Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Christina Aguilar ฝากความยินดี - คริสติน่า อากีล่าร์

In the 1960's-70's, many Pinoy singers had successful careers in the singing circuit of Bangkok, among them were Imelda Papin & Carmen Patena, before they returned & built successful careers in the Philippines. Other less famous musicians stayed on and got married, like what happened to musician Tony Aguilar, who married a Frenchwoman and produced one of the most successful pop artists in Thailand. The Filipino-French beauty has no Thai blood but she was accepted by a free-thinking Thai public. Bangkok-born  Christina Aguilar became the first  million-album seller & first triple-million-album seller pop artist in Thailand. Now 49 years old, she is still a beauty and active in the Thai music scene.

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  1. Malakas pa rin ang pagka-Pinay mestiza sa mga anggulo niya. Nice of her making it without changing her name to Thai