Friday, January 8, 2016

THE PHILIPPINES DOMINATED MOST OF THE WORLD'S BEAUTY PAGENTS FOR 2015, TOP WITH 6 WINS: Now, Even Pinay Politicians are being noticed.... Better believe it!

Lucy Torres Gomez turned out to be one of the extremely hot & beautiful female politicians of the world, according to Nothing surprising about that, one only has to have a pair of functioning eyes to verify that the Leyte Congresswoman is a looker.

 To be fair, this is not one of the usual "Top this, Top that" Lists. It's just a list of extremely hot and beautiful female pols who attracted the attention/research of the author. Of course, the fact that Lucy was noticed right away confirmed the power of her charms. She has always stood out.

The celebration of Pinay beauty has become a tradition worldwide. For 2015, the beauty of the Filipinas was dominant in most of the beauty contests worldwide. We won 6 titles last year, the most for a country. Just to complete your info:

Miss Universe 2015 winner in Las Vegas
Miss Earth 2015 winner back to back held in Vienna, Austria
Miss Globe 2015 winner held in Toronto, Canada
Tourism Queen 2015 winner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Miss Scuba International 2015 winner held in Malaysia
Miss International Queen 2015 winner held in Thailand
Miss Grand International - 4th runner up in Thailand
Miss Heritage International - 1st runner-up (almost back to back)
Miss Global - 4th runner-up held in Philippines
Miss International 2015 - Top 10 held in Japan
Miss Supranational - Top 20 held in Poland

See the whole list of "8 Extremely Hot & Beautiful Female Politicians"  at Gabdig, click here 

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