Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pre-Solemn Solenn Heussaff

She's definitely one of the sexiest local actresses but I didn't include Solenn Heusaff in my wish list for sex scandals because she is scheduled for a  church wedding with her Argentinean husband  Nico Bolzico shortly. But that really won't prevent us from thinking dirty thoughts just yet. Dirty things like local politics included? Make that only sexy dirty thoughts about ... who else?

We will return after the elections. 


  1. Liberal naman yata ang husband, bakit naman hadlang ang kasal sa trabaho niya? For the fans and art's sake. Dapat ipauso na naman ang For Art's Sake

  2. Pwede naman yong video ng honeymoon nila a... sex scandal of the year sa sarap yon.