Monday, August 31, 2015

Alden Richards - Wish I May - Lyric Video

This song is the number 1 song in the local Itunes charts, besting the usual leaders like Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift. Best proof of the phenomenal popularity of the Aldub love team.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Bad Guys Are Panicking That Plastic Surgery Can't Help Them Anymore: EEEKKK!!! MAY CUTE PINOY NA NAMAN... DI MAUBOS-UBOS !!!

Well, my VK page is hot, but if you're wondering why I haven't updated it yet, the villains have launched another desperate attack. Well, it's okay now but I decided to rest this morning for their sake: they are obviously on the edge, they might really get insane any minute now. I give them a few hours to meditate. We're the good guys anyway, we don't push even helpless  bad guys over the cliff. Tutal, pogi naman talaga tayo eh. Sabotage sila nang sabotage, di naman tayo nauubusan ng pogi, nabaliw na lang sila!

Below is a portion of the COMMENTS of one of the posts where readers touched on exactly what was tormenting the minds of the bad guys: the "terror" of the endless supply of too many cute Pinoy stars, even without Plastic Surgery.. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

ALDUB & The Hot "Mestizo-Native" Love Teams of the Philippines

Supposed to be a new kilig team sweeping the nation sending the ratings of the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga into the stratosphere . Ok, let's join the kibitzing...

The Mestizo-Native loveteam is becoming a successful trademark of Philippine showbiz, especially internationally. It was the secret weapon of its international prominence since late last year with the  success of James Reid & Nadine Lustre in Diary Ng Panget, then consolidated by Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano in Forevermore. This kind of pairing plays into the psychology of the young girl demographic in mixed-race societies where the native girls grow up developing crushes on the mestizo boys (if not the Caucasian themselves). This has been true with the South American natives with Diary Ng Panget, so true in Central Asia where the Russian boys are ubiquitous dreamboats. But this team-up has a prerequisite: it's  imperative that the girl should be beautiful so that lack of credibility will not trip it along the way. The beauty of Aldub is that Maine can also be pretty and sexy (if she tries to be, anyway). If handled right, this team might go places.

Friday, August 14, 2015

NYUSHA / НЮША - Где ты, там я (Gidye Ty, Tam Ya) / WHERE YOU ARE, I AM THERE (Official clip) HD

While my music is basically Western pop and rock, my favorite pop artist is not Rihanna, Beyonce or the overrated Lady Gaga. It's this one, she's Russian & she sings well and she really is oozing with sex appeal. Not much need for ridiculous media propaganda or the more ridiculous Plastic Surgery  to turn on the sex appeal. I can see Janella Salvador being pushed to join the ranks of the celebrated world pop divas like Nyusha, Beyonce and Rihanna if she's only given the right material.

I'm featuring Russian superstar Nyusha because I can see the future Janella in her. Really natural good looks, really good natural voice and really natural overpowering sex appeal.

This is the newest hit of Nyusha, it was just released on June, 2015.

TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL 2015: Philippine Representatives, Erik Matti's "Honor Thy Father" and Lawrence Fajardo's "Imbisibol"

Honor Thy Father, Erik Mati 

Imbisibol, Lawrence Fajardo

Locarno Filmfest Grand Winner Lav Diaz' "Mula Sa Kung Ano Ang Noon"

Mula Sa Kung Ano Ang Noon, Lav Diaz 

This happened a year ago but it's one of those great news which our media are unaware of. Speaks of how insular we are in a much globalized world where the Filipinos have ironically become the most globalized nationality in the world. A Filipino is present in all countries of the world.

  The Awarding Ceremonies in Locarno in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

KILIGMANGA series, TASTE OF LOVE, Part 2 : так вкусно (Tsalap-tsalap...!)

в конце концов...... вкус лиобви
Pagdating sa dulo... lasa ng pagmamahal
а ... я забыл свою диету
"Naku.... nakalimutan ko diyeta ko!"
я до сих пор стройная?
"Payat pa ba ako?"
Lizquen всегда есть, мы должны съесть
"Laging kumakain ang Lizquen, dapat kumain din tayo"
Tsalap... tsalap...
Нет больше голода
Wala nang taggutom

VOICEOVER (deep baritone):           они никогда не проголодались снова?
                                                                 DI NA KAYA SILA MAGUGUTOM?

