Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Disclaimer: This is fiction & in no way intended to malign anybody, as it will be obvious as we go along. This is part of our efforts to promote Leyte, its prize for electing such sexy politicians. Reward for having taste.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


One of the biggest winners in the last elections. He happened to be just the pretty boy nephew of the newly elected Senator Rizza Hontiveros but his campaigning for his aunt catapulted him instead to being one of the "cute idols" who inadvertently  stole the limelight in the elections. And he so charmed so many that my girl & gay friends never let up in pestering me unless I feature him in the blog. To tell you the truth, I didn't need much convincing. There's a dearth of really cute young actors to pair with the many pretty young actresses and-  voila, we have a certified cute idol material here. He definitely belongs to a really hot love team.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pinoy Teleserye "Losing Heaven" on KTN Kenya

After "Two Wives" of ABS-CBN, the 2010 GMA teleserye "Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin", with its international title "Losing Heaven", is now showing at 6 PM Primetime, KTN, weekdays Kenya time.

It's interesting to see that be it in Southeast Asia or Africa, both GMA & ABS-CBN teleseryes are shown primetime.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

OST de "PUENTES DE AMOR": "Pusong Ligaw" Subtitulado en Español

Me enteré de que todo el mundo buscaba las traducciones en Castellano de esta canción original de Jericho Rosales circa 2009  (video arriba). La nueva version de Michael Pangilinan se utilizó como banda sonora de la telenovela filipina que se estrena todavia en Peru,  Puentes de Amor (video abajo, con los subtitulos en Castellano).

 Hay noticias que Puentes de Amor se estrenara pronto a Ecuador y Colombia (y possiblemente Uruguay). Ojala.

The title was  translated in Spanish as "Stubborn Heart". Apparently it was translated by a Spanish-speaking Filipino. The song caught the fancy of the telenovela-watching crowd when "Bridges of Love" was shown there. There was no proper mv for the Michael Pangilinan version so the hodge-podge lyric video was the one circulating online in the Spanish-speaking blogosphere. I think it would be better to circulate a subtitled Jericho version considering that his mv was well-made & more presentable as promo material. There was not much improvement in the vocals of the Pangilinan version anyway.


The Indonesian-made movie of Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez will finally be shown on June 9 in Indonesia.

Semoga sukses!

Friday, May 20, 2016


Part 2: The sexy mayors of the two biggest cities of Leyte island decided to undertake joint tourism promo effort for their beloved cities. They will do anything to help their cities.

Disclaimer: This is fiction & in no way intended to malign anybody, as it will be obvious as we go along. This is part of our efforts to promote Leyte, its prize for electing such sexy politicians. Reward for having taste.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

HOT LEYTE, the Blogserye

Congresswoman Yedda Marie Romualdez,
Mayor Cristina Gonzales Romualdez,
Mayor Richard Gomez,
Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez
Let's start something fun today. Just to diversify our posts. The presence of so many sexy
politicians in the province of Leyte is a fertile ground for the imagination. The plot centers around the two biggest cities of Leyte: Ormoc & Tacloban, where the sexy mayors undertake a joint tourism promotion program for their cities. They were sure their enormous sex appeal would catapult their cities in the tourist maps.

Then the complications start...

(Click the photo below to enlarge it)


Disclaimer: This is fiction & in no way intended to malign anybody, as it will be obvious as we go along. This is part of our efforts to promote Leyte, its prize for electing such sexy politicians. Reward for having taste.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Sex appeal is really making a comeback at Malacañang. The youngest son of the incoming President might have a permanent tan because of his love for skimming the waves at the spectacular Davao Gulf but all my girl & gay friends swear that only deepened his sexy credentials. The lady mayor of Davao City might have capriciously shaved her hair but it doesn't erase the fact she got the beauty genes intact.

I've been featuring in my recent posts the sexy politicians from the Visayas (Leyte specifically). Apparently, Mindanao won't disappoint either. The new Presidential family has good looks aplenty. 28 year old Sebastian Duterte is non-chalant about his face but the lack of vanity only proved the natural resources down south are indeed sexy. Sara Duterte is a diamond untouched by vanity as well but she has been voted as Mayor of Davao not only for her name but for her natural good looks.

