Friday, December 4, 2015

PINOY CUTE POWER: Deep Bench of Beautiful People

I guess, we may call it force majeure. Well, I should be betting on all the horses. My hits have actually increased three times  since a few days ago when I started regularly updating my VK page where I felt the impact of the popularity of Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano on the Kazakhs. The spillover surge of hits in the blog not only came from Russia & Kazakhstan but even internationally from among the diaspora. I never suspected they were that many, it turned out these two really blew everybody away. Lizquen took 85% of our hits in the last week. The three biggest sources of readers are now Philippines, the US & Kazakhstan  (Update, August 4: Russia just became Number 3). I was only looking at the figures from South America before, but with the surge of hits elsewhere, they are now down to 7% though international hits still amount to 55%.

 We're now on our seventh month and things are evolving. Things are still entertaining in a way though.

 The success of the Pinoy young stars in the Russian Post-Soviet space must be putting the villains in a tizzy. With the overpowering emergence of the 23 year-old Enrique Gil, the clowns were busy piggybacking on the limelight by conducting their pseudo-polls pitting the ordinary-looking 30 year-old Lee Min Ho with the much  younger Enrique because they have no deep bench of marketable beautiful people to speak of, they have to continue propping up seniors in a market composed mostly of the young girl demographic. The most laughable is they would make it appear that young girls there would prefer seniors though the fan clubs of the young girls worshipping Enrique have a membership nearly ten times those of all the propaganda websites of the villains. Well, I had laughs seeing them in action in their flimsy make-believe but they have little audience anyway, let them play. Actually we don't need them because Pinoy stars are far more popular in these parts. In Tagalog, they are saling-pusa.

 But  it's still fun elsewhere. We had a secret battle in the last month because while they pose as helping the Pinoy artists, they won't let the hits of the Pinoy videos appear too popular or they would eclipse the South Koreans. I learned their tricks so a James Reid clip which I posted as a comment in their fake Pinoy page skyrocketed. Apparently that alarmed the villains because all their Pinoy videos in their fake pages had customary low hits (that at a time when the real Pinoy fan clubs already had membership into the 100,000's). VK is apparently easily hacked so the next time, all videos of James Reid outside my VK front page were suddenly sterilized and James' hits went back to the safe low levels in their fake pages. Well, now, they had a propaganda coup with the fact "that the star of Talk Back and You're Dead is a B_B_(their group) fan"; let's see now how they would deal with the Pinoy singer who made their rocker look like his houseboy in their selfie pic. They practically sabotaged him since the break-out of  Diary Ng Panget but James still look better than their stars, will they let their "cutes" look like manicurists on a stage?

 With their allergy to the looks of Enrique Gil & James Reid, they were actually pushing Daniel Padilla lately. The dark one, so probably they could return to the "Basta maputi, maganda" delusion, deluding themselves others won't see unpleasant features. Here's how it went when Crazy Beautiful You was shown in the pirate websites: (as of August 2, 2015)

 You see, the viewcounts on the front page said 12,033 , but actual views of the video were only 1,828. Very classic.

 A Russian friend opined they probably wanted to make it appear Crazy Beautiful You easily eclipsed Diary Ng Panget because Daniel was safer than James Reid. Well, the story just got more exciting because Daniel himself will have an opportunity to break-out there because Got To Believe will be shown on Kazakh national TV. How will their fake polls look this time, the 20 year old Daniel vs. the senior Lee Min Ho?

 Actually the beauty of the Philippines is we have a deep bench of beautiful people. One may fall but  there are still many in the stable. 

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