Sunday, May 8, 2016


UPDATE: This song didn't become a hit but I think my discussion on the artificial issue of Maputi vs. Morena non-sense was a classic, it dealt frontally with the contrived conflicts which are non-issues in real lives outside artificial media-driven politics. The arguments presented here could be applied to other artificial divisive political issues like Western vs. Korean looks (this one takes the prize for being the most laughable because it is clearly non-sense, comedy skit from the get-go). 

This song has a nice beat but the lyrics are kinda ignorant. Actually in the Philippines, attraction doesn't depend on skin color, it depends on the looks of the individual. There are many fair-skinned individuals here with bad features who are wallflowers in every party they attend. Narrow-minded lyrics such as these play right into the hands of the pretentious bunch who try to imitate (as usual) the American socio-political trends and force-fit them into the Philippine context without knowing that those foreign advocacies just gave a false sense of inclusion to minorities who were trapped into the labels forced upon them because allegedly their rights were being fought for (read why Blacks are more mired into poverty as ever and why the turmoil in Ferguson, Baltimore and other areas are flaring up). True, we read minorities in the media are improving, but is there a big change outside the glare of the media spotlights (btw, the media are owned by the sponsors of these political activities so we can't blame why keen observers see this as just a zarzuela). In Tagalog, we call that "kampo-kampo", dividing the 'morenas" and the "maputi" into camps, then make the "camps" fight each other as if there is even something to fight for. In outdated politics in the West, these irrelevant fights (in conjunction with other concocted  fights like Rich vs. Poor, Gay vs. Hetero, Secular vs. Religious, etc) are seen as being fostered to heaten up the socio-political scene so the low-classes fight each other while those upper in the hierarchy are shielded from view.

This also plays into hands of the baliws (insane) who delude themselves that just because they belong to the fair camp, they are above the morena no matter how beautiful the latter is. We often hear a certain sector spouting "Basta maputi, maganda" and they actually fool themselves that people won't notice their bad features and have the gall to equate themselves with the more celebrated Spanish mestizas (who are loved for their beautiful features, not necessarily for the skin color because Latins are relatively darker than Germanic types). Of course, people can always see they have bad features, we have the whole internet for comparison as to what is beautiful. That's why when they tried this laughable campaign in Southeast Asia to pit the Western type vs. the Korean type, most of the stars even of purist countries like Indonesia and Thailand became Western hybrids because it was simply a hare-brained comedy skit right from the start.

In the Philippines, as regards to beauty, there is never Morena vs. Maputi. That's dumb. Either you are ugly or you are not.


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  1. Kung basta maputi maganda e bakit di pinag-agawan ng mga hunks si Kris Aquino ?