Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Beautiful Anchorwomen of CNN Philippines

Claire Celdran, Claudine Trillo, Mitzi Borromeo,
Pinky Webb
I have to say I didn't like CNN International. With the proliferation of alternative media, it has lost much of its credibility. Worse, its staff is not really something to be glued about:  it runs the gamut- from  spooky (the military correspondent Barbara Starr who looked & modulated so much as if auditioning for the role of a female Dracula) to downright  irritating (its reporters modulate so much in the same low bass it really made me wonder if somebody actually believed that bolstered their credibility).

Then I accidentally came upon CNN Philippines while surfing for news updates one morning. I discovered it at a time when being "losyang"  has already infected half of the local news stations (really, do they actually believe being "losyang" will add credibility to the news? Having gluta overload & fake blonde hair won't cure  one's losyang looks BTW, they just lower everyone's standards ).

At CNN Philippines, there was beauty overload. A news anchorwoman should look like them. How about beauty making news more newsworthy? 


  1. Sa ANC ang losyang overload- si Nancy Irlanda, Catherine Howard, yong Magsaysay nakalimutan ko pangalan, si Jumilla, si Sembrano, si Bigornia- dapat sa provincial station mga to, sa ARMM, wag international news station

    1. Si Michelle Ong parang tindera sa Sta. Cruz, si Sembrano parang ahente ng credit card

  2. Sa GMA, yong sa gabi, Umali ba yon, mas bagay manikurista yon wag pabasahin ng news di bagay