Friday, July 31, 2015

6cyclemind - Lunod (Official Music Video)

Well, things are really revving up. Interesting music videos are coming out from the old reliable bands. The funny thing is more and more beautiful people are appearing in the music videos, the music videos may become more interesting than the local movies. Not complaining though, that only means we have a deep bench of beautiful people and we should celebrate them.

Beautiful music, beautiful people. The more, the merrier. That will shame in due course the villains who love pretending to be beautiful. Of course, they can always pay more to be patronized to pretend. Who are they kidding anyway?

Theme Song From "The Love Affair"- Your Love - Arnel Pineda

It's good Arnel has been tapped to sing this song. Powerful.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Team Andrea Brillantes

I just joined a fan club for the first time. When another friend read my first post on Andrea Brillantes about how my friend who has never seen a Pinoy movie nor knew a Pinoy actor, made Andrea her favorite actress, he suddenly called up to declare Andrea is also her favorite. Well, I guess I must make Andrea my favorite too. Andrea is really turning out to be special. All those who are not interested on Pinoy showbiz are making her their favorite. She is the future of Philippine movies.

We haven't seen any of her movies or shows but she is our favorite. So we decided to make our Andrea Brillantes Fan Club. I am the President, btw. So you'll see lots of Andrea in this blog from now on.

VK Stories: Grunt Work

I have a VK page which ended up as a full-pledged promotion page of Pinoy teen stars for the Russian Post-Soviet space. Most of this market is composed mostly of the Mongoloid minorities, the biggest of which are the Kazakhs in and out of Kazakhstan (borders in this area are arbitrary because it was all part of the Russian Empire).I have a separate Facebook page developed for the Spanish-speaking crowd but I am momentarily focusing on the Russian VK because of the unprecedented success of Forevermore which totally redrew the parameters of publicity machines here. So what became a mere pastime got more attention. I intended my page as a mere distribution center: all the videos warehoused here are farmed out to all the Kazakh fan pages so that they don't have to come to my page, they can view them in their ow fan club pages and thus allow the Kazakh fan pages to develop on their own. The objective here is to let the Pinoy videos be available and not to make my page famous. There are drawbacks for the latter. You don't believe how weird it is if somebody sent you a message asking if Enrique will wed Liza.

 Initially I structured my VK page as a personal page because I wanted to use it also for my personal networking with my Russian friends, that means I initially chose those who I wanted to be friends with (Well, sorry now for those ignored). But for just the last 2 days, I was forced to accept those who were cramming my message box. I guess it's time to restructure it and make it more professional: post more videos, etc. as they appear in the Philippines. It became a full-pledged publicity page. But I still treat it as more of a distribution center to help in updating the content of the local pages (And publicity for this blog: Kazakhs now are the third biggest readers of our blog).

BTW, to the villains, I didn't develop this as direct competition to them but as a complement. I think Pinoy artists have come to their own in this market, but since the style of the villains is to piggyback on the popularity of others, we know they will always be there (what I call parasitic propaganda, creating possibilities out of the success of others hoping you notice them, but with their looks, it's really a hard sell. Kinda delusional actually, they should stop it, they destroy  the view). Stop with the sabotage, you were never famous there anyway.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pinays are Again Declared the Sexiest And Hottest Girls in Asia... Naturally

UPDATE (May 21, 2015): Please read this again if you've read it before, I reedited it to refocus some highlights

As if we needed more proofs that Filipinas are the most beautiful, even sexiest, in Asia. But we can't stop the world from showering us with accolades. Time and again, the Philippines is the only Asian country that figures in the Top 10 of the Lists of Hottest or Sexiest or Most Beautiful. Here we go again. In the latest list of the sexiest nationalities by Misstravel (a dating website which annually polls its members), the Filipinas are the only Asians in the Top 10. Naturally.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women: Based on Dating Preferences of 44,873 American Men

    Armenian (Kim Kardashian)

    Barbadian/Bajan (Rihanna)

    American (Beyonce, Kendall Jenner)

    Colombian (Shakira, Sofia Vergara)

    English (Rosie Huntington-Whitely)

    Australian (Margot Robbie, Elle Macpherson)

    Brazilian (Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio)

