Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NOW SHOWING: Pambansang Sugar Mommy?

Frankly sex has always been farthest from my mind when I thought of  Senator Leila de Lima. She had this matronly image like any late middle-age mother that you tend to associate her with the images of busy kitchens & grandchildren. I kinda felt icky when I saw her hair turning blondie but still, I never associated the nagmumurang kamias signs as just that-  nagmumurang kamias. As it turned out, nagmumura talaga...

Cesar Mancao. Driver Dayan (with the tusok-tusok face according to Sandra Cam). Then Warren. Were there others? One thing that softened her image was when I learned she made mano publicly to the father of Dayan once, according to then Governor Espino of Pangasinan. Alas, Senator de Lima must have had aspirations of being a dutiful daughter-in-law. She must still be trying to be a dutiful daughter-in-law despite her reported dalliances with blue-collar men. Fetish of a woman at the last quarter of her life?

Don't mind this post. I just love analyzing human nature & Senator Leila de Lima has turned into a really very interesting subject lately.


  1. In a way nakakaawa siya. Kailangan nyang magbayad para maging masaya. Kung di lang sana sya nagamit ng mga drug lord sa Bilibid...

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    1. Admin, this woman stinks. Don't ever feature her again. Double yuck

  3. ADMIN, you should only focus on showbiz or entertainment. Don't add any Politics in the articles. It just ruin the purpose of this blog unless your intention is to show the ugliness of PH Politics to non filipino readers. Either way it's not good for promotion.