Davao might have been one of the last cities established by the Spaniards (1848) but the heady brew of Chavacano migrants from Cotabato & Zamboanga, Spanish plantation owners, early American colonial soldiers who decided to pull up stakes and settle, Japanese descendants of pre-war migrants and practically all the country's ethnnolinguistic classes created a sexy population which is still not talked about much in the press. I often visit the city in my out of town trips & it's one of the Philippine cities with a high proportion of the  population not disappointing physically  (though with the high rate of immigration in recent years, there's a danger it might be diluted too much eventually like Metro Manila). A microcosm of a beautiful Pinoy melting pot still in high gear.

If Malacañang had been a desert lately, in the end some rain must fall. Not amihan but habagat.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

HOT LEYTE 2: Even the Elected Congresswoman is a Beauty Queen

Leyte Congresswoman Yedda Marie Mendoza Romualdez
Leyte has definitely become the country's IT place since the elections. It is ruled by a really sexy set of political leaders that I have no doubt the people will be so stimulated to increase the island's population... ups, delete that, make that increase the island's GDP. The two biggest cities are ruled by sex symbols of local cinema, Tacloban's Cristina Gonzales Romualdez & Ormoc's Richard Gomez. It doesn't stop there: Ormoc on the western side also has the  lovely Lucy Gomez Torres as Representative, voted last year as one of the world's most beautiful politician. How about the eastern side of the island? Well, Leyteños must really be allergic to ugly politicians.  The new Congresswoman for the First District is none other than the Bb. Pilipinas-International for 1996.

Incredible! Leyte is HOT!!

HOT LEYTE: Congresswoman Yedda Marie Romualdez, Mayor Cristina
Gonzales Romualdez, Mayor Richard Gomez,
Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez

Sunday, May 15, 2016

KRINGKRING for President 2022?

I love "What if" situations. We just elected a new President but the year 2022 will surely come anyway. Besides, my preceding post HOT LEYTE  got so popular I just had to post this one. Just to keep us smiling (inspired?) on a lazy weekend...

We just elected the first mayor to become the President of the country, Davao City's Rodrigo Duterte. Tacloban, the regional capital of Eastern Visayas, just recently elected a sexy mayor in the person of Cristina Gonzales Romualdez. Can another mayor be elected President in 2022?  Someone as sexy as Kringkring?

You never know...

Video below: Then Councillor Kringkring interviewing Senator Bongbong Marcos

Saturday, May 14, 2016

HOT LEYTE: Asia's (World's?) Sexiest Mayors at Tacloban & Ormoc

HOT LEYTE: Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez & Tacloban
Mayor Cristina Gonzales Romualdez
The two biggest cities of the island of Leyte, Tacloban & Ormoc, happened to have Asia's (world's?)  sexiest mayors. Tacloban, the regional capital on the eastern side, has the sexiest woman mayor, Cristina Gonzales Romualdez, while the biggest city on the western side, Ormoc, has the sexiest man mayor, Richard Gomez (Ormoc also has the sexiest representative, Lucy Torres Gomez, included in the last year's list of world's most beautiful politicians).

If I were them, I would play up this fact in their tourism promos.

 I definitely have to play the tourist one of these days in Leyte.

Monday, May 9, 2016


A new promo released by Panamericana TV featuring Jericho
Rosales (May 5, 2016)

May 4, 2016-  The first Pinoy teleserye to be shown on Peruvian TV, "Puentes de Amor", is being shown on Panamericana TV, a station known for the quality of its local programming, but though a leading station at one point, has been suffering doldrums in the ratings for some time now. It has been shuffling its programming to find the right mix and it was at this juncture when the Pinoy teleserye emerged into the Peruvian scene. For a first-timer, it didn't fare poorly as the numbers might initially suggest. For Panamericana, it's highest rater (La Bateria) was at 33th place with 5.3 points. "Puentes de Amor" is the newest program but it was already the sixth biggest program for the station at 57th place with 1.9 points after only one week (an improvement from the 1.7 that it got at the last rating on April 27). It even beat the program Plan B of noted Peruvian personality Beto Ortiz which is one of the supposed heavyweights of Panamericana TV.

 For comparison in its genre, the Peruvian telenovela Valiente Amor at America TV was in second place at 21.9. The Pinoy teleserye (shown at 5:10 pm pre-primetime) is running against a Mexican telenovela, La Rosa de Guadalupe, which garnered 9.2 points at 14th place (it starts earlier at 4:56 pm at America TV).

Let's see if things would improve later on. After all, it's only been a week. It grew 0.2 points within that week.

