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Nigeria is the biggest country in Africa, an oil power, and it is the center of Nollywood, the second biggest movie industry in the world behind India's Bollywood.

Currently, there are four Pinoy teleseryes being shown in Nigeria.

Forevermore & Be Careful With My Heart @ My TV

Doble Kara & Pangako Sa Yo @ Startimes Novela E1

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PINOY MELTING POT: Karanjit Singhdole is Man of the Year 2016

The Philippines is of course a melting pot of many races, and fortunately, mostly beautiful specimens of each race settled in this land (really, I'm not joking). This Sta. Rosa, Laguna native is a fine representative of the handsome Indian look in the Philippines, and he deserved to win the first international Man of the Year 2016 held in Indonesia.

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Meanwhile, in Samoa... TOMORROW BELONGS TO ME/SANA BUKAS PA ANG KAHAPON @ Primetime, 9 PM,TV1Samoa

I was still clueless about Pinoy teleseryes when this was shown in 2014 in Manila. But I'm definitely a believer now- Pinoy teleseryes have become a major international force and this one doesn't disappoint. Bea Alonzo is outstanding here. As always.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NOW SHOWING: Pambansang Sugar Mommy?

Frankly sex has always been farthest from my mind when I thought of  Senator Leila de Lima. She had this matronly image like any late middle-age mother that you tend to associate her with the images of busy kitchens & grandchildren. I kinda felt icky when I saw her hair turning blondie but still, I never associated the nagmumurang kamias signs as just that-  nagmumurang kamias. As it turned out, nagmumura talaga...

Cesar Mancao. Driver Dayan (with the tusok-tusok face according to Sandra Cam). Then Warren. Were there others? One thing that softened her image was when I learned she made mano publicly to the father of Dayan once, according to then Governor Espino of Pangasinan. Alas, Senator de Lima must have had aspirations of being a dutiful daughter-in-law. She must still be trying to be a dutiful daughter-in-law despite her reported dalliances with blue-collar men. Fetish of a woman at the last quarter of her life?

Don't mind this post. I just love analyzing human nature & Senator Leila de Lima has turned into a really very interesting subject lately.

"BARCELONA A Love Untold" THEME SONG: "I'll Never Love Like This Again" by GARY VALENCIANO

First Look TELESERYE TRAILER: "Till I Met You" Starring JADINE

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NOW SHOWING: My Driver, My Lover

Politics can beat the plot of most films at times.

Reality could be stranger than fiction. Politicians could be more loose than the presumably more notorious artistas. When the President divulged that a lady senator had her married driver as a lover, he definitely wasn't abusing his power as she claimed but doing a great service to the nation. A politician's private life has a great bearing on a politician's official acts. A big question mark emerged as to the senator's judgement & integrity, thus her credibility. Has her bedroom secrets compromised her already to foreign intelligence agencies & powers? The apparent "poor" judgement of West German leader Angela Merkel in her presumably anti-German policies with regards to the refugee problems is attributed by certain quarters to her being compromised by foreign powers for some supposedly "blackmailable" secrets. Blackmailable secrets are usually the reason for baffling official acts of politicians with apparently poor judgement in their personal lives.

While noisily protesting about alleged human rights violations despite the popularity of the Duterte anti-drug  campaign, was Senator de Lima actually at the end of a string pulled from somewhere else?

They should pursue this case. If there is a video, they should release it online (it will be interesting not for its prurient value). And if it turns out to be true, Senator de Lima should resign.


We're still on vacation but I decided I just got to post this one. It's not about showbiz but it was as spectacular as any CGI-generated special effect of a blockbuster disaster movie. Very picturesque to boot, the tornado prancing behind the skyscrapers near the bay forming a sleek foreground for its powerful pirouettes.

A video posted by shinshenanigans (@shinshenanigans) on

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Meanwhile, in Peru... LA PROMESA, Muy Pronto?

So we return to Peru...

In many articles, we described how the Pinoy teen stars have been happily resurgent in many parts of the world... only  to be  sabotaged by the now familiar villains. We look again at the Peruvian end where we described in previous articles the usual modus operandi of  some alleged Korean drama "fans" in apparently sabotaging the showing of the Pinoy teleserye La Promesa.  While the successful time-slot of the first Pinoy teleserye to be shown in Peru, Puentes de Amor, was taken over by another Korean drama, it turned out there was another reason why the showing of La Promesa was postponed. Apparently the dubbing of the Pinoy teleserye was not finished on time.