                                                    продолжение следует

KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 3: счастливы на всегда?, with Kathniel & Lizquen

Ни за что!
"No way!"
Что ты думаешь обо мне? Я просто хочу отдохнуть. Я устал прошлой ночью.
"Ano'ng akala niyo sa kin? Gusto ko lang magpahinga, napagod ako kagabi..."
                                          вчера вечером:
         "я хочу больше, я еще не устала...."
                "Gusto ko pa, di pa ko pagod eh..."
Cегодня...  хорошо отдохнувшим
Ngayon... Nakapagpahinga na
мы встретимся снова скоро ...... хи хи хи
"Magkikita uli kami mamaya... Hi Hi Hi!"
подождите, есть еще много людей,
"Hintay, marami pang tao"
Я не могу ждать
"Di na ko makapaghintay!"
ты еще не устала?
"Di ka pa pagod?
ты устала?
"Pagod ka na?"
На следующий день
Sa sumunod na araw
полный воспоминаний
puno ng alaala
хорошие воспоминания
Magagandang alaala

VOICEOVER (bading):          счастливы на всегда?
                                   Magiging masaya ba sila                                                                            FOREVERMORE?

                                                             продолжение следует

COVER VERSION: Meg Imperial - Akala mo

I told my teenage assistant to look for another sexy video of Meg Imperial but she came up with this one instead. So she also sings. And she looks so pretty here, almost prim and proper. She reminds me of a vintage actress, whose name unfortunately I have forgotten, in one of the old Hollywood movies in my father's vintage collection. Wholesome exterior but quiet sexy claws just waiting to pounce.

I saw Meg once in person and she is more beautiful in person than in most of her photos. However, I found one picture that captured her clean sexy profile.

She sings well btw.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

воспоминания Forevermore : Enrique does his version of the Walang Mapaglagyan sa kilig Dance

Вы помните те дни, когда Forevermore пленила всех?

Nearly all the fan clubs of Forevermore in Kazakhstan were converted into Got To Believe fan clubs so the Lizquen fans have been captured to be the audience of the Kathniel teleserye (except for the biggest, a 149,000 member club and some smaller fan-led clubs). It is a wise move of the Kazakh broadcast people to just consolidate the fans, anyway they are the same market. The drawback is it is harder to whip up another marketing trick, the contrived competition which could heat up allegiances and generate extra spark, like what's been done among the fan clubs in the Philippines. The heating up will all be done in-house.Which is more effective? I guess, both have their strong points, it doesn't have to be one or the other, but still, this makes for an interesting study. Another one of my pseudo-anthropological petri dishes.

KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 2: любовь может быть утомительно

будет герой заметил меня?
Mapapansin kaya ako ng hero?
"давайте встретимся позже!"
Kita tayo mamaya
ура! он заметил меня! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!
Hurray! Napansin niya ako! EEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!
устали после
Pagod pagkatapos
почему Lizquen устали?
Bakit kaya pagod ang Lizquen?
еще устали
Pagod pa rin
Давай, я еще не устала. Lizquen лучше, они всегда устали
Sige na o... di pa ko pagod eh. Buti nga Lizquen pagod sila palagi.

продолжение следует

KILIGMANGA series: TASTE OF LOVE, Chapter 1: вкус любви

"все интервью, нет ни еды"
Puro interview, wala namang pagkain
"алло... да, Lizquen голодны"
Hello... oo, gutom daw ang Lizquen

"Почему?"Bakit daw??

"Все интервью, нет ни еды"
Puro daw interview, walang pagkain
"ура, время еды!"
Yehey, kainan na!

продолжение следует

Егор Крид - Самая Самая (Yegor Krid - The Most)

We've started spreading our wings into the world, we can't afford to be insular. Not only is the Filipino the most globalized in the world, it has also a unique inclusive culture where every other culture is welcome to participate into the mix. Still unknown to most Filipinos is the vast Post-Soviet space, particularly Russia, a large country which occupy 1/6 of the world. Surprisingly, it has a progressive pop culture and some of my favorites are actually Russian pop artists like Niyusha, Pelageya and Gradusi.

