Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nikki Gil - When I Met You (Official Music Video with Lyrics)

It was a crash course on Pinoy showbiz in starting this blog. A friend asked how do I choose the videos: First, it has to be a nice song, worthy of a viral push. Second, the singer should look right. Unattractive singers with great voices are passe. Frankly, there are still many singers whose face you really won't waste 4 minutes watching (Really, why do they even bother? I still can't understand how they even got through). I can forgive videos with obviously cheap budgets as long as it doesn't come out looking cheap.

 So if you're wondering why an artist with some name doesn't appear here, I most likely don't like the face even if he or she got the voice. Music videos are visual too, you know.

 I've extended my vacation until after the Holy Week so we'll be irregular til then.

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