Sunday, March 6, 2016

SUPERHERO RECHARGE: Time-off, Suddenly Lobat

I was scanning some pictures online when I saw this one. Kathryn Bernardo as Darna It was twitted by a certain Kathreid (apparently fans of Kathryn Bernardo & James Reid). My kind of people- big imagination.

With that, I will be off for a week-long vacation for a while. I would probably post if there would be really interesting vignettes (my friends will continue to monitor), but otherwise, I just would want to recharge on my own. Hasta la vista, folks!


  1. Oo nga no, mas bagay ang Darna kay Kathryn. Parang Vilma Santos na may pagka-Marian Rivera in the making

    1. Tama, nag-start nang mag-mature si Kathryn sa PSY... pang-full blast niya ang Darna. The new female superstar of her time has arrived