Sunday, May 1, 2016


I received a curious email from a Jadine fan acquaintance. She was ruing the fact that the last time a Jadine film was shown,  Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, its showing was delayed for so long only to run smack against the international hit Pitch Perfect( like  I wrote in a previous article). Now their new film will suddenly run smack against the film of local established stars John Lloyd Cruz & Jennilyn Mercado. Rare was the time that local films would fight it out in the box-office. She asked if I "could take the cudgels" like last time?

Obviously, I was not privy to the private calculations done to arrive at the decisions why events have become so. But it's clear the circumstances are not the same as before. James Reid & Nadine Lustre have grown in their careers in the intervening months- they had a teleserye & series of concerts in many parts of the world- that they might not need hand-holding after all. This is their fifth film together, and I don't think it's wise to dust up conspiracy against them this time. Like any business, competition is part of the game. Anyway, their team works in various dimensions- not only films but concerts, records, ad campaigns, etc.

I'm already thinking on another level. The top 3 young love teams in the country have really caught the attention of many, not only in the country but throughout the world. They have been busy and people obviously enjoyed their shows. But how to rev up the game? It's actually curious how things will shape up going forward. Will there be a rigodon of the stars to add spice to the game? I'm curious about the possible new combinations. Very curious. Like I wrote before, the loveteam thing is the cutest part of Pinoy showbiz.


  1. Tama kelangan rekado. James Kathryn naman. Dito ko nga pala unang nakita video nila together. How cute <3333

  2. Somehow mas maganda sana kung full support ang studio nila sa kanila. Yon lang

  3. Kaya ng Jadine yan. Go Go Go