UPDATE: On May 3 Ratings, it is already 2.1.

                            May 2 Rating Results
                             April 27 Rating Results

  SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYES IN PERU: Now we know why they are bitter & cruel (as if they weren't used to the lowest ratings. VERY "POPULAR KUNWARI" INDEED!!!)


 1. LA PROMESA" in PERU: KATHNIEL is coming to Peru & the "Popular Kunwari" are at War

 2. SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYES IN PERU: Now we know why they are bitter & cruel (as if they weren't used to the lowest ratings. VERY "POPULAR KUNWARI" INDEED!!!)

 3. ONLINE POLL IN KAZAKHSTAN: KATHNIEL is the Most Loved Teleserial Pair

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Scandal # 8: MAKE-BELIEVE 101: Different Faces of Sabotage of Pinoy Teen Films

UPDATE: I love writing "provocative" pieces because I know I have intelligent readers & I was confident of getting sensible, if not incisive,  comments. If you noticed, I left many things hanging in my article but as I expected, my intelligent readers were quick to get the drift, and even dissected it down to its deepest ramifications.
Please read the comments & you'll get the reason why:
1. They can't possibly stop from sabotaging Pinoy teen love teams, especially in the Spanish propaganda-cum-pirate sites
(The Hispanics would be more attracted to our Asian-Hispanic looks, & the campaign for the Asian phenotype that they were promoting would be derailed because the Cute Pinoys are the more natural idols of the Hispanics as glimpsed from the brief surge of the Pinoys before they were rudely sabotaged. Being "cool" (the gimmick of the bad guys) can never be a match to sex appeal). 
2. The agenda behind many of the things we are seeing is deeper & bigger than we think. Yes, Racism should have been a hackneyed  issue in these so-called progressive times but in the cusp of the Asian Century, it is coming in a big way. Only it has become more hilarious because of  some physical appearance insecurity contretemps.

Not a few have written to inquire what happened to our Kiligmanga series "Action Hero". Have I lost interest? Well, not really.

I have already written many chapters, & some were even more "provocative", but since I'm busy anyway, I just decided to leave it hanging for a while. This is not something that eats me. It's more an intellectual exercise actually: I saw something foul, so I blew the whistle...

Yes, nothing emotional. It won't start WW3. The world is changing, Asians are on the verge of sharing the world spotlight and everybody has his own agenda & like always, Pinoys have none so we end up perennially clueless. But more or less, we already know the world is basically run on make-believe-  some click to place but not everything, actually. It doesn't really take a big IQ to figure this one out as ridiculous. Even Edward Bernays himself didn't mention in his work Propaganda, the Bible of the make-believe world, that the make-believe is 100%  guaranteed. Especially if there's another agenda behind the obvious agenda. Mostly, we are at an information overload stage where one can easily spot the subterfuge make-believe purveyors at work. But delving into that means we have  to digress into some political murk. That won't be fun so let's leave it at that..

I expected a reaction though. And it came. From zero teleserye, there are many Pinoy teleseryes being shown now on pirate/ propaganda sites. In the Russian space alone, among a dozen Pinoy teleseryes,  two of the biggest , which happened to be  still showing on Pinoy TV (On The Wings Of Love & Pangako Sa Yo) are already being serialized.

 But as expected, only one teleserye is being  shown on the Spanish sites- On The Wings Of Love. After being accused (& proven) of sabotaging the Jadine .loveteam, on the surface at least, they are now defensively pretending to show wholehearted support for the loveteam. As we can see in a typical Spanish pirate/prop site (picture, above), all the films of the Jadine loveteams are being shown now. Oh, yes, even Talk back And You're Dead has Spanish subtitles now. Remember, it was the deletion of the requests for this film in Spanish sites that made us suspicious of a sabotage being done on Pinoy teen films, which we confirmed when we witnessed first-hand the big sabotage acts later on (read SCANDALS series Part 2 in this blog). You see, they can't afford to appear all-out for Pinoy films in Spanish sites. In the few sites where Talk Back appeared, the other hot Pinoy loveteam, Kathniel, disappeared. As you can see in the pirate page, though there are many Jadine films, not a single Kathniel flm appeared. We should remember Kathniel became as hot as the Jadine loveteam when their film She's Dating the Gangster became big on January, 2015, and like Jadine's Diary ng Panget (which started the Pinoy upsurge on October, 2014), it was sabotaged too- its rave reviews were all deleted too like DNP.

