Saturday, October 22, 2016

SCANDAL!!! Part 7: Getting Close To The Nitty-Gritty: SO... WHY DID THEY DO WHAT THEY HAD TO DO?

Upon the prodding (teasing, actually) of a Spanish friend, this blog started as a minor cheerleading squad for the Pinoy teen stars who were supposedly just starting to be noticed then but actually already eclipsing the usual fare in the supposedly-pirate Asiatic film websites (we now know these are just masquerading as pirate sites, they are actually propaganda sites). It was fun reading young fans complain they were "tired of watching" the old usual faces and that the Pinoy teen stars were a "relief". Little did we know that we would witness the blatant sabotage done on the Pinoy teen stars and their films. Diary ng Panget immediately became a hit when it came out on October 2014 and all the pirated Pinoy films received a boost, but it was the teen stars that really led the attack, with She's Dating the Gangster sustaining the Pinoy teen upsurge well into 2015. By February 2015, the requests for the second film of the Jadine loveteam, Talk Back And You're Dead, were started to be deleted in a Spanish site, Cineasiaenlinea. The requests for the film continued in the Comments section for Diary Ng Panget however... until all of a sudden, all the Comments, including the glowing reviews of the latter film, were summarily deleted in the end of February (Read SCANDAL!!! PART 2). The sabotage was not limited to the aforementioned website but in other big Spanish-speaking pirate sites (We would soon discover it's not limited in the Spanish blogosphere, either). Signs of desperation, from any measure.

In the Philippines, we are busy doing measures to foster Diversity. But why would some people prevent good-looking Pinoy stars from sharing the limelight? Is it a commercial decision to block a competitor, or is it something deeper than that?

If it was simply a commercial decision, how come not all Pinoy films suffered in the fake-pirate sites?

NOTE: If you noticed, I have been slowly spoon-feeding the writing of the story. More or less, the flow of events which led to the fateful decision to sabotage the Pinoy films in the last week of February, 2015 is now clear. We are now about to answer WHY did they do what they had to do?

WE will dramatize it through our Kiligmanga Action Hero. But there will also be clarifying posts to tie the loose ends of the arguments....

1. Tagalog Version
KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 9: When Villains Are Not Really Cute, Not Even Popular!, STARRING KathNiel & LizQuen
2. English Version
KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 9, ENGLISH VERSION: When Villains Are Not Really Cute, Not Even Popular!, STARRING KathNiel & LizQuen

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  1. Di nila maintindihan na ang Diversity ay hayaan ang lahat mamulaklak, di ibig sabihin na kitlin mo ang iba dahil lang sa mas maganda ang tubo nila