    Filipina (Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Hudgens)

    Bulgarian (Nina Dobrev)

    Lebanese (Amal Clooney)
The impressions were based on the beauty of known celebrities. As if we needed more proof of the importance of having beautiful celebrities. Suits me: I don't intend to be aggravated by unattractive celebrities so they don't appear here, I'm very strict in the appearance of the Pinay celebrities that appear in this blog. (Of course, the bitter would say, both girls in the list are hybrids. Well, that doesn't take away from them  the classic Filipina look. They look like a lot of the Filipinas in the Philippines who have been infused with the many genes that walked through this land for many centuries. Nowhere does it say that there is a type of people with a certain gene who should be called Filipino: because of our history,  it has always been a lot of people, a "halo-halo" of people. Unlike others in our neighbors, we don't subscribe to racial purity. Anyway, because of our latitudinal location where the ultraviolet rays of the sun are strongest, everybody will tan in varying degrees in  time (unless one indulges in interventions like sunblock, sun avoidance, skin peeling, skin bleaching, etc.).

Btw, to contribute to the updated discussion on the genetic makeup of the Philippines, I extracted these portions  from a book by French anthropologists  Jagor, Fëdor, et al. (1870). "The Former Philippines Through Foreign Eyes"

Blackwood’s magazine for August, 1818, has an account of conditions in Manila and the Philippines from data given by an English merchant who left the Islands in 1798 after twenty years’ residence in which he accumulated a fortune.
“Your first question, with respect to the Spanish population, must refer to native Spaniards only; as their numerous descendants, through all the variety of half-castes, would include one third at least of the whole population of Luconia (i.e., Luzon–A. C.)

 “The castes bearing a mixture of the Spanish blood are in Luconia alone at least 200,000. The Sangleys, or Chinese descendants, are upwards of 20,000, and Indians, who call themselves the original Tagalas, about 340,000, making a total population in that island of about 600,000 souls. What may be the respective numbers in the other Philippine Islands I never had any opportunity of learning.”

If 1/3 of Luzon were mestizos even then (in 1798), where are those genes now? Remember: only 2 centuries have passed by in 1798, they still had a century to improve their score before they left in 1898.

"Got To Believe" Is The Fourth Pinoy Teleserye in 2 Months In Kazakhstan/ алгашкы махаббат

This is another upper cut from the cute Pinoy teen stars when the villain tried to cheat by clinging before he hit the floor. It means "First Love" in Kazakh. It starts on August 10 at 31канал, the same station that aired Forevermore & Dream Dad.

"Everyday I Love You": второй фильм из Lizquen

Lizquen просто начали снимать свой второй фильм Everyday I Love You (каждый день я тебя люблю ).

The villains must be jumping with joy, I erroneously tapped Lee Min Ho's name in a Enrique Gil vs. Lee Min Ho's popularity poll in a Kazakh site. It didn't matter, Enrique was leading 70:30 despite the fact there are 100,000 ethnic Koreans in Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, in the propaganda VK pages of the villains purporting to be for Pinoy artists, they were also conducting alleged  polls showing Lee Min Ho leading Enrique, but everybody got wiser already to the activities of this group. Besides they have paltry membership and are rarely visited. Still you see how they use the popularity of  Pinoys for their ends: they try to capture the Pinoy fans and use them as captive audience for their propaganda at the detriment of the  Pinoys who are taking the place by storm. Of course, they just want to ride the popularity of the Pinoys, but it is all for naught: people have already discovered there are more beautiful Asians and they love them. They love the Pinoy stars there

Funnier days are ahead: the villains just confirmed Pinoys can trounce them wherever they go head to head, be it in South America or Kazakhstan. It's hard to duplicate our looks with more Plastic Surgery, they've already fixed all they could.

Sleeping Enrique: Спальный Энрике

если вам интересно, как выглядит Энрике, когда он спит, вот это

SCANDAL!!! PART 1: THE "DIARY NG PANGET" & "SHE'S DATING THE GANGSTER" MYSTERY: They Don't Want Pinoy Teen Flicks To Shine In The Limelight (They Sabotaged Them Instead !!!)