Nevertheless, it came to our attention that the same sabotage modus operandi was continuing (see pic below). No need to react though. It's obvious, they are now only making themselves ridiculous, nobody pays them much attention there anyway. For nearly a decade, the Korean dramas have been shown there but they consistently languished with 1-2% percent viewership at the bottom. Still,  they were tenacious in clinging there despite the humiliation of being at the floor of the ratings of all the telenovelas coming from Mexico, Turkey, Colombia and the Philippines (all the while their propaganda machine was noisy about their alleged  popularity). But it's good they hang on there for many humiliating years more because they were finally lifted when Puentes de Amor arrived and they rode its coattails in the ratings. One result of the success of Puentes de Amor was the South Korean drama which was shown before it was noticed to be there after all.

TRANSLATION : In its place put a Korean drama, they are better

The Pinoys have been actually a boon to the South Koreans. That reminds us of what is happening in the Russian VK. With the popularity of the Pinoy stars after the success of Forevermore, certain fanpages of Pinoy stars were actually established by the same propaganda people of the South Korean stars, capturing the audience of the Pinoys, which otherwise didn't pay much attention to them, as ready objects of their propaganda.

Of course, that is only one of the uses of the Pinoys. Many fanpages of Pinoy stars have been established in the VK but most of them mysteriously disappeared. But some just as mysteriously reappeared in another form? That's for another post, as part of our series investigating the mysteries.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Greek Poetry: JADINE overlooking Athens, Greece

 Athens might not have the skyscraper walls of the Manila skyline, but somehow the height monotone gave a dramatic backdrop to one of the country's top young love teams, JaDine composed of James Reid & Nadine Lustre. They are in the Greek capital to shoot their forthcoming teleserye, Till I Met You.

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THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING FANPAGES OF PINOY TEEN STARS @ VK: "Dolce Amore" is yet to be shown but its fanpages are already made to disappear, Part 1

Since the Lizquen loveteam of Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano took Kazakhstan by storm with the showing of Forevermore last 2015, the Pinoy teen stars became the biggest Asian idols in the Post-Soviet space. Lizquen was followed not only by Kathniel of Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo but by all the other Pinoy teen stars who surprisingly had fans in those faraway lands. Pinoy showbiz became familiar to the Central Asians. The showing of Pinoy teleseryes with Kazakh & Russian subtitles on free TV exposed them to millions, easily eclipsing the other Asian stars who had been long staking the territory but relegated to the lowly patronized pirate websites. With the success came loads of fanpages devoted to Pinoy stars at the Russian Facebook, VK (as compared to the obviously contrived VK & pirate websites devoted to South Korean stars & dramas, for instance, which attracted a comparatively peripheral audience).

It was clear somebody was not taking the fame of the Pinoy stars well. The different VK fanpages of the Pinoys started disappearing. For no reason at first, they just disappeared. The latest one that disappeared, dedicated to the new Lizquen teleserye to be shown on August 8 in Kazakhstan, Dolce Amore, was at least given a reason:  that it abruptly changed its subject. Woah, it is now forbidden to have Lizquen as a subject?

This is the Part 1 of a series where we'll tackle the long-occurring disappearance of fanpages of Pinoy teen stars in the Russian Facebook, the VK. I first noted this since the showing of Forevermore in Kazakhstan in 2015.  If you have been an avid reader of our blog, most of the links to the VK fanpages of Pinoy stars have disappeared long ago.  It turned out, it is a continuing crime. Somebody is doing Mafiosi tactics here: if he can't force his stars to be recognized as stars, then he just had to sabotage those who are obviously more fit to be stars.

To be continued

SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYES IN PERU: Now we know why they are bitter & cruel (as if they weren't used to the lowest ratings. VERY "POPULAR KUNWARI" INDEED!!!)

So, how is the first Pinoy teleserye to be shown in Latin America faring? Actually, very good, as the latest TV ratings of Puentes de Amor have shown. So good that a second Pinoy teleserye was bought, and that was La Promesa.

