Thursday, August 4, 2016

US TEEN VOGUE: James Reid and Nadine Lustre Are the Filipino Love Team You Need to Know

 I rather would need to know all about the Big 4 young Pinoy loveteams (Kathniel, Lizquen, Elnella and yes, Jadine) but it's always a treat that we read about one of our big love teams celebrated in an American teen magazine. Jadine is really flying high these days. James Reid & Nadine Lustre must be so giddy by now by all the kilig washing over them.

 I specially liked the backgrounder on the dynamics of a Pinoy loveteam:

Welcome to the concept of a "love team." In the Philippines, fans aren’t squealing over boy bands or just any celebrity; they’re obsessed with this concept in entertainment that is unique to the country’s outlook on romance. A love team completely elevates the portrayal of love in movies, TV, music, and books in a way that westerners don’t even think about (or avoid altogether).
The entertainment industry in the Philippines is a little different than it is in America. There, actors must have a wide range of skills to appear on the big screen, meaning acting is actually just a small part of their jobs. Being a star includes singing, dancing, and, most importantly, getting people to ship you with your costar. Almost everyone who is cast in anything eventually gets paired with a fellow star who they’re expected to do everything with. And as a conservative, predominantly Catholic country, the concept of monogamy is heavily emphasized throughout all forms of Filipino entertainment. It's a heavy commitment that the stars take on, but similar to arranged marriages, the actors have a high chance of staying together on and off-camera. The secret is their willingness to work together — hence the term "team" — to meet the extremely high expectations of hopeless romanticism.

Though the actors are matched as a result of their natural chemistry, they're never forced to date IRL. Most of the time it just works out that way. How could you not fall for the person, who ideally resembles your soulmate and that you also spend almost every waking moment with?

Read the whole article here.


  1. Naks, ang galing. Malakas ang connection ng publicity team ng Jadine

  2. Sana may bed scene na sila sa Till I Met U. Para maiba

    1. Dapat lang. Sa Diary ng Panget may lips to lips na sila. Two years na yon. Dapat may eksena naka-brief na si James ngayon

  3. Dapat Lizquen at Kathniel din Dapat series ng cute Pinoy LT yan para fair

  4. Yan ang Pinoy brand: love teams. Ipromote sana ito worldwide na isang truly Pinoy phenomenon

  5. Tutal di na sila teenager, ano kaya ipauso ng Jadine ang sexy LT. Lagi naka-wet thong si James tapos nakatangga si Nadine, Very original no?