(UPDATE AUGUST 16, 2015: It is best to start the series with SCANDAL!!! PART 2 because we started laying out the documentary evidence there, we have a little introduction there too to orient you what the scandals are all about. Only then is it advised to read Part 1 in order to get a clearer picture of the whole context of the scandals. I wrote Part 1 when I was still beginning to collate the evidence, and I was still trying to piece the whole picture. This series traces the misadventures of Pinoy teen films from Latin America to the Russian Post-Soviet space, where they became the darlings of the pirate , & soon of the legit  world (with the hit run of "Forevermore" in Kazakhstan). We mark with documentary evidence our investigatory passage. )

I documented a very sinister act against the hit Pinoy teen films which just recently captivated the Asiatic film fanatic communities throughout the world. This is the story how they were sabotaged.

If you have read it before, I suggest read it again, including the comments. I'm learning a lot from the lively & intelligent discussion & I'm editing and improving the original almost by the day as a result.

UPDATE: So, who do I think was responsible?  
(NOTE: I originally published this post on March 4, 2015 but it will remain our top post for a while)

The Asian film fanatic scene can be amusing. We know it is mostly an operation to promote a certain "THE Asian" phenotype- the Northern Mongoloid type, more specifically-  and the distribution of free Asian movies online has been used to entice unsuspecting audience for more than a decade for that obvious main purpose. The Philippines, with one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, was only included a few years ago, albeit irregularly & far-in-between (others have 400 movies while the Philippines have little more than ten in some sites). Definitely, just to present an Asian facet to pretend the appearance of inclusion but recent developments confirmed they merely wanted it to be peripheral and not allowed to steal the limelight.  And there lies the rub, Pinoy teen flicks became very hot among the young demographic group, the lifeblood and main target of these sites. Something happened that confirmed a sinister hand won't allow the non-Mongoloid  Pinoy to shine. Very racist but it's the state of things (though thankfully, the racist can't claim he's more beautiful or he'll be laughed at at his face).

After  more than a decade of promotions, the Northern Mongoloid look should have been popular by now, but it seems, it hasn't caught on yet: nobody still aspires to undergo Reverse Blepharoplasty (Voluntary Eye Slits), but the opposite, Blepharoplasty (eyefold surgery), has become big business indeed instead. Meanwhile, only a few know Pinoys look a lot like everybody else in the world, a true melting pot.

Then "Diary ng Panget" was released last year, and suddenly it became very hot among Asian film fanatics from Eastern Europe to Latin America. Only a few independent blogs promoted it at first but the word quickly spread among the communities. It  became so viral the fanatics themselves forced the issue  ... and it became obvious, the Pinoy was meant to be just a symbolic representation, not the inadvertent hit than can steal the limelight.

We can say now that in their eyes, a hit Pinoy film can become dangerous: here's a film with beautiful non-Mongoloid Asian actors like James Reid and Andre Paras who immediately captured the interest of the mostly girl audience and that can destroy everything in their delusional pretensions.

"Ningning" OST/ "Tupad Na Ang Pangarap" Music Video by Camille Santos

KarDrea: Juan Karlos Labajo & Andrea Brillantes

I have this close friend who has never seen a Pinoy movie & doesn't even know any Pinoy actor, and he looked at me as if I came from outer space when he learned I had a blog about Pinoy showbiz. But I was surprised to learn just yesterday he suddenly had a favorite Pinay actress though he has never seen any of her movies or shows yet.  One way or another, he must have been really impressed to become a fan. Strange indeed, it's looking now as if we were two friends who came from outer space. It gets stranger if you learn his favorite is a 12 year old girl. Right. I don't think my friend is a pedophile but I am really glad he has discovered we have a local actress worth appreciating. The converts are multiplying. Andrea Brillantes, his favorite, is really pretty and will surely grow up to be a very sexy actress. She already has a loveteam (14 year-old Juan Karlos Labajo has a music video here, just access it on the sidebar archives)  and very soon they'll be threatening Jadine, Kathniel & Lizquen.

James Reid featuring Pio - Musikaw [Official Music Video] PHILPOP 2015

Filipino music videos have finally come of age. This is as world-class as you can get. I just want to restate the obvious: Viva has resurrected OPM and it just revs up from here.  This is the second year that we are making good sleek music videos, and it gets better. Great music, great production design, great lighting, great editing (Bravo, no lag moments, really crisp!), great dancing, and most important, great-looking singers! .

Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus - Her Last Drop (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

I guess, lighting is the most important tool in a music video, plus nice texture in production design so there will be lots  to engage the attention of the viewer. Diversionary tactics, if you may. Probably, if this was a video with a stark, in-your-face lighting which reveals unsightly stimuli that detracts one's appreciation of the music, perhaps it would be better not to waste anybody's time. But it was packaged in such  a way one would only notice he appreciated the great sounds in the end.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

MOVIE TRAILER: The Love Affair

I've been researching on the love teams of the Philippine cinema & the pair of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta is definitely the sexiest. Well, they are getting mature quite nicely and they return to the silver screen in a love story featuring the equally alluring Bea Alonzo. Beautiful stars, very Pinoy. The way things should be.

Watch the trailer (VER EL TRAILER) HERE (AQUI)

Witness the beauties beyond bodies Star Magic Angels

Well, what can I say, beauty is definitely back on Pinoy TV.

Friday, July 24, 2015

PHILIPPINE-CAMBODIA CO-PRODUCTION: "Blood In Dispute" Starring Andrea Torres & Mikael Daez, with Khmer dialogue

I read somewhere in an Indonesian blog what could best describe the physical features of  Southeast Asians. The native Southeast Asian looks the same throughout, from Indochina down south to Indonesia, the only difference is the degree with which the bloodline of an area was hybridized by outsiders through the centuries. The Latin infusion to Pinoys differentiate its urban classes, the Southern Chinese Tai migration gave Thailand its semi-Mongoloid elite, etc. So what some describe as native Filipino we see in films from Indonesia to Cambodia, two areas whose hybrid population were sent away at one time in their history (the first threw them out during Independence while the tiny French-Cambodian elite escaped long ago in one of the tumultuous episodes of their bloody history). But Western occupiers were not the only source of hybrid populations, Thailand was never occupied by a Western power but it is invaded yearly by millions of Western tourists which led it to have a population of hybrids bigger than previous Western colonies like Indonesia & Cambodia. But the natives of  Thailand, the Ihaan of the Northeast, look the same as the native Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Cambodian, etc. But you won't know by looking at the movies: Thailand has upgraded its showbiz with a strong Western hybrid lineup in recent years. But globalization has led everybody to be less pure and even purist Indonesia now has followed Thailand, it has a strong array of Western hybrids as stars (watch their answer to Diary Ng Panget, a youth TV series, Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala). In effect, our claim to being the most  beautiful here lies on the fact we are the most hybridized in these parts (that doesn't necessarily mean skin color- the beautiful features are the most critical).

Watching this trailer, one has this feeling he's watching a film from only one country, with Andrea Torres having Latin infusion & the Cambodian lady with a vague Caucasoid mix. Pure Southeast.Asia.

Enrique Gil at Pinoy Big Brother

It's good they threw in sparkplug guests like Enrique Gil to enliven what's turning out to be a pathetic line-up. My teenage assistant actually have stopped watching ("Only two are interesting", she opined) so much as I wanted to monitor this because of the sudden upsurge of  interest on Pinoy young stars even abroad, we simply have no story to tell. I wonder how the many fine-looking kids I see in the malls every day could be even better-looking than most of those chosen on TV. Are there any hidden criteria? Well, this is the result...

And that's not even talking about the host with a strange stare. This is the show I tried to watch when I was younger but I only lasted 3 minutes.....

"On The Wings Of Love" Full Trailer: This August on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida!

I like the fact that I have this small boy's wonder newly experiencing the new sensations of life in writing this blog. Like a big portion of the Philippine population, I grew up mindless of that thing called Pinoy showbiz (except for local songs played in the radio so only some selected OPM songs were my links to Pinoy showbiz). The truth is, most of these so-called stars are new faces to me before I started this blog. Some of them I now associate with some billboard that I've seen in the past but I never even knew their names. I'm not judging them how well they act or how many fans they have, they were never famous to me, I'm judging them mostly if I could handle two hours watching their faces. There's a big divide in Philippine culture where a big part ignores the rest. But it doesn't have to be that way. Now that Philipine films and teleseryes have really improved, probably it's time to close the gap, and it's time to transcend the inertia fostered by pandering primarily to the lower common denominator where a cross-eyed, horsey faced star would be a triumph of Diversity instead of just being a slow-witted sucker (uto-uto). The type of star is important. One bad egg can destroy a whole basket- really, is it fair pretending not to see cross-eyed heroine or horse faced hero and a part of you suppressing its disgust just so you could get by with the movie? It's not gonna work, entertainment is 100% entertainment.