There lie the kinks. In a previous post ("LA PROMESA" IN PERU: Kathniel is Coming to Peru & the "Popular Kunwari" are at War"), I related how supposedly Korean drama fanatics have been very aggresive in "sabotaging" La Promesa. Both Pinoy & Korean melodramas were shown in the same channel & in different time slots so one should wonder, why would these alleged Korean "fans" be ganging up on La Promesa? The Koreans have been present in Peru for years and it's true, the Korean dramas always obtained the lowest ratings among all the telenovelas (which come from Peru, Colombia, Mexico & Turkey) but shouldn't they have been supportive of their co-Asian Pinoys? What could be the reason for the bitterness? What is the fault of the Pinoys?

 Here is the fault of the Pinoys: the first Pinoy teleserye in Peru, Puentes de Amor, at #41 with 3.7 ratings, is even rating better than the two Korean dramas which are at the bottom of the charts (The Korean drama "Adonis Flor de Invierno" was only in #54 position with 2.6 points & "Mascara de Cristal" at #55 with 2.5 ).

The Koreans are only being consistent: their dramas always get the lowest ratings among the dramas. Very "popular kunwari" indeed!!!


 1.LA PROMESA" in PERU: KATHNIEL is coming to Peru & the "Popular Kunwari" are at War

 2.ONLINE POLL IN KAZAKHSTAN: KATHNIEL is the Most Loved Teleserial Pair

"LA PROMESA" in PERU: KATHNIEL is coming to Peru & the "Popular Kunwari" are at War

Early last year, we wrote about the sabotage of Pinoy teen stars who stole the limelight in the pirate Asiatic film sites (read SCANDAL series in this blog). The people behind the pirate sites apparently didn't want the Pinoy stars to overshadow the stars that these sites were primarily promoting, especially in the Spanish-speaking pirate sites (the connection to the South Korean stars was later tackled in the Scandal series ).

The Kathniel loveteam of Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo who became big with the wide reception of She's Dating The Gangster & Must Be Love were eventually sabotaged in some sites (all the glowing commentaries by their new fans were deleted twice in one site, as described in the SCANDAL series) or their films simply disappeared from some other  sites.

But what happens when a Kathniel teleserye would be shown on free TV in a South American country instead? That means, a wider audience will see them. If the pirate sites with their limited audience were bothered with, how would they react to a TV showing with its million viewers?

These dark forces developed a big international propaganda network to maintain a contrived popularity for their wards, be it in the Philippines or Peru. In the Philippines, they were noisy & organized, though in reality they were unpopular as proven not only by the low ratings of their dramas & low acceptance of kpop but they were soundly humiliated despite the big hype when the local programs they financed last year in two local TV stations to celebrate the "popularity" of kpop flopped despite the big-name hosts they hired (the young local singer they picked to be the kpop standard bearer never got off the ground). They flopped because we now know  there was simply marginal recognition there despite the decade-long  expensive propaganda. But you wouldn't know with the supposed fanaticism of their "fans". Forums were filled with the combative attitude of these "fans" who apparently went to the extent of protesting Japanese anime just so they could dislodge them to release the airtime where they can show the South Korean dramas which aren't rating in other time slots. Never mind that all these dramas were shown in the pirate websites anyway,  so why the "fanaticism" to fight to watch them on TV when obviously people prefer something else? Are they actually fake "people power" stooges designed for propaganda pressure tactics?

Apparently that combative "fanaticism" to exclude another Asian just so they can have their way is part of their playbook even in other countries. It's happening now in Peru & they are not "victimizing" on the Japanese this time but the Pinoys.

When the first Pinoy teleserye Puentes de Amor was shown in Peru, there was a comment by a "fan" in a Forosperu forum which was very curious. The "fan" later turned out to mostly write about Kpop in that forum.

It means:
      The Filipinos are full drama, but I want  that Panamericana should focus more in Korean dramas

Now, what does the showing of a Pinoy teleserye got to do with the South Korean dramas being shown in Peru? True, the South Korean dramas have low ratings in Peru, but what does that got to do with a Pinoy teleserye which just emerged into the picture? Is the arrival of another Asian a threat to the current Asian who is not rating anyway in the first place? The Pinoy drama had a different time slot, and the Asian dramas are in the same TV station so they are not competitors.

Then about a week ago, the showing of the Kathniel starrer "La Promesa", only the second Pinoy teleserye in Peru, was announced & the promo ad was featured everyday by the Panamericana Facebook account. Suddenly things got curiouser, because the "fanatics"  suddenly came out with more force.

