Wednesday, April 6, 2016

UNGLAUBELICH: Lukas Janisch, Grand Champion, Voice Kids Germany 2016

He's just 13, and he's Fil-Austrian but he just won the recently-concluded Voice Kids of Germany. More importantly, he looks perfect to be a future Pinoy teen idol. Now, there are three male kids who look really cute enough to take over the baton from Kathniel's Daniel Padilla,  Lizquen's Enrique Gil & Jadine's James Reid. Juan Karlos Labajo, Bailey May & Lukas Janisch. We know there'll be more, but it's always nice to confirm, Pinoy showbiz is even now sure to shine still brighter going forward.

Of course, the best thing with Lukas is he also sings so well. Unbelievable!

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  1. May international base na siya agad. Itong mga mestizong Pinoy na nanalo sa other countries could be a ready ticket to enlarge the audience of Pinoy films. Nanalo na sila sa Australia ngayon Germany na, big markets agad