Now, it disappeared outright, and guessed what- sabotaged a second-time! It seems, somebody doesn't want too many hot Pinoys hogging the limelight. In the original Spanish site (Cineasiaenlinea) where I first noted the sabotage against Diary ng Panget & She's Dating The Gangster, the Kathniel film suddenly disappeared then reappeared! Look at the image below. 

From one of the biggest hits for 2015,  NOTE, ONLY 1 COMMENTARY,  all the rave reviews which appeared after the 70 that appeared there in January 2015 have been deleted, have been deleted again. TWICE DELETED!!!!

Should we be glad that Pinoy teleseryes are now being shown on the pirate/propaganda sites? That is not the point really. The point is that our suspicion that Pinoy films & teleseryes were intentionally being "hidden" was just confirmed: when we blew the whistle upon seeing the foul, Pinoy teleseryes started appearing in the pirate sites! Talking about direct cause & effect.

We also now know their game of sabotage is a long game... As long as they find that Plastic Surgery has its limits, they will always see Cute Pinoys as fair game...

I just hope ABS-CBN was well-compensated by the syndicate behind the pirate/propaganda sites. The two Pinoy teleseryes Pangako Sa Yo & On The Wings of Love could be big hits like Forevermore in Kazakhstan where more could see them unlike the .limited audience of the pseudo-pirate sites ..

Or could the showing in the pirate/propaganda sites of teleseryes still showing in the Philippines be underhanded acts of sabotage to the marketability of said teleseryes because they are being shown free in a geographical area where Pinoy teen stars are the hottest young Asian stars du jour? I just hope they paid for using them in the propaganda sites, it would be too ridiculous to see them pretending as pirates now

SCANDAL!!!! PART 4: The Pinoy Teen Idols In Russia & the Post-Soviet Space... Now, We Can Confirm The Sabotage Is Ongoing Here, Though In A Different Form... And We Now Know Who Is the Culprit

UPDATE (July 15, 2015): As early as February 2015, I've noted that fan clubs allegedly for Pinoy artists were established in the Russian VKontakte or VK. But I immediately discovered they inserted propaganda for South Koreans every now & then: they would invent false polls where out of the twenty Top  Hits in the Philippines, all were allegedly South Koreans  except for two who were given to Pinoys (probably, they delusionally thought theirs were the American hits dominating our airwaves). Or they presented alleged polls in Philippine journals where Filipinos were so awed by certain South Korean beauties (which we didn't even know existed) that they dominated our beauty polls (Their delusional preoccupation with their presumed "Beauty" figures prominently in the propaganda, both legal & dirty kinds). When Pinoys started becoming active in the VK pages by March, that trick lay low but it returned with a full blast this July. They had to:  Pinoys are hitting it big in that area, especially with the passage of the hit teleserye "Forevermore" which has obliterated whatever dividends "Boys Over Flowers had over there, considering the Kazakhs form the largest market of Asiatic film-lovers in Central Asia & the Russian Far East (I'll detail this in a forthcoming article). I guess this sabotage which we first noted in Latin America is a continuing operation, especially now that events have so evolved that the Pinoys seemed now to be considered as a threat. The South Korean propaganda revolves around their delusions about their "beauty", and here comes the Pinoys who are more beautiful than them as accepted even in this area.  I guess the propagandists have no recourse but to continue with the dirty tricks to stave off their waning popularity.  I'll discuss that in detail in another forthcoming article. 

The Pinoy VK pages are propaganda fronts using the captive Russian fans (mostly Mongoloid minorities)  as captive market for their propaganda. But the memberships of these VK groups were made irrelevant by the outside groups, like the Kazakh-established pages, which had far more readers than them. It is turning out the South Korean Hallyu is a big mirage created by a big propaganda structure in many parts of the world and it is not quite impressive outside that propaganda noise. It is losing steam.

The sabotage is expected to continue because they have done all the Plastic Surgery, they are stuck with the faces they have now. (At least, this is the most hilarious sabotage!)

If you noticed, the scandals in Russia just created the first direct public connection to  South Korean propaganda).

The following post appeared on June 15, 2015:

As we go deeper into our little investigation, it is becoming more & more apparent that  the  pirate Asiatic film-loving community doesn't involve only cheapskate individuals out to scrimpt on anything just to avoid shelling out money for their entertainment. Bigger forces which you won't expect involved in this supposedly "illegal" activity are actually behind the bigger sites.

