie Versoza is Miss International 2016

The Philippines has just won its 6th Miss International title in Tokyo. Miss Philippines-International 2016 Kylie Versoza is bringing home the crown, the latest in a now rather long list of victories in international beauty contests by Pinay representatives. The various Pinay Misses dislodged the Venezuelans last year as the powerhouse winners of international beauty contests when they won the most crowns. It appears the Philippines will repeat the feat this year: so far, the Philippines has won 4 in 5 contests this year (winning 4 crowns: Miss Asia, Miss United Continents, Mrs. Grandma Universe and Miss International, & getting the first runner-up in the 5th: Miss Grand International) and that, even before the beauty pageant season has started in earnest. 

Asian elegance, Latin sex appeal. The Filipina beauty for you.

After the successful showing of FOREVERMORE, DOLCE AMORE opens on November 5 on Startimes Novela E1

There are new sets of Pinoy stars who have become big in Africa. The earlier ones like Kristine Hermosa & Jericho Rosales of the original Pangako Sa Yo & Marian Rivera of  Marimar fame led the way. Now, the younger ones like the loveteam Lizquen composed of Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano  are getting the much-deserved attention. After the successful showing of their first teleserye Forevermore early part of this year, their second, Dolce Amore, is set to start on November on Startimes Novela E1.

Startimes covers the African countries of Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Republic of Central Africa, Guinea & Kenya.