Let's start with this fellow, their Enrique Gil. They don't look alike but they are both cute heartthrobs. The chorus of this  hit song was the one quoted in social media when fans in Kazakhstan giggled on the smile of Enrique.

The closest Tagalog translation of the title is 'Napaka".

(If you search for his name, it is also Romanized into "Igor" or "Egor" but an initial "e" is usually pronounced as "ye" in Russian, like Ekaterinburg is pronounced as "Yekaterinburg"

Monday, August 10, 2015

Callalily - Now I'm Dancing (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO & LIVE)

If you're wondering why we have a DONATE button on the sidebar, there's a story behind that. Somebody wrote that we should put up an online store because he'll buy anything from our group so we can make this blog bigger & turn it into a "media company". Wow, I didn't even think of putting up ads and here's somebody wanting us to put up an online store. But I wrote back that since he wanted to buy, why shouldn't he just donate so I can buy my teenage assistants some ice cream. It was a joke but he put up his cash where his mouth was. He donated immediately and I am not planning to buy ice cream but some wireless camera so we can be real detectives here (He didn't eventually use the DONATE button, he emailed he's gonna give a check and I sent the assistant over). What now, will we be in the business of publishing "in flagrante" scandals? Next, we might buy a drone fitted with secret cameras? Or will we buy GMA or ABS-CBN?

Hmm, getting interesting indeed. Well, prior to this blog, during the times when I didn't know any Pinoy actor, I knew some OPM, and  I knew Callalily.

Janella Salvador - Harana Na Na Na Na (Official Lyric Video)

I love featuring Janella. At her age, she's already pretty and oozing with sex appeal. The song she is singing here sucks but just lower the volume or better, just mute it. Best consider this as a photoshoot: the photos used here really showed the budding beauty that is Janella.

BTW, Janella is a good singer with a nice voice. I can imagine her singing in an international pop stage someday. She is definitely more beautiful than Rihanna or Ariana Grande. It's just a matter of giving her a nice song to sing.


Marimar at Sergio

Former-lesbian is the term she describes herself and there's no reason why I should label her otherwise. She's my friend with the hypersensitive nose who accused her former girl friends of not washing where it counted, making her puke now if she ever thinks of girls. I never asked her how her nose found boys by comparison. Well, sexuality is definitely still not well-understood despite the heavy politics and intellectual posturings sorrounding it, that is clearer more now that she actually has a boyfriend already. But let's not get into her psycho-sexual affairs anymore.

 I mentioned her because of  former Miss World Megan Young. Megan will have a teleserye. Will my former-lesbian friend feel any stirrings again if ever she watches Marimar?

 That I will be very interested to makiusyoso. Perhaps, it pays to be daldalero sometimes?

KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO: Part 1, Prologue: Герой сердца

Девушка нервничает, 
Ninenerbiyos ang dalagita
она действительно любит героя. 

Mahal niya talaga ang hero
Может ли он когда-нибудь замечал ее?

Mapapansin pa kaya siya nito?
Bang! Bang!

Пуля прямо к сердцу...
Tagos ang bala sa puso...

продолжение следует

VILLAIN PROPAGANDA 101: The Anatomy of a Fake Fan

(UPDATE AUGUST 16BTW, I have to repeat, this article is just for educational purposes so we can learn some tricks from the bad guys. I mentioned in a previous article that I don't consider them as threat because of their very obvious deficiencies, primary of which is the limitations of Plastic Surgery. The premise of the operation described below is already laughable, that you will be "lured". But we still can pick up some tricks. We'll have more studies shortly)`

Studying the propaganda tactics of the villains could be educational. We can pick up tips, especially those which are benign and are actually applicable in our scene. I wrote before some of their tactics locally: I call it Parasitic Propaganda because it rides on the popularity of others, using the fame of others as propaganda prop to paint a picture of the supposed popularity of their artists. Which is just a mirage mostly, created by propaganda. In this blog, I traced the shenanigans done on Pinoy stars from South America to the Russian Post-Soviet space but the footprint of the villains are not even that big in these areas: the memberships of the pirate websites (the captured audience) in the Spanish-speaking areas are just above 50,000 and those in the Russian Post-Soviet space just reach about 30,000. If you look at the map, the only place where they could possibly obtain their near billion hits are in Northeast Asia. But Japanese acts dominate their own charts (Japan has 127 million population), so with the Chinese (China has 1.3 billion people). But if you compare the viewcounts of the big Chinese and Japanese acts, the Chinese and Japanese are even far behind in hits. Does that mean the Chinese and Japanese love to watch repeatedly in Youtube other people's supposed hits more than the records that they buy in reality?