In the first showing of the ad:

In the second appearance of the promo ad:

The common theme: they are vociferous in saying they prefer the kdramas. Though they have different  time slots.

One said the Philipine teleseryes are also good, why not give them a chance. The "fanatic" whose name appeared everyday in the comments stony replied No.

So, why are these trolls so against Pinoy teleseryes when they have different timeslots? Why didn't they use their "fanaticism" to get ratings for their own instead? Of course, fake fanaticism is really predictable, & in the end laughable. Their modus operandi has been used many times before, it is simply hackneyed (gasgas na). Their game is up.

My Peruvian friend said the Pinoys are starting a buzz, people were commenting they were Asians who look good, & the bad guys are threatened not only because of their perennial low ratings.

I told him, those are just some of the reasons that they feel threatened. There's a bigger one: though badly sabotaged, Kathniel is coming to Peru.

  SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYES IN PERU: Now we know why they are bitter & cruel (as if they weren't used to the lowest ratings. VERY "POPULAR KUNWARI" INDEED!!!)

BARCELONA A Love Untold: Official Poster

DOLCE AMORE /"Бақытты болғым келеді" : Now Showing @ 31Kanal Kazakhstan/ LIZQUEN в казахстане еще раз

JaDine in GREECE: shooting TILL I MET YOU at Ermou/Syntagma in Athens

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DOLCE AMORE /"Бақытты болғым келеді" Opens Today (8 тамыз) in Kazakhstan: LIZQUEN returns a year after the blockbuster FOREVERMORE

Below were my articles chronicling the success of Forevermore in Kazakhstan. The success of this teleserye ushered in the popularity of Pinoy stars in Central Asia which led to the establishment of countless fan clubs. But there's a kink to the good news:  you will find that most of the links to the various fanpages in the Russian Facebook VK disappeared. It started with the fan clubs with 100,000 members to those with as little as 50 members. Even now. A continuing  mystery which I'm trying to dig deeper into in an on-going series of articles. Please read the Tales of Sabotage at the sidebar.

THE ANATOMY OF FAME: Just How Popular is FOREVERMORE in Kazakhstan?

FOREVERMORE" Already Showing in Kazakhstan TV: «Мен саған ғашықпын»

FOREVERMORE" IN KAZAKHSTAN (Мен саған ғашықпын): Dubbing in Kazakh, Subtitle in Russian

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The "POPULAR KUNWARI" DELUSION: When Even The Wikipedia is Faked for South Korean Propaganda

For a long time, I didn't write about the Bad Guys but I just had to when I discovered their latest caper in Peru when they were caught sabotaging again the Pinoy stars (Read their latest sabotage in the links below).  The South Koreans obviously find the Pinoy stars as threats as shown when Jadine first stole the limelight & were sabotaged in 2014, but the truth is I really didn't find them as threats but as nuisance who destroyed the view. Whoever thought they had the looks to back up their ambitions was deluding right from the start so I surmised early on  there must be something fake with the whole thing. I actually found the whole thing laughable. I have long confirmed the Korean wave is only a propaganda fiction, I discussed why here in this blog. Therefore, I thought I didn't need to write much  & though the propaganda was thick & prevalent, I knew I just had to wait for the implosion. The sabotage of the Pinoys in Peru is just another confirmation of the inevitable.

I now have to write again just to confirm my hunch was right. It was all a propaganda fiction which surprisingly is still hilarious despite the more brazen sabotage attempts.

Their unpopularity became very clear in Peru. While Peru plays a main part in their propaganda that they were "popular" & had a Korean wave, now we know that since they entered that country nearly a decade ago, they have been thoroughly unpopular and were actually languishing in the bottom of the Peruvian charts, overshadowed by the Peruvian, Mexican, Colombian, Turkish and lately Filipino telenovelas. The fact that they now openly sabotage is a desperate gasp, just a delaying tactic which obviously won't change the same conclusion.

For a long time my friends urged me to write more about the bad guys who have been sabotaging Pinoys discreetly before but openly now. Let's start a series to discuss the infrastructure of their propaganda machine so we can learn. Perhaps we can copy the benign ones.

This post is the introduction to the series. The abundance of the fakery astounds. Did you know that even the Wikipedia which is supposed to be the last resort  of reliable information was not spared?