ENGLISH VERSION, KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 9: When Villains Are Not Really Cute, Not Even Popular!, STARRING KathNiel & LizQuen

The Pinoy teen film "Diary ng Panget" immediately became a big hit when it was released in the so-called Asiatic film "pirate sites" on October, 2014. At first, the Villains thought the Cute Pinoys just got lucky for once but it turned out the lucky streak became sustained. They started to get nervous when another Pinoy teen film (She's Dating The Gangster) also became a hit when it was released on New Year's Day 2015 in a Spanish site (Cineasiaenlinea): the Pinoy teen stars shone from October, 2014 well into early 2015 though there were only a handful Pinoy films which were shown in these so-called Asiatic film "pirate sites" (we now know there is nothing pirate about these sites, they are propaganda sites) but the good-looking Pinoy teen stars, relatively unknown because of the limited Pinoy films allowed to be shown, easily stood out and stole the limelight from the usual Asiatic fare which has started to bore the still marginal community despite years of free Asiatic films. Most of the patrons of these free pseudo-pirate sites are young people budgeting their limited allowance that's why they were targeted by the Villains in the first place. According to the theory of the Villains, this is part of a social engineering project designed to change the standard of beauty from the previous Western one to the Oriental- Northeastern Asian Mongoloid, to be exact, where the Villain type is supposed to be the "prettiest" (for whatever reason- probably because of the popularity of Plastic Surgery there?). Through propaganda, they were aiming to condition these young people to appreciate Villainous beauty so that they will grow up believing it is the standard of beauty from which the world will measure everyone else. 

 Oh-oh... Stop! Don't laugh! We know it's so laughable but the Villains and their co-delusional cohorts are actually serious. Believe it or not! 

 How can they become the new Standard of Beauty when the kids were already openly expressing they were long fed up with their faces? To the big dismay of the Villains, they realized their ridiculous social engineering project was turning out to be a mere delusion. And to their panic, the sudden appearance of the Cute Pinoy stars, long shielded from view because of the limited number of Pinoy films allowed to be shown, became the definitive proof that the REAL best-looking faces from Asia have arrived...

MR. NOT CUTE: Our plan to become the new Standard of Beauty in the future is endangered now. We are on our way to change the parameters... we should soon be the new Standard of Beauty... but the deadbeat Cute Pinoys are destroying everything!
CHIEF COHORT: Why should they be so cute? They should have been us, Big Boss.. we wouldn't have come out looking like ridiculous thick-face wannabes pretending to be the most beautiful when we were obviously not!
MR. NOT CUTE: You moron!... you too?... You weren't fooled also by our propaganda? You should fool yourself we are the most beautiful! WE ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!!! We will soon become the new Standard of Beauty in the world!!!
CHIEF COHORT: But, Big Boss.... the Cute Pinoys are already making us eat dust in Asia... how can we even be the new Standard of Beauty in the world?
MR. NOT CUTE: You are really stupid, you dimwit!!!... What do you think of the Cute Pinoys...  that they could eclipse us just like that? There may be nothing more that Plastic Surgery can do to help us... but we can always sabotage. SABOTAGE! Did you hear me? SABOTAGE!!!
Meanwhile, the Cute Pinoys were so tickled pink to learn that the world found them cute.

Smiles galore all around... little did they know that the glistening claws were starting to clench in the dark...

VOICE-OVER:  Wow, did you hear that... what for is Diversity if they could be the Standard? ... Standard of Beauty? ... or should it be... Standard of Horror? 



UPDATE: This song didn't become a hit but I think my discussion on the artificial issue of Maputi vs. Morena non-sense was a classic, it dealt frontally with the contrived conflicts which are non-issues in real lives outside artificial media-driven politics. The arguments presented here could be applied to other artificial divisive political issues like Western vs. Korean looks (this one takes the prize for being the most laughable because it is clearly non-sense, comedy skit from the get-go). 