 Digital manipulation is the easiest because you only need the computer. I've already written instances in this blog where viewcounts have been doctored to present a different reality.

 I'll introduce a relatively common but simple trick: pretending to be fans, with the aim to control the discourse and insert propaganda unobtrusively, to make-believe they are "popular". They have established  a well-structured syndicate here.
 1) Many of those pretending to be fans in the Comments of videos of Pinoy artists are actually "agents", trying to be noticed so that if you click their names, you will be led into their pages full of clips of the artists of villainlandia. These fans act as traps so that when you fall, you fall into their pages, and hopefully lured by their "beauties".
 2) Most of those pretending to be fans in the fan club forums and are very active in the discussions are "agents". One of the common routine is the complementary dance they do: one very ardent in his loyalty to a particular artist, backed up by an accomplice extolling his loyalty, until they practically control the discussion & slyly insert their agitprop (Example: "Why not remake the K___novela so and so? Beautiful like so and so... ) or worse, a miniaturized de-facto "People Power" takeover, same script of "wresting control" is involved but  in a much, much smaller scale. Again, just to make-believe they are "popular".

 Many of these diligently attending are actually agents because that's their work, their supposed to be "free time" is their working hours. They are mainstays of forums, even the broadcast studios' forums. I haven't had the time to ascertain if there are "double agents" at least, that will follow in a more detailed article. Needless to say, the legitimate ones should always be alert with these tricks.

 Mind you, these tricks are international. I had fun discovering three (so far) supposed Pinoys who applied to be my friend in VK. Look at the picture, a typical agent, a fake account of a fan. When she contacted me on August 10, she didn't have any friend yet, I was supposed to be the first, but she was already a member of many Korean groups in the VK. Telltale signs galore of a fake account. She is the VK equivalent of the fake YOUTUBE fan I mentioned above: if you befriend her, you get the Korean traps, not the music clips this time like in YOUTUBE but the Korean fan groups more likely composed of agents masquerading as fans.

 And worse, she pretended to be a Filipino who advertised her bad taste. Needless to say, I banned her from my page.

Maja Salvador - Love Me, Kill Me (Official Lyric Video)

More and more, this blog has started evolving from its origins of just being a blog jukebox so you must have noticed the usual mv's have become more scarce by the day. They have become mostly fillers, but they actually receive much less hits than the "nosy" posts.

But we welcome Maja's music videos anytime. This happens to be a nice photoshoot, consisting some of the most breathtaking shots of the sexy actress. No, it's not true that my former-lesbian friend threatened to strangle me if I won't feature Maja. My friend is serious, she's not into girls anymore no matter how sweet-smelling Maja obviously is. My friend has a boyfriend already, don't ask me how. Just watch the photoshoot of Maja, she's singing the background music.


My friends will never believe who sent the links to this clip. But I won't reveal his name. See, I'm influencing some people here. I wrote a while back that a friend looked at me as if I came from outer space when I told him I had a blog on Pinoy showbiz. In time, as a result, they came to love Andrea Brillantes and she became our favorite actress without seeing any of her movies or shows. Now, the secret is out that somebody has been peeping on Arci, Coleen and Ellen (and probably the mother?). It took the antics of the naughty mother to force my friend to expose himself. He wrote in his note:"Tingnan mo to, astig yong palusot ng ermat."

  Nalaman ko tuloy ginagamit pa pala  ang "ermat", xD.

 In short, good scriptwriting...

KATHNIEL TWERKS: «Алғашқы махаббат»

«Алғашқы махаббат» еще показывает в Казахстане.

Just a fun video...