Wednesday, May 31, 2017


NOTE: We initially published this post on February 14 with a title "CAUTIVA/HANGGANG MAKITA KANG MULI opens on Peru's Panamericana TV". At first, I resisted the urge to focus on the ratings performance of the two teleseryes being shown in Peru (Cautiva/Hanggang Makita Kang Muli & La Promesa/Pangako Sa Yo) because I didn't want to turn the whole thing into a de facto Pinoy network wars abroad. But on second thought, I decided it best to highlight them because the teleserye is at a point where it is really being noticed as one of the main nodes of the diversified Asian telenovela products. People there really are not aware of the network war brouhahas in the Philippines. They are mostly interested in the product itself, and I thought focusing on how they respond to each teleserye will give us a feedback on what ticks there.

To a Pinoy, the news that an afternoon Kapuso teleserye starring lesser known actors trounching a primetime Kapamilya blockbuster starring the country's top young loveteam  in the ratings in another country is surprising. It's important to emphasize they are not shown against each other but right after the other.

I reposted this because it has a nice comment section on how sensible Pinoy teleserye fans are monitoring the Peruvian reaction to teleseryes. You can watch the teleseryes from 5:30-7:30 AM Manila time at the Panamericana website. They are shown one after the other from 4:30-6:30 PM Peruvian time.

February 14, PERU time (February 15 in the PHILIPPINES): this new teleserye opens on Peru's Panamericana TV.

This ushers in a new period of teleserye history in Latin America, where two teleseryes will be shown one after the other for the first time from 4:30- 6:30 PM. Cautiva from 4:30-5:30 while La Promesa is heating up from 5:30-6:30 PM.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Кристиан костов/Kristian Kostov, the Russian Kazakh-Bulgarian Justin Bieber

Eurovision has lost its credibility to me long ago. I found it rather provincial, most likely part of the general decline of the continent in recent years. It still is awry this year-  except there's a saving factor. The winner from Portugal was typical of the drabness one expects of Eurovision, but the second place finish of a boy who represented Bulgaria more than compensated for the usual mess. It was all accidental. I was looking online for a clip of the Russian song позови меня (Call Me) when I discovered a version of a 15 year-old  Moscow-born Russian boy (Kazakh mother & Bulgarian father) singing it at the 2015 X-Factor Bulgaria. That led me to discover the now-17 year-old Kristian Kostov singing the second-placed Bulgarian entry titled Beautiful Mess (yeah, the mess that is Eurovision suddenly made beautiful by his better-than-Justin Bieber song).

He actually looked like my former neighbor (yeah, a Pinoy, with the usual multi-racial background, but the Caucasian genes were   from a grandparent). He also sang beautifully like Kristian, aspired for a singing career but chickened out when he found out he had to open his zipper to a scout.

BEAUTIFUL MESS- Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv, Second Place
BEAUTIFUL MESS music video Позови меня- X-Factor Bulgaria 2015 

Позови меня (Call Me)
Музыка: Матвиенко И.
Слова: Пеленягрэ В.

Позови меня тихо по имени,
Ключевой водой напои меня,
Отзовётся ли сердце безбрежное,
Несказанное, глупое, нежное.
Снова сумерки входят бессонные,
Снова застят мне стёкла оконные,
Там кивают сирень и смородина,
Позови меня, тихая Родина.

Позови меня на закате дня,
Позови меня, грусть-печаль моя.
Позови меня.
Позови меня на закате дня,
Позови меня, грусть-печаль моя,
Позови меня.

Знаю, сбудется наше свидание,
Затянулось с тобой расставание,
Синий месяц за городом прячется,
Не тоскуется мне и не плачется.
Колокольчик ли, дальнее эхо ли,
Только мимо с тобой мы проехали,
Напылили кругом, накопытили,
Даже толком дороги не видели.

Позови меня на закате дня,
Позови меня, грусть-печаль моя.
Позови меня.
Позови меня на закате дня,
Позови меня, грусть-печаль моя,
Позови меня.

Позови меня тихо по имени,
Ключевой водой напои меня,
Знаю, сбудется наше свидание,
Я вернусь, я сдержу обещание.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CAUTIVA/HANGGANG MAKITA KANG MULI to return, this time on Peruvian primetime, at 7 PM starting Monday

My readers are really fast. I will do a more formal article on this later, barring any last minute sabotage from the usual aspects. You see, this is practically a slap to their  delusions. Lol. 

The most succesful Pinoy (& Asian) telenovela on Peruvian TV will be shown again a mere few weeks after its initial run, this time on the primetime 7:00 slot, starting Monday. It was previously shown in the afternoon, 4:30 PM, where it earned high ratings for its normally low-rating station.

You can add your comments to a previous article (click here).

Monday, May 1, 2017

MAJOR, MAJOR Exciting Times, Indeed: Meanwhile... FOREVERMORE opens on Televista Nigeria

Venus Raj- "...major, major..."
Donald Trump - "... major, major..."