 I know Pinoy producers are not immune to pressure from social activist pretensions because control of mass media is their biggest tool. Explain to these pretentious bunch it's useless because only a million out of the 100 million will be watching it anyway so the propaganda will be for nothing. We already have a short & dark superstar, did the standard of beauty even changed a little because of her? No. So might as well attract the more discriminating majority and earn real money. In a beauty-conscious society, real beauty is key, outdated socio-political illusions are subsonic buzz from the outer space. It will be a task convincing the non-chalant, but now we know we produce outstanding products admired everywhere, it's time to start...

 ON THE WINGS OF LOVE is a perfect vehicle to close the gap...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Caleb Santos - You are Mine

My former lesbian friend called up to warn me she's not going to read my blog any more  if I don't have more "of those investigative artcles". She growled, "Dapat pangatawanan mong intellectual tabloid ka." That was a nice one, I never thought I was into aspiring to be an "intellectual tabloid" or anything.

 BTW, you read it right- former lesbian. She said girls these days don't wash anymore ("nakakasulasok" was her word) that whenever she thinks now of girls she can't feel horny but instead, she wanna puke. I'm not nosy so I don't know how she's faring these days.

That gets me thinking though. Is that part of the reason we see many gay these days?

 Seriously, I think she just chose the wrong girls (Or too hypersensitive nose? Low threshold for bad smell?). One girl you won't associate with bad smell "there" is Shy Carlos. She looks so pretty and fresh in this video.

Nice song, makes one imagine sweet-smelling girls.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anja Aguilar - I Owe You My Heart (Official Music Video) PHILPOP 2015

One of the better music videos for the PHILPOP 2015. I like the lighting & color schemes of the director, really sleek. Sometimes, it takes only a proper video to make the difference. Anja came out of her shell here. Her partner, Clint Bondad, has an overpowering presence that pulled up everybody in the end.
       Just like the Pinoy becoming the Asian image so everybody will be pulled up in the end & nobody being pulled down.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

James Reid feat. Pio - Musikaw LIVE

I guess, I really don't know if we ever have any award-giving body or even magazine/newspaper which we must take seriously. At least, I'm now bothering to glance at them now that I am doing this blog but just the same, I still don't take them seriously. We have those preposterous Most Beautiful lists, then we have Best this and Best that which most don't bother with really like most of what happens in Pinoy showbiz. I guess it's good for the local economy, money is moving. Fortunately, they are forgotten immediately and only those who won some puny bragging rights remember it.

 Of course, we are left with some clips that really interest us. The top three songs that got the most hits in this blog this July are this song, Musikaw, Anja's I Owe You My Love (it skyrocketed when I changed the picture to that showing the torso of Clint Bondad) and Caleb Santos'  You Are Mine (with my anecdote about my former lesbian friend).

"On The Wings Of Love" Teaser Trailer

This is a clear copy of the teaser clips which have been circulating for many weeks now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

James Reid does the "Walang Mapaglagyan sa Kilig" Dance

Baby James crying, he probably had a premonition he'll be made to dance the WMSK Dance.

Thanks to Sylvia for the video

FAN VIDEO: Elmo Magalona LIVE

OK, we finally have a video of a performance by Elmo. Nice production actually, nice set and concept and the performance capable.

Thanks to Alex for the video links.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FOREVERMORE VS DREAM DAD / BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART is the Third Teleserye in TWO MONTHS in Kazakhstan: / Жүрегім саған аманат

I guess, it's not just a matter of selling. One should also determine if one is selling the right mix of products so that the general interest of the market would be maintained. Just like in Africa & Vietnam, when the first teleserye shown became a hit, the competition joined too the game. Men Sagan Gashykpyn (Forevermore) was really a hit at 31Kanal so they immediately bought their second teleserye Dream Dad. Now here comes the news another station, Kazakhstan TV, has just bought Be Careful With My Heart. Suddenly I remember  my topic on a previous article: good stories with forgettable stars (Read the article FORTHCOMING TELESERYES IN KAZAKSTAN here). 

