Sunday, December 20, 2015


NOTE: This post was published on August 20, 2015 but for whatever reason, somebody decided (or was it made to decide?) to claim their copyright privileges & denied this blog the use of the trailer which has been available to everybody in Youtube anyway. In the US, copyrights can be challenged if used in editorials by virtue of the freedom of expression but we decided to  just provide the link so you can watch the trailer on Youtube.  There were two film trailers which were taken down- Ex with Benefits & The Love Affair. The two films have a common denominator- gorgeous stars which can readily overshadow the stars of the  usual Korean films,

 It seems curious that there are strange coincidences here: certain Pinoy films have been actually deliberately hidden from the world, that explains why many Asiatic film afficionados who are hooked on Pinoy films have been wondering why only few Pinoy films were being released in the pseudo-pirate sites (these sites are propaganda sites and it would be bad propaganda for the schemers if truly good-looking Pinoy stars overshadowed their own trying-hard wannabe-beautiful stars). If they were deliberately not shown, shouldn't they also be not promoted in blogs geared towards an international audience like this blog  so that the world would remain unaware that there were films with Pinoy stars who looked really good & not the usual trying-hard that we see in certain Asiatic films that are glorified in the pirate/propaganda sites? 

We have proven  in this blog that despite the paltry Pinoy films shown, the Pinoy stars still stole the limelight from the other Asian stars so they were sabotaged instead (Read SCANDALS series in this blog).

 Actually, the sabotage is ONGOING: part of the sabotage is the deliberate suppression of the release of certain Pinoy films with the usual beautiful stars and they are still being suppressed, especially in the Spanish-speaking sites. The release of Pinoy films virtually stalled in the Spanish-sites since the Pinoy stars made waves late last year despite the revelations made in this blog of the dark machinations against them. 

What's so dangerous about good-looking Pinoy actors that they should be deliberately hidden from the Hispanics who looked just like them? Should Pinoy actors look like something else? Should they look trying-hard wannabe beauties like  certain Korean stars?

Hmm, really curious...

As to the reason why Pinoy films are suppressed in the Spanish sites, just follow our kiligmanga Action Hero, we'll soon tackle that..

Mga ilusyon nila... kung may maganda talaga sa paligid, paano mo mapapaganda ang isang di naman maganda kahit na anong propaganda ang gawin mo? Matagal na ang ganitong klaseng propaganda ah bata pa ako, pero hinahabol na ba sila? Di ba, hindi pa rin naman.... Bakit ka aasa sa propaganda para gumanda? Di pa sapat ang Plastic Surgery? Aba, di wala talagang pag-asa...
Yong imposible di kaya ng kahit anong propaganda!!!

I'll be on vacation for a week or so again. Our blog is already hot but I guess my readers could vicariously experience my lifestyle of lots of work but lots of play at the same time. We might post articles but it would be irregularly.

I'll be updating my VK page regularly though. I removed the Kiligmanga storyline from my VK page so you won't guess the plot of these "masterpieces"` There are two stories running at the same time: "Action Hero" and "Taste of Love". They are getting the most clicks BTW since I added the Tagalog translations.

Meanwhile, Coleen Garcia & Meg Imperial have an upcoming film. I just discoveredthe old films of Diana Zubiri & Francine Prieto, "Liberated 1" and "Liberated 2" and I wonder if Coleen & Meg were up to the task of upstaging the nudity of those films done in 2003 & 2004 yet. Coleen & Meg would be perfect. Or is this another rom-com again? Wow, nice soundtrack. No more mushy tunes, way to go!

Watch the trailer (VER EL TRAILER AQUI):    here.


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  3. Bea Alonzo... Dawn Zulueta... Coleen Garcia... Meg Imperial... nakakatakot nga naman, masasapawan sila to the max