No, I was definitely not bored blogging. The truth is, I purposely didn't blog regularly like before. True, the situation was certainly icky- (dealing with and writing about cheap people, a.k.a. mercenaries, always is & I usually cut a wide berth around them in real life, like any self-respecting person would) -  but I guess, I suddenly realized the comments to my latest articles were certainly injecting extra energy to the blog. I was mostly getting ideas for my articles from the comments anyway, so I thought, why not let the comments power the blog for a change?

I know my friends are the anchor commentators but along the way, they were joined by other intelligent souls which just left me in awe for their wonderful imagination: it was not the usual discussion one reads in the usual showbiz forum (or political forum for that matter)- there was firing from all the cylinders, no unorthodox base was spared here. We might be discussing showbiz one minute but we could be seeing things from the perspective of exploding nuclear missiles the next. Just the kind of conversation that gets my juices flowing. Certainly no boring moment here.

Wonder of wonders, our hits didn't dip even if we posted the least number of articles this month. It means, everybody was looking up for the latest in the comments everyday. So we are evolving. We have here a blog-forum which refuses to be boxed in by superficial narratives or hackneyed cultural Marxism. Just the way I like it.

Meanwhile, these are exciting times, so many things are happening in the world that at times appear even surreal. Our blog should ride the excitement for a while. I will close the Comments for ordinary posts (like this one) so we can concentrate on the more "controversial" ones.

By the way, this blog is still mainly about Pinoy showbiz. Lest we forget.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the international hit teleserye of LizQuen loveteam (of Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano), Forevermore , returns. It has already been shown in almost the entire Subsaharan Africa last year.


Kathniel fever continues to rage in Indonesia. Two of their films will be shown soon while their 2013 teleserye Kaulah Takdirko/ Got 2 Believe is still being serialized on the same station. The title is translated as You are my Destiny. With Kathniel all over, there is no gabi ng lagim in Indonesia.

(Definition of Gabi ng Lagim: an eerie night when loveteams are ugly & disgusting)

Meanwhile, I'll be off on a vacation. Pre-Holy Week thing as appetizer to a bigger one on Holy Week itself (Ya, I know, a little weird, but what the heck, I do love my vacations).  It has been very hectic in this blog so we need to recharge (now, I use my blog as an excuse). Forgive me but I will close the comments in this one, I might not have time to participate (I'm really enjoying the interaction, I have intelligent readers & I enjoy mind sword plays with intelligent people).  But I want everybody to recharge too. We have more hot issues in the backburner waiting for our "intellectual" comments.

GABI NG LAGIM: The Hot Loveteam Thing turned out to be a Happy Accident after all, so what next?

We had our fun, but there are signs everything just might have been a flash in the pan. I mean, the unexpected resurgence of Pinoy young stars in many parts of the world. Kathniel. Jadine. Lizquen. We have posted the milestones of their fame all over the world in this blog (frankly, that was mainly what the blog was about). They became big in the Philippines, but fortunately, they had international appeal so off they clicked. It was fun while it lasted.

I won't debate the loveteam combinations in the Philippine setting. I have to admit I have no interest in the local dynamics. My interest sprang from my discovery that the 3 loveteams were creating inroads in many countries in different parts of the world. I scanned the blogospheres of each country to monitor their trajectories (that sprang from my love of places & languages). The only teleseryes I watched, I watched dubbed or subtitled online from a foreign  TV station's website (I still have to watch one from my TV which I rarely use anyway).

What clicks in the Philippines doesn't necessarily click outside. Anybody who joined me in my journey & learned to scan the foreign pages would attest to the varying reactions to Philippine stars. The reaction to what I called the Big 3 was special compared to the reaction to other Pinoy stars. But it seems, all indications point to the fact that the Big 3 thing might just have been accidental. Why so?

Just look at the next-in-line loveteams. True, anybody can get lucky in the Philippine setting & I really don't care if a young loveteam is created to pair a cross-eyed garbage man with an obese high society girl, they can make it for all I care. But I would be disappointed if they don't elicit anymore internationally the popularity won by Kathniel, Lizquen or Jadine in saner times. And if you have been monitoring the comments in previous articles, there's a palpable fear that the future loveteams would be disappointments. I don't need to mention their names, not worth our time. And I fear, not worth the time of the foreign fans either. We won't be following hot young Pinoy loveteams anymore in foreign lands?

As one of the comments described it: Gabi ng Lagim... in Pinoy loveteam land.

I kinda agree.


A world pop superstar still has to come out of Asia.  Many can't be blamed for not trying but the honor has been elusive to Asians. It's a mystery because descendants of Asians in the West were able to make the mark: the latest was the Pakistani pride Zayn Malik but there have been lots of Filipino descendants as well who shone even earlier: Enrique IglesiasBruno MarsNicole Schlesinger, etc. We certainly don't lack good singers here, but it's just as big a mystery why many of those who became famous here even got famous in the first place. It's easy to see why nobody is eager to gamble for them to spread their wings abroad.

