Monday, December 14, 2015

Sarah Lahbati again, with Enrique Gil & Rayver Cruz

Ok, here we go, another Sarah Lahbati sexy video.This is a two-month old video but trust me,  it's still hot. Pinay sexy actresses are the most "clicked" from among our international readers (the Arci Munoz' photoshoot just became our Most Popular post of all-time)  that I sometimes am wondering if the increase in our audience has been mostly among the masculine gender. Well, we know our cute Pinoy young stars wow many but it's also great to know that our sexy stars are now winning much attention. Asian women have this fragile image and are not exactly known for voluptuous sex appeal, but the world now knows sex appeal is overflowing here too.

 As I love to say, Asians are sexier in the Philippines...

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