Wednesday, April 6, 2016


We received a curious email from a Pinoy-Aussie reader in Sydney. She mentioned one of the comments in one of our previous posts where it was stated that  a shortage of really cute leading men in the present batch of stars resulted in pretty Janella Salvador not having the appropriate loveteam. Inasmuch as Pinoy stars are starting to make their presence felt in many parts of the world, why should we not accelerate the process and recruit expatriate Pinoy mestizos who are already making their mark in their home countries. Definitely, these kids are ready-made connectors to a wider international audience.

These kids have been winning in many parts of the world. We just featured Pinoy-Austrian Lukas Janisch winning the Voice Kid in Germany.

Our Pinoy-Aussie reader wrote we should not forget another mestizo,  Pinoy-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva, winning the X-Factor last year in Australia.

Our reader asked, Don't you agree 19-year old Cyrus is very bagay with 17-year old Janella?

She had a point, didn't she?

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