Below is the present Wikipedia page for the defunct The Buzz program of Abs-Cbn:

This propaganda was changed so many times (I'll post all the versions in our conclusion, for more laughs). They were angling for the vacated schedule of The Buzz as a time slot to show their unpopular programs (initially, they claimed The Buzz was cancelled to show those mentioned koreanovelas, then they added the rest when it took too long & Kapamilya Blockbusters didn't give way). In Peru, the Pinoys were sabotaged because the time-slot made popular by the Pinoy teleserye Puentes de Amor was grabbed so it can be used to show the perenially unpopular Korean dramas in Peru. Same "kapit-tuko" in places where they were already unwanted.

The obvious question: why & how Wikipedia?

(to be continued)


 1.LA PROMESA" in PERU: KATHNIEL is coming to Peru & the "Popular Kunwari" are at War

 2. SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYES IN PERU: Now we know why they are bitter & cruel (as if they weren't used to the lowest ratings. VERY "POPULAR KUNWARI" INDEED!!!)

3. SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYE "LA PROMESA" SUCCEEDS: "Puentes de Amor" ends & it will be replaced not by "La Promesa" but by a re-issued, previously low-rater South Korean drama in an apparent schedule-grab

The "Popular Kunwari" Delusion Part 2: Fake Wikipedia, Fake Fans

 More about the propaganda fiction used for the so-called Korea Wave. In the introduction, we described how the Wikipedia, the supposed final information arbiter, was faked to create a bogus final reference which indicated that programming in Philippine TV was adjusted to accomodate the Korean dramas and a major program like The Buzz was cancelled to accomodate the koreanovelas. They were obviously trying to suggest these dramas were so popular to merit being "laundered" in Wikipedia but in reality were so unpopular as proven by their low ratings, prompting Abscbn to stop airing them altogether eventually. They destroyed the credibility of Wikipedia just to sell their propaganda.

This very public falsification also betrayed the propensity to meddle in programming in the push to show those dramas. The pattern is constant throughout the world. "Fans" protesting Brazilian telenovela & Japanese anime to get their time slots in the Philippines. "Fans" protesting in Peru which later resulted to the grabbing of the time slot of a Pinoy teleserye.

 Fake Wikipedia. How about fake fans? You barely hear any of their songs. They constantly have poor ratings. Where are these fanatics coming from?

There are tricks. Perhaps even Pinoy producers can learn some, at least the benign ones. Before we delve into the murkier side in the rest of our series of articles, let us learn one benign trick which we could use. I never saw the Pinoys used this trick. If you owned a cellphone, you must have received a text message many times a day, many times a week informing you you got 3 raffles for a concert of a band which you never heard. They were shooting many birds here: promoting the band, making sure the freebie hunters will bite a free ticket to ensure the presence of an  audience, pretend they are really popular to merit such telco attention. They send these messages many times a day almost everyday many months before the concert. A stadium full of free tickets?

 Perhaps, the trying hard Pinoy artists can imitate this. This is obviously expensive but consider it as a capital to pump up a career. Similar pump up tricks is buy your own records to make it appear the number 1 in the best-selling chart, never mind if the people never heard any of your song. The publicity might just work (of course, you need a propaganda infrastructure to disseminate the news). The trouble is you might be buying for a long time & still your career won't start. Hmm, seems familiar?
Here's the secret to have an Audience if
an act is unknown: FREE tickets

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US TEEN VOGUE: James Reid and Nadine Lustre Are the Filipino Love Team You Need to Know

 I rather would need to know all about the Big 4 young Pinoy loveteams (Kathniel, Lizquen, Elnella and yes, Jadine) but it's always a treat that we read about one of our big love teams celebrated in an American teen magazine. Jadine is really flying high these days. James Reid & Nadine Lustre must be so giddy by now by all the kilig washing over them.