Just to get the pulse, let's compare the viewership of the two teleseryes currently showing in a Kazakh  video site. Upper one is Forevermore, the lower one is Dream Dad. Red circle is viewcount. Blue one is the upload date. Let's compare the latest uploads: part 54 of the former & part 3 of the latter.

FOREVERMORE    (July 14, 2015 uploaded) - 7081 views
DREAM DAD  (July 15, 2015 uploaded) -  986 views

Right there you can see the slackening interest. To think, Dream Dad was Number 1 more times in the Philippines over Forevermore . I can see what's waiting for Be Careful With My Heart about which an Ugandan viewer commented "the stars are not as pretty as  in the other Filipino serials". To think, Kazakhs are particular with the looks of the stars, that we can infer from the rather lukewarm reception of Dream Dad.

The profile of Kazakhstan as a market: it is Mongoloid in appearance but Turkic in culture and language. Most of the serials shown are Turkish & Indian.

IT GIRLS RETURN: Kathryn, Liza, Julia and Janella

These cute girls are better as actresses than singers but what the heck, they are pretty anyway. They are the next big actresses of Pinoy cinema and that's very reassuring, our future superstars will all be pretty for once. Perfect eyes, perfect faces.

Pinoy Teleserye "CARMELA" in KHMER


Well, they recruited the big guns for the home stretch. Nadine Lustre on the poster (she has a special appearance) and James Reid appearing in the trailer trying to charm everybody to watch.

Star Magic's sexiest men burn the dance floor with their hottest moves

"On The Wings Of Love": James Reid is Clark Medina, Nadine Lustre is Lea Olivar

So, the teleserye will finally start on August 10. From the looks of it, it has all the ingredients to be a winner not only on its local run but for its expected forays abroad. If a strawberry farm in Forevermore did it, no way would a Fil-Am love story set in San Francisco miss.

VK STORIES: Maawa Naman Kayo, Mag-member Kayo Rito

The admin for the BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART page at the Russian VK contacted me last night in my VK account. Her group only had 12 members so far, I became the 13th. I use my VK page as promotion page for Pinoy teen stars and I make sure all of them are cute- but in the end, I had to decide to post the promo poster of this teleserye though initially, I thought it was out of place. I guess learning Janella Salvador was in it was comfort enough. But I don't know how big her role was there. The experience with Dream Dad is still fresh: helping promote Teejay Marquez was rewarding because he became one of the bigger Pinoy stars in the Russian VK, but you could actually feel the letdown when everybody realized he had just a small role in that teleserye.

Well, we've dipped our feet in the waters, we might us well swim. Let's see how we can help push this. Hopefully they can rush the showing of Got 2 Believe, Pangako Sa Yo or On The Wings Of Love there.

Forevermore fan club membership is 8 times bigger than the entire Asiatic film-loving community run by pirate interests in the Russian Post-Soviet space and they have been operating there for more than a decade (notwithstanding their big financial and political backers- not to mention the dirty tricks). Forevermore did it in 2 months and it is still growing, it isn't even midway and it succeeded through its own merits and charm. And needless to say, Pinoy beauty.

Darna by Adarna

Frankly, Angel Locsin is past her prime, kinda too stale already, to be a Darna. They should give chances to the newer sex symbols to shine. A twerking Darna will be just right to launch Miss Adarna.

I can just imagine a scene. She twerks and all the bad guys would run to the toilet to do something more urgent for their gigantic erections. Less violent, the modern Darna can save the world by just twerking.


Josh Padilla & Yassi Pressman - Edge Of The World [Official Music Video] PHILPOP 2015

EDM, finally. Great music, great video, great  singers.
I really like all the music videos on my front page today. If anything, Viva has proven Pinoys got it if they just get down to business. After dominating the recent Asia's Got Talent where we pitted against the best of the continent, there's no reason we should be let down talentwise. As a bonus, we are also the most celebrated lookers in this part of the world. All the best ingredients are here. We are made for this, People!

