Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Teeju? Teelia? Jujay? Jutee?

Teejay Marquez' Indonesian fans are an imaginative lot. Good for them, the Pinoy showbiz blogosphere is easily accessible to them because it is mostly in English. I was scanning the Indonesian online pages when I saw this picture. I was nearly fooled, I actually asked my assistant to research if Teejay Marquez ever did a film with Julia Barreto & Jadine. My assistant got the upper hand this time: didn't I see that the pic was a publicity for the movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic & Teejay's picture was substituted for someone else?

 Yeah, yeah. Some Indonesian fan thinking Teejay looked better with Julia. They have taste, don't they?

(The fans actually have an online sort-of serialized novella all their own (in Bahasa Indonesia) titled My Soul, New Season starring their Pinoy idol)

Below, Teejay doing his Twerk routine in an Indonesian TV show.


  1. May taste nga... obvious namang kasing walang K yong pinatungan

  2. Pati doon nakakahalata silang maraming nakakalusot na maligno sa atin

  3. saan website sa indonesia sila nakaka nood ng filipino movies?? yun local channel ba nila nag papalabas din ng pinoy movies?