This song has a nice beat but the lyrics are kinda ignorant. Actually in the Philippines, attraction doesn't depend on skin color, it depends on the looks of the individual. There are many fair-skinned individuals here with bad features who are wallflowers in every party they attend. Narrow-minded lyrics such as these play right into the hands of the pretentious bunch who try to imitate (as usual) the American socio-political trends and force-fit them into the Philippine context without knowing that those foreign advocacies just gave a false sense of inclusion to minorities who were trapped into the labels forced upon them because allegedly their rights were being fought for (read why Blacks are more mired into poverty as ever and why the turmoil in Ferguson, Baltimore and other areas are flaring up). True, we read minorities in the media are improving, but is there a big change outside the glare of the media spotlights (btw, the media are owned by the sponsors of these political activities so we can't blame why keen observers see this as just a zarzuela). In Tagalog, we call that "kampo-kampo", dividing the 'morenas" and the "maputi" into camps, then make the "camps" fight each other as if there is even something to fight for. In outdated politics in the West, these irrelevant fights (in conjunction with other concocted  fights like Rich vs. Poor, Gay vs. Hetero, Secular vs. Religious, etc) are seen as being fostered to heaten up the socio-political scene so the low-classes fight each other while those upper in the hierarchy are shielded from view.

This also plays into hands of the baliws (insane) who delude themselves that just because they belong to the fair camp, they are above the morena no matter how beautiful the latter is. We often hear a certain sector spouting "Basta maputi, maganda" and they actually fool themselves that people won't notice their bad features and have the gall to equate themselves with the more celebrated Spanish mestizas (who are loved for their beautiful features, not necessarily for the skin color because Latins are relatively darker than Germanic types). Of course, people can always see they have bad features, we have the whole internet for comparison as to what is beautiful. That's why when they tried this laughable campaign in Southeast Asia to pit the Western type vs. the Korean type, most of the stars even of purist countries like Indonesia and Thailand became Western hybrids because it was simply a hare-brained comedy skit right from the start.

In the Philippines, as regards to beauty, there is never Morena vs. Maputi. That's dumb. Either you are ugly or you are not.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Derrick Monasterio / Give Me One More Chance (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

The Beautiful Anchorwomen of CNN Philippines

Claire Celdran, Claudine Trillo, Mitzi Borromeo,
Pinky Webb
I have to say I didn't like CNN International. With the proliferation of alternative media, it has lost much of its credibility. Worse, its staff is not really something to be glued about:  it runs the gamut- from  spooky (the military correspondent Barbara Starr who looked & modulated so much as if auditioning for the role of a female Dracula) to downright  irritating (its reporters modulate so much in the same low bass it really made me wonder if somebody actually believed that bolstered their credibility).

Then I accidentally came upon CNN Philippines while surfing for news updates one morning. I discovered it at a time when being "losyang"  has already infected half of the local news stations (really, do they actually believe being "losyang" will add credibility to the news? Having gluta overload & fake blonde hair won't cure  one's losyang looks BTW, they just lower everyone's standards ).

At CNN Philippines, there was beauty overload. A news anchorwoman should look like them. How about beauty making news more newsworthy? 

FULL TRAILER: "Dubmash the Movie"

Here comes the much-awaited full trailer of the movie of Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez & her Indonesian co-star Jessica Mila.


The Philippines, of course, is a melting pot of races, and while the original races have distinct external phenotypes, the final product has more or less molded a new improved specimen more typical of this land. One can distinguish a Latin from an Anglo-Saxon, but their Pinoy hybrids look practically the  same-  the celebrated Pinay Tisay.

Liza Soberano has Latin (Italian) in her genes but she looks as Pinay as Sue Ramirez (who's got Irish in hers).


Relax, we still don't have the much-awaited picture, but the sexy actress has already indicated that her next film under the direction of Jerrold Tarog (who directed "General Luna") will be a sexy thriller. So the topless images are definitely coming.

I know what you're thinking. After being inundated with sex scandals from the boy's side, things are finally moving in the girl's camp? Oh I know, topless is peanuts... but this is THE Iza Calzado, and if a respected actress like Iza is feeling bold, what more are the ubiquitous sexy starlets?

The bonus is that  Iza Calzado is definitely one of the truly beautiful Pinay actresses-  beautiful everything, eyes, nose, lips, facial shape, body, everything- not the fake types we  get sometimes where we were supposed to be enthralled mostly by the illusion of beauty generated by loads of swirling voluminous rebounded hair & be distracted as a result from the eyes which were actually "duling". Lol.

Pre-Solemn Solenn Heussaff

She's definitely one of the sexiest local actresses but I didn't include Solenn Heusaff in my wish list for sex scandals because she is scheduled for a  church wedding with her Argentinean husband  Nico Bolzico shortly. But that really won't prevent us from thinking dirty thoughts just yet. Dirty things like local politics included? Make that only sexy dirty thoughts about ... who else?