Girlfriend For Hire: Yandre's Kilig Videos

Ok, this is the bet from Viva for the next hottest love team. From the makers of Jadine. Just to be sure, Yandre, the monicker of the Andre Paras-Yassi Pressman love team, is the other pair in the Jadine movie Diary Ng Panget that started all the buzz about Pinoy teen stars in the international pirate world. Well, the Jadine team is making their bet for their aboveground prominence with the teleserye On The Wings Of Love, and from the looks of it, it will certainly catch the tailwind of the Lizquen teleserye, Forevermore, which just started making its mark noisily in international waters.

That's My Bae Winner July 11, 2015 - Kenneth Earl Medrano "Eat Bulaga"

An American friend told me the Illuminati is in the Philippines, Twerk is here. I told him social engineering will fall into an abyss in the Philippine context. Twerk is just peanuts to Pinoy, we've had pene-kula before in mainstream (not a separate porno industry llike in the US), but these things don't really go deep into the culture, just the usual katuwaan for the eternal need of the Pinoy to laugh off his unfortunate (so far) existence. Our bomba stars became pastors or married to pastors.

Anyway, we have here the Twerk For Men this time.

Thanks to Tim for the heads up.

Thyro, Yumi and Jeric - Triangulo(Official Music Video) PHILPOP 2015

Ramiru Mataro and Donnalyn Bartolome - Walang Hanggan (Official Music Video) PHILPOP 2015

I'm amazed at the variety of the music videos for the PHILPOP 2015. We also have a cute one. Great graphics, great colors, great direction, great singers. PHILPOP is turning out to be a great party this year..

Thursday, July 9, 2015

JANELLA SALVADOR - Ganyan Talaga (Official Lyric Video)

No doubt about it, Janella is pretty. From the looks of it, the next batch of teen idols will sustain the popularity of the current trailblazing crop. The way was already made for them in many parts of the world, Let's just hope no ugly dachshund passes through. Sometimes Pinoys mistake Diversity with being a slow-witted sucker (uto-uto). I can just see the world running scared if suddenly a cross-eyed, a hooked jaw or a horsey face make pa-cute to them.

Janella is really pretty but the song kinda sucks. Even my mother quipped," pang-kapanahunan pa ni Vilma Santos ito". I hope ABS-CBN should send the Starmusic bigwigs for a Reorientation Seminar at Viva so that they realize there's a new sleek wind blowing in the Philippines. Let's not be hobbled by hackneyed notions of a masa this time & not be led through the nose by outdated inertia.

THE NEW "MARIMAR": Megan Young, Miss World 2013

Well, Miss Megan Young will reprise the title role of Mexican actress Thalia in the new Tagalog version of the hit Mexican telenovela, Marimar
The first Pinoy version starring Marian Rivera was shown in Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Equitorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Hawaii, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Singapore, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DUBBED PINOY TELESERYE: "Marimar" in Kenya in English, that's the video, BUT I Have Some Unrelated Commentaries on Showbiz "SPIN", etc.

We should be shouting more that Pinoy teleseryes are a hit in many countries of the world. I was amazed to confirm they are. Most Filipinos actually ignore them. The high ratings that you read in the papers don't reflect the reality to most Filipinos. I grew up with nobody talking to me about Pinoy showbiz. If ever I had the curiosity, I was repulsed by what I saw- that was the time of Jolina & her gang- which made me totally avoid local TV then. The next time I got curious, there was this host of a TV show who looked "cross-eyed" to me and that turned me off again. It's only when I was doing this blog that I learned her name and it turned out she was actually a big actress. How did a "cross-eyed" lady become a big actress here, that really became a big puzzle to me. Have we sunk that low? As for movies, only a manute portion of our population bother. Our hits are considered big if about a million people have seen it (PHP150 million gross). That's laughable considering our population is 100 million. One of the things I learned in starting this blog (which started as a joke but ended up becoming an eye-opener) is that we can actually be big-time if we just be truthful to our spins. If we can spin a cross-eyed girl and sell her to the gullible, why not spin truthfully & attract the sane majority instead?