Monday, March 14, 2016

Pinoy Teleserye Around the World: Right now, "Little Star" starts in MyTV Africa

Just to make clear, I don't feature here all the teleseryes & films shown abroad. If I did, this blog would turn into a TV Guide. I only do posts on those where I can spin an article around. There are so many teleseryes being shown in many parts of the world that it would be impractical to feature them all.

This new one just confirms that both major Pinoy broadcasting companies are really selling well their teleseryes in many parts of the world. The sustained acceptance of Pinoy stars and entertainment products have been proven time and again by the international hits generated every year. Not a beginner's luck or novelty, their thrusts got stronger with the passage of time since the first international hit Pangako Sa Yo in 2000. The rivalry between the major Pinoy broadcasters domestically is intense but I am just thinking, isn't it about time that they have a single strategic body just like the Motion Picture Association of America to promote their international  interests especially in the far-flung markets that have opened up for them? The popularity of the Pinoy stars which are sustained by the regular release of their shows aren't taken advantage of maximally & just frittered away after the end of the run of their shows. A more strategic unified publicity machine?

Perhaps the government could also step in & sponsor regular Pinoy film festivals in those areas just like what the French & Spaniards are doing in Manila with their own filmfests. This will greatly enhance the image of the widely-scattered Pinoy diaspora all over the world. We can be pro-active for once. Soft power, if I may.

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  1. Parang yong nagyari sa mga fan club ng Lizquen sa Kazakhstan, nung nawala na ang Forevermore, napabayaan na rin sila, nagkawatak-watak na. Sana nag-personal appearance man lang sana si Enrique roon. Ano naman ginagawa ng embassy roon, e ignorante siguro sila sa nagyayari kaya clueless as always