 I specially liked the backgrounder on the dynamics of a Pinoy loveteam:

Welcome to the concept of a "love team." In the Philippines, fans aren’t squealing over boy bands or just any celebrity; they’re obsessed with this concept in entertainment that is unique to the country’s outlook on romance. A love team completely elevates the portrayal of love in movies, TV, music, and books in a way that westerners don’t even think about (or avoid altogether).
The entertainment industry in the Philippines is a little different than it is in America. There, actors must have a wide range of skills to appear on the big screen, meaning acting is actually just a small part of their jobs. Being a star includes singing, dancing, and, most importantly, getting people to ship you with your costar. Almost everyone who is cast in anything eventually gets paired with a fellow star who they’re expected to do everything with. And as a conservative, predominantly Catholic country, the concept of monogamy is heavily emphasized throughout all forms of Filipino entertainment. It's a heavy commitment that the stars take on, but similar to arranged marriages, the actors have a high chance of staying together on and off-camera. The secret is their willingness to work together — hence the term "team" — to meet the extremely high expectations of hopeless romanticism.

Though the actors are matched as a result of their natural chemistry, they're never forced to date IRL. Most of the time it just works out that way. How could you not fall for the person, who ideally resembles your soulmate and that you also spend almost every waking moment with?

Read the whole article here.

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THE LAST STAND: The Outclassed Desperados joined Forces But Immediately Ran Into A Wall... LOL

Frankly, this blog is mainly a celebration of the external face of Pinoy showbiz as it becomes happily resurgent in many parts of the world, and whatever I chose to feature depends on what I found to be the "hot du jour". I was never conscious of the studio sources. That it turned out they were mostly out of ABS-CBN or VIVA was pure coincidence. So I was surprised when I received comments I was favoring a certain TV station just because I didn't include Aldub in the Big 3 young loveteams then (there are now 4- the Big 4). The strength of what is de-facto a virtual Philippine wave in many places of the world are its young loveteams like Kathniel, Jadine & Lizquen. They so suddenly became resurgent that they unwittingly stepped over the shattered propaganda fiction of the floundering Korean wave. The result was the sabotage done on Pinoy resurgence documented in this blog (see Tales of SABOTAGE at the sidebar).

But pitting Aldub against Kathniel was ridiculous. Pit Aldub against teams within their age group. While I understood Aldub was the only viable GMA loveteam, the resurgent Big 3 Pinoy young loveteams have  different domestic & international markets. I still helped GMA by featuring the teleseryes it managed to sell abroad but I couldn't do anything  with the fact that the Big 3 (who happened to all belong to ABS-CBN) were outclassing the GMA young loveteams just like they have been outclassing the propaganda-dependent but looks-deficient Korean wannabes in many parts of the world.

Now, the outclassed GMA and the Koreans have joined forces, only to be outclassed some more. It was really sad to see how low the depths GMA had allowed itself to sink lately. It was perennially humiliated in the ratings and seeking succor from a dud already rejected by more discerning parts of the world betrays the desperation. In this blog, I tried to celebrate here the teleseryes sold by GMA abroad but there it was, reduced to showing at its primetime a drama from the washed up Koreans instead. Expectedly, it failed, just as the teleserye it expected to save it, Encantadia, failed. Quo vadis, GMA?

In this blog, I've been documenting the sabotage done on Pinoy stars as they unexpectedly reaped success abroad, unintentionally sideswiping the low-star quality Korean stars in the process. But apparently, the insecure dark forces have co-opted desperate GMA for a last stand. They can spin it  any which way but there they were... trounced again. Naturally.

If you've been following the ratings from each agency (granted they are credible), the ratings of GMA during primetime is normally oscillating within a certain constant range, no matter who the stars or what the teleseryes they were showing were. Be it Once Again or the previous one or the present Korean, they mimic each other's ratings in the same time slot. That could be construed as the loyal GMA audience most likely due to inertia of habit, GMA being the main channel before the revival of ABS-CBN in the Cory era. There was a slight bounce of Encantadia from the norm (it reached 20% from the GMA normal ceiling of 15-16%) in its time slot but the time slot of the Korean was stagnant. The plan to re-ignite interest on the Koreans on the new jaded audience with its higher standards, having grown accustomed to the real, surgery-free beauty of the Pinoy stars, obviously failed.

I must admit one thing. One of those stuck to the GMA inertia is my mother who never changed her channel since the time of Cory. One night, I saw her watching  her TV.

I asked, "Ano pinapanuod niyo?"

She replied somewhat disgusted. "Ewan ko, ang aaskad ng mga mukha..."

I understood so I changed the channel. She chuckled immediately. She loved true beauty. She gushed the young actor was very handsome. It was Enrique Gil.

Last night, she didn't return to her old channel. She was again watching Dolce Amore.

SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYE "LA PROMESA" SUCCEEDS: "Puentes de Amor" ends & it will be replaced not by "La Promesa" but by a re-issued, previously low-rater South Korean drama in an apparent schedule-grab

In a previous article (read the links provided below), I wrote about the sabotage of Pinoy teleseryes in Peru. The sabotage apparently was successful. The fruitful run of the first Pinoy teleserye to be shown in Peru, Puentes de Amor, will end next week, & it's not to be replaced as widely-expected by another Pinoy teleserye, La Promesa, but by a reissued low-rating South Korean drama.

 The South Korean dramas might have been the perennial bottom dwellers of the Peruvian TV charts in a big part of the last decade, but miraculously, they apparently were still able to conjure "fanatics" in many places who could be counted on to protest even when it was obvious they were no longer wanted there as proved by their perennial low ratings. Same modus operandi of using "fanatics" protesting each time, be it in Manila or in Peru. In Manila, they protested against Brazilian telenovelas and Japanese animes to get their timeslots. In Peru, they were protesting against Pinoy teleseryes. In both places, they get low ratings but spout the same propaganda fiction: they were "popular", they have a "Korean wave", they have "fans". If being a perennial dweller of the charts is popular, then they must be popular? Not.

 The South Korean dramas were stuck in the bottom of the charts in Peru, while the top was lorded over by Peruvian, Mexican, Colombian & Turkish telenovelas. But the South Koreans felt no shame, it's becoming obvious they apparently cling to a country once they enter just to maintain the fiction of a Korean wave .When Puentes de Amor was shown in Peru, it promptly rated better & also left the Koreans in the bottom of the charts. But the Koreans were just the same "kapit-tuko". "Fans" were unleashed to protest instead.

 The South Korean dramas were usually shown from 3-5 pm and they usually rate from a miniscule 1-2 points for almost the last decade. The Pinoy teleserye Puentes de Amor was shown at 5:15 in the same station, Panamericana. But when the second Pinoy teleserye La Promesa was announced to be shown, suddenly protests by South Korean "fans" cluttered the Panamericana website.

 Then today, it was announced a South Korean drama won't be shown in its usual 3-5 timeslot but grabbed instead the one made popular by the Pinoy teleserye Puentes de Amor. Needless to say, I myself don't believe those protesting "fans" fooled the TV executives to give way. In this modus operandi, the "fans" were the props to pretend "popular request" so a miracle inside (financial?) can be engineered, the logic of the popular ratings be damned.

Below, a reader in a previous post gave a nice picture of the motives behind the sabotage. I think he got it right. 

Please read also the following articles as backgrounder to this post:
 1.LA PROMESA" in PERU: KATHNIEL is coming to Peru & the "Popular Kunwari" are at War
 2. SABOTAGE OF PINOY TELESERYES IN PERU: Now we know why they are bitter & cruel (as if they weren't used to the lowest ratings. VERY "POPULAR KUNWARI" INDEED!!!)


RUSSIAN SUB: Рождён для тебя / Born For You - Elmo Magalona & Janella Salvador


13-year old Kyle together with JK Labajo and Bailey May (the three are packaged as Voice Next Door) are the insurance that the next set of Pinoy teen stars will duplicate, or likely even surpass, the achievements of the current set of local teen idols. Cute and definitely star quality. They even have great voices. The music video hasn't arrived yet but I kinda fell for the song I just had to feature the lyric video right away. Down below is the video of Kyle's Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Blind Audition where he was first discovered.

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 MAIN COMPETITION: "Ang Babaeng Humayo" Starring CHARO SANTOS-CONCIO, Directed by Lav Diaz

This Pinoy film is the only Asian entry in the Main Competition of the Venice Film Festival 2016...

TELESERYE TRAILER: Бақытты болғым келеді/DOLCE AMORE starts August 8 on 31Kanal Kazakhstan

So all set go, come August 8, the new teleserye of the Lizquen loveteam composed of Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano will finally be shown at 31Kanal Kazakhstan. The Kazakh fans will get to watch again  the Pinoy loveteam who took Kazakhstan by storm last year with the showing of Forevermore, their first teleserye.


So, the new movie of the Kathniel loveteam of Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo has finally got a title: BARCELONA: A LOVE UNTOLD. That we can confirm is official. The poster is not though: fanmade but better than most in your favorite daily's Movie Guide. So is the teaser below.