Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cute Sexy 2016

2015  had a special icing... this blog. One of my resolutions is not to take as many vacations from this blog this 2016.

To those who have been following us, we all know it all started as "katuwaan" (fun, prank). Pinoy  showbiz might as well have been a buzz from outer space for me prior to 2015- but somehow, I found myself developing this child-like wonder in discovering a new world. Somehow, I confirmed Pinoy showbiz is one of the few obvious strengths of the Philippines because of some now-obvious reasons: 1) the East-West look of the Filipino doesn't require much learning curve to appreciate, Pinoy actors are really better-looking and more appealing than what one would normally expect from Far Eastern cinema, 2) the long history of film making in the country which started yet in the last years of the Spanish period, strengthened during the American era & blossomed even after Independence has so honed local expertise that Pinoy products are now well-appreciated in many parts of the world.

Reality check came accidentally. Suddenly I witnessed with my own eyes it was being sabotaged! Neglected by most people & "feeling small" as it was, why would a well-funded supposedly "successful" competitor even bother to sabotage it if it was inconsequential? It became clear to me that in its own quietly competent way & obviously beautiful looks, it is actually the biggest threat to delusions mostly borne out of unfortunate genetics. Bad genetics, particularly if  refractory to  desperate acrobatics of Plastic Surgery, is a bane to delusions in showbiz.

Well, nothing can be done about that, Plastic Surgery, like any human endeavor, obviously has its limits. We can be magnanimous though. Sabotage can't change genetics anyway.

I exposed some" scandals" along the way. Just read Scandals # 1-8. I now realized they are confirmations Pinoy showbiz has beautiful actors, and that it has come a long way.

Here's to a Cute & Sexy 2016. 


  1. Ha ha ha As always you hit it right in the head. Idol

  2. Dapat hiyain mga yan. Di na sila nahiya. May mga salamin naman sila may gana pang magpantasya. Grabe

  3. That's the challenge to Filipino producers- the looks of the Pinoy stars are a cut above the rest of our neighbors therefore they should make sure their stars are really beautiful. It's already proven their type are accepted across intercontinental boundaries. They should protect that advantage. After all, looks is the most important to attract attention and they have proven they can attract attention. Since we do competent moviemaking, that attention will be justified