Sunday, May 1, 2016

Arci's First Primetime Teleserye

In a way, the news that Arci Muñoz is now starring in her first primetime teleserye really made me proud. For one, I personally benefited from the sex appeal of our new sex symbol. I can take all the vacation I want but I can rest assure I will still get clicks because our all-time most popular post on Ms. Muñoz still gets steady hits everyday. In a way, she has become the trophy Princess Sexy of this blog. And mind you, her fans are not only found in the Philippines, half of them come from all over the world. Needless to say, this blog first felt the confirmation that a new star was born.

That gives me a dilemma. I know, my biggest readers are red-blooded heterosexual males but I also have loads who crave for our young stars. In fact, the latter were our first supporters. That's the challenge, how to balance between our two seemingly opposite crowds: satisfying one shouldn't aggravate the other. I guess I'm doing fine, I take a lot of vacation but everybody are still with us.

Arci Muñoz will have Jericho Rosales & John Estrada as her co-stars in the forthcoming teleserye Never Ever Say Goodbye.


  1. Dapat ang sex symbol naghuhubad. As in hubad talaga. So 1960 ang sexy-sexy lang

  2. Sana si Carlos Morales ang partner, masaya talaga

    1. Pwede rin May-December affair kay Bailey May. Parang batang Carlos Morales si Bailey. Mas maganda hiramin nila si Mike Neumann tapos supporting si Joross , Arjo Atayde, Chito at Neri, Paolo Bediones, Long Mejia. Hiramin din nila si Willie Bayola at Hayden Kho. Yan ang masaya

    2. Tapos theme song kakantahin ni Young JV at Michael Pangilinan