I have neglected OPM lately in this blog. Music is something the Philippines should be proud of. Great talent is overflowing everywhere. But I wasn't fond of what's available in the market lately. Our music business side is lame, it really needs to level up in harnessing all the wasted talent. Many times, I thought it was in the lemonade business- we were often offered the lemons.

 But one afternoon of browsing some music videos convinced me Asia might finally have its first serious contender. A simply outstanding voice which got the cracks, the breaks, the hoarseness, the highs, etc. Her voice puts to shame the Beyonce, Shakira, Rihannas of the world. Her looks hint she's Asian but you wonder if there was some Latin there, or even something else, but no matter, she has enough sex appeal & delicateness to melt all your doubts.

I just hope they handle Morisette right. I still have to listen to her  sing a good original song. While I am a believer in the birit abilities of Jona, she has the looks of somebody who can be big only in the Philippines. Morisette  (frankly, she should use her family name Amon, she looks cheap relying solely on the echo of the name of Alanis Morisette) should be marketed a tad higher than simply a birit singer- but a pop icon.

I first saw the  2012 video of Sam Mangubat about 3 years ago. He had better looks than most of the young stars then, he definitely sang far far better, but he lingered singing covers in the web through the years while the lemons became big stars. I bookmarked this video &  I returned to watch it every now & then. Imagine my surprise when I clicked it today & I saw there were already many comments where I read he won second place in a local singing contest. So he was no longer confined to the web. He sounded fuller & surer of himself now, he should have won that contest. The winner sounded he joined  a singing contest held in a  municipal gymnasium, but that just goes to show, some Pinoys still love lemonade. But we are not talking of lemonade-loving Pinoys here. We're talking of Asians becoming world icons.

AKO AY NANDIDIRI: When Having Sex Means Puking At Each Other, When Marrying Means Swallowing One's Vomit

Most of the contributors to this blog are gay and they are all well-educated, two of them are medical doctors and one is a free-thinking college professor. I sought their help when I decided to get serious with this blog. I don't have much time to read about Pinoy showbiz news nor watch teleseryes but I have these showbiz addict gay friends who now always give me the heads up on showbiz happenings. It was actually my gay assistant who informed me about the Pacquiao alleged gay slur drama. Four of the gay contributors were present in the coffee house when we discussed this and our discussion really opened my eyes. There's another side to this issue & I thought why shouldn't I be the champion of this side through this blog.

Most gays don't join this fake bandwagon sorrounding Gay Marriage. For one, this issue makes the typical Pinoy gay puke. Straight guys here are cheap & a self-respecting gay won't be caught sucking another gay man. As one said,"Lalaki ang hanap nila, di pekeng lalaki!* In fact one bravely commented:"I am gay but I am a proud homophobic. I puke merely thinking of having sex with another gay man".

Now why would a self-respecting gay marry somebody who makes him puke when having sex with? How can love grow when they vomit at each other?

In effect, Gay Marriage is a campaign to politically blackmail gays to swallow their vomit & have sex though their whole being is telling them to puke. Just so they belong? How foolish.

Just like the fact that Blacks are still the poorest after all the Black minority rights campaign, it turned out Gay Mariage doesn't matter in the end because so few gays ultimately marry  in those countries which adapted it. Somebody chose to forget most gays actually would rather puke than have sex with each other.

I took this info from
Let's look at Holland, the first country which adapted Gay Marriage in 2001:

As you can see, the biggest number was in the first year (the suckers were probably excited by all the political pang-uuto in the first year) but the interest gradually fell with each year, dropping very low indeed. If there would have been a clamor for Gay Marriage there, it should have been increasing, but the small numbers just kept declining proving this was merely a useless political stunt. Somebody just wanted to manipulate gays for a political aim (I'll discuss this in Part 2). With this paltry result, why bother with all these noisy political noise especially in a country like the Philippines where gays have refined taste and having sex with another gay man makes them vomit? Reminds me of all the big headlines about  the fight for Black minority rights from the 60's but circa 2015 the US Blacks were still burning Ferguson & Baltimore because they would turn out to be still the poorest.

The clamor for Gay Marriage is fake because most gays are revolted by the thought of having sex with a gay man, how much more wed one? Of course, there would still be a few with strong stomachs who can fool themselves to swallow their vomit and say it is love but should we even have to change our way of life centered on an important institution like family just to kowtow to every marginal deviant? Should we disallow beauty pageants just because it would discomfort the majority ugly? Should we shoot the paltry rich just because they offend the majority poor?

Even the  poster figure in the local LGBT scene, a comedian named Vice Ganda turned out to be a connoisseur of straight basketball players. If he is sincere in fighting for gays, why shouldn't he be a true gay model, why doesn't he flaunt a parlorista lover instead? Is money involved in these kinds of campaign? The LGBT groups here, who financed them before they hoodwinked the hooked members to contribute the token funds (the main fund comes from the dark sponsors?)?

Really curious...

It gets curioser in Part 2