We will return after the elections. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

ANDREA BRILLANTES: The Next Superstar?

I'm getting senile, it always escaped my mind lately that I was the President of the Andrea Brillantes Everlasting Everloyal Forevermore Fans Club. The Musically video of Andrea became viral without me noticing it.

Anyway, it's not really a big surprise that the videos would become hits. After all, Andrea is the first Pinay actress  to become the favorite of many even without seeing any of her films. Incredible, you say? Just trust me, she has her ways but I won't be more specific than that.

Now watch...

Pinoy Teleserye Marches On Throughout The World

Pinoy teleserye is really going places, No need for words, just watch a few clips I selected. I have to repeat the word few. Needless to say, there are more...

Pangako Sa Yo in Spanish (La Promesa)
Forevermore (in English), after taking Central Asia by storm, now making waves in Africa
Marian Rivera's "CARMELA" in Vietnam, Africa, Cambodia & Malaysia

PINOY TELESERYE ON PERUVIAN TV: "Puentes de Amor" on Panamericana TV de Peru

So Pinoy teleserye has finally invaded the birthplace of telenovela, Latin America. It is now being shown on the Peruvian Panamericana Tv. The history-making feat is courtesy of the teleserye Bridges of Love, now given the title Puentes De Amor (direct Spanish translation of the original title).


I received a curious email from a Jadine fan acquaintance. She was ruing the fact that the last time a Jadine film was shown,  Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, its showing was delayed for so long only to run smack against the international hit Pitch Perfect( like  I wrote in a previous article). Now their new film will suddenly run smack against the film of local established stars John Lloyd Cruz & Jennilyn Mercado. Rare was the time that local films would fight it out in the box-office. She asked if I "could take the cudgels" like last time?

Obviously, I was not privy to the private calculations done to arrive at the decisions why events have become so. But it's clear the circumstances are not the same as before. James Reid & Nadine Lustre have grown in their careers in the intervening months- they had a teleserye & series of concerts in many parts of the world- that they might not need hand-holding after all. This is their fifth film together, and I don't think it's wise to dust up conspiracy against them this time. Like any business, competition is part of the game. Anyway, their team works in various dimensions- not only films but concerts, records, ad campaigns, etc.

I'm already thinking on another level. The top 3 young love teams in the country have really caught the attention of many, not only in the country but throughout the world. They have been busy and people obviously enjoyed their shows. But how to rev up the game? It's actually curious how things will shape up going forward. Will there be a rigodon of the stars to add spice to the game? I'm curious about the possible new combinations. Very curious. Like I wrote before, the loveteam thing is the cutest part of Pinoy showbiz.

The Natural Asian Look? What Asian? Asia is the biggest continent!

 former South Korean Presidents Lee Myung-bak & Rob Tae-Wo &
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. 

Korea is ethnically 
homogenous, they have a common Mongoloid look,
unlike the Philippines which is a melting pot 
of Eastern & Western races
I'm still on vacation. I just wanted to post this so you won't miss us so much.

Trends change. For a time, people thought the synthetics were the best. But the trend shifted to organics as people learned eventually the superior benefits. For a time, people thought Plastic Surgery would be enough to magically present oneself as beautiful. But people eventually  realized it isn't really wise to be deluded that Plastic Surgery even had the last word. What if you married what you thought was a pretty girl but only to find out that your child would look like her original face? Imagine how fast you would shriek and run away from the nursery upon seeing the baby's face.

For the past decade, the Philippines & the rest of Southeast Asia were awashed with heavy propaganda that sought to reengineer our beauty standards in a "certain" Asian, unpopular up to now, way. Never mind the heavy industrial-scale plastic surgical intervention. The Philippine showbiz & mass media was ground zero.  It was really unfortunate that the so-called  South Korean wave, the battering ram of the propaganda attack, has been fading all over, even in the Mongoloid space. Back to Square One, the propaganda was a joke. Expectedly, the investors will stage a last-ditch stand so expect a heavier propaganda drive heretofore. If you were watchful, it has already started.

Of course, we expect it to end the same way. I can confirm because I and my friends grew up subjected to its mostly hilarious machinations. Beauty is not forced, it is felt. More importantly, you were supposed not to laugh in front of great beauty.

