Friday, January 15, 2016

World Pinoy Pop Classic "ANAK" in Various Languages

This 1978 original song by Pinoy legend Freddie Aguilar was recorded in 27 languages, about a hundred versions in 56 countries  & sold about 30 million copies. The original Tagalog version topped the Billboard charts in the US, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, etc. Proof that great music is universal no matter the language of the lyrics.

I chanced a friend watching it in his computer while we were hanging out in a coffee shop. I got curious of its versions in other languages.

You can watch selected versions in other languages below:

Freddie Aguilar singing the Spanish & Tagalog versions 

Spanish pop icon Miguel Bose singing his version "Hermano Mio"

After the success of his Spanish version, one of his biggest hits, Miguel Bose, who was the Shaun Cassidy of the Latin world in his younger years, also sang the French version which came out in 1982, "La dame de coeur" 

Yuko Nakazawa singing her Japanese version 

Hongkong diva Paula Tsui does it in Tagalog & Cantonese

鍾鎮濤 Kenny Bee did his Mandarin version  你的影子 (Nide Yingzi)

Felix Agus from Sabah does it in Malay & Tagalog in a Malaysian reality TV show: listen to the  new arrangement. 

Durable German music star Michael Holm did "Kind"  in 1980

Diễm Liên singing the Viet version "Con Yêu"

Carabao with his Thai version "Loong Khee Mao"

Aguilar sings the Italian version "Un bambino"

Freddie sings the English version "Child"

Filipino singer Victor Wood who also became famous in Indonesia in the 1970's-80's sang "Anak" in Bahasa Indonesia in one of his albums for the Indonesian market

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