Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Southeast Asia's Most Active Film Industry

 It seems I'm developing a  weakness for vacations. We will be irregular in our posts again this week I just came from a vacation, but I just got pulled to another one this Holy Week.

I'll leave you with this interesting table. I've been documenting here in the blog the upward trajectory of Pinoy showbiz in the last few years. Did you know it is actually the biggest in Southeast Asia? And that Pinoys are the most avid cinemagoers in the region?

NOTE: Figures used below were from 2012. I'll   update this as soon as we can get hold of more current figures. Suffice to claim for now that Philippine filmmaking got more active  in the last two years..

                                                                   PHI                    THAI                   INDO
Gross Boxoffice                                        $158.80M         $  143M               $   114M
 Number of Admissions                             48,000,000       28,300,000         27.900.00
 Average Number of films (5Y)                    91                       48                   75                  

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  1. Kulang tayo sa genre. Dapat gumawa na rin sila ng action