Natural is always good. Asians will be truly beautiful if they just be honest & face what they see in the mirror. Accept themselves, never mind if they became the standard or not because it's clear they never will. So no shrieks of terror  will rip through the night in the right moments that count.

This post is the introduction to a series of articles about this topic.


The much-awaited film starring Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez & his Indonesian co-star Jessica Mila.


Typical Pinay Beauty: Centuries of Diversity

I unwittingly stirred a minor Hornet's nest in my preceding post. I myself was surprised by the direction of the discussion in the comments.That's what you get when shallow interests tinker with ghosts which were better off left  hibernating beneath the ground. It could have been avoided with a little more common sense.

For one, it's wiser not to use the terms "typical Pinay beauty" because of the stable melting pot we have in the country. We don't have to parrot the pretentious discourse on Diversity elsewhere just to be trendy because we have been diversified long ago in our history. It became plain stupidity when the phrase "typical Pinay beauty" was used with an entirely erroneous meaning- worst,  describing something as "typical" just to advance subliminally a false narrative. The ulterior motive was obvious, only a moron won't have noticed the "racist"campaigns for a better part of the last decade which were mostly  just ignored because they were so ridiculous.

Well, let's just celebrate Pinay beauty. With that, I will have a few days vacation.

BEAUTIFUL PINAY MONITOR: Kylie Versoza is not from Myanmar

A friend loves to monitor the various international  beauty pageant blogs (he's a linguist like me so he scours all the continents, from Latin America to Asia to Europe). The Philippine beauty pageant circuit has become a landmark in the world and it appears most of them even watched online the just recently concluded Bb. Pilipinas pageant. It turned out they were unanimous in their  low opinion of the winner, Maxine Medina. Mostly they were happy because our representative to this year's Miss Universe is "ugly". Frankly, I almost thought so myself (I found her ordinary but not exactly ugly) but it was strangely heartening that so many shared my "not impressed" reaction.

What mystifies me now is the description used in some local media to describe the winner as "typical Pinay beauty". If she was typical Pinay beauty, then what do you make of a "typical Myanmar beauty"? Because as one German opined "She might look like a Miss Myanmar but she might still win again because the MU might be held in the Philippines this year".

So even a German knows how a "typical Pinay beauty" looks like. Of course, nobody thinks much these days about salaried media underlings trying to inject subliminal messages on how Pinoys should suddenly look like in a "certain" Asian way. The usual promotional campaign for slit-eyes which has been hectic for years now (while in the Asian mainland, they are busy repairing theirs that their celebrities now look like "typical Pinay beauties"). Useless anyway.

Of course, mostly the international beauty blogs sighed with relief that Kylie Versoza didn't win the Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown. They mostly considered her as the threat. 

How about becoming the next hot actress instead?

Re: Sex Scandal, Part 3: SO, WHERE ARE THE GIRLS?!#@!

The frustration is palpable from their comments: I know I have lots of hot-blooded real heterosexual male readers, just look at the list of our all-time most popular posts at the sidebar. But while the local headlines are full of stories of masturbation videos of male actors, there was a glaring lack of similar videos from the other gender. Were they suddenly shy?

I myself don't believe that Pinays only love amusing themselves in the kitchen. We always have had high birth rates that's why Pinoys are already 100 million strong.

Why were the girls so fun of making video of the boys but not vice versa? Somebody else not actually of the girl variety making the videos? Be that as it may, that's no reason to hide the girls.

The stuffs fantasies are made of. What if...?

Arci's First Primetime Teleserye

In a way, the news that Arci Muñoz is now starring in her first primetime teleserye really made me proud. For one, I personally benefited from the sex appeal of our new sex symbol. I can take all the vacation I want but I can rest assure I will still get clicks because our all-time most popular post on Ms. Muñoz still gets steady hits everyday. In a way, she has become the trophy Princess Sexy of this blog. And mind you, her fans are not only found in the Philippines, half of them come from all over the world. Needless to say, this blog first felt the confirmation that a new star was born.

That gives me a dilemma. I know, my biggest readers are red-blooded heterosexual males but I also have loads who crave for our young stars. In fact, the latter were our first supporters. That's the challenge, how to balance between our two seemingly opposite crowds: satisfying one shouldn't aggravate the other. I guess I'm doing fine, I take a lot of vacation but everybody are still with us.

Arci Muñoz will have Jericho Rosales & John Estrada as her co-stars in the forthcoming teleserye Never Ever Say Goodbye.