Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rico Blanco - Videoke Queen (Official Music Video)

If you've noticed lately, we've limited our posting of music videos & TV music shows. Part of the maturation of the blog.  I will still feature the really interesting ones every now & then (like this one) to highlight what's edgy with Pinoy OPM but if you're looking for a more comprehensive look, there are many blogs dedicated to OPM music videos, let's patronize them all (though the fate of the biggest one, with more than 100,000 followers, was curious: after being cluttered suddenly with  malware which greatly aggravated anybody accessing it, it has suddenly disappeared. Another big mystery: both the malware & the disappearance).

 But I won't post any more just for the sake of having something to post. Starting as a prank but eventually evolving into being investigative, we'll try to push up the level of this blog some more. I finally decided I must be liking this if I could come up with something to post in 10 minutes. We are not on a heavy mission here though: Pinoy culture has been hobbled by mediocrity for too long, it will take a lot more to shape it up. But the Philippines has found its economic stride lately so we better not be too coy with our two-cents. We are simply flinging arrows to the air; if they hit, well & good.

 If you know what to ignore, Pinoy showbiz could be a bright spot. Besides, there are bonuses..... Rico Blanco's  music is one..


  1. OPM music artist need to expand the style and genre of music they create. We need more variety of songs in different style and genre in OPM. Hopely, some OPM artist like Sarah Geronimo is getting the message. Check her latest album called "The Great Unknown" and her previous album with the single "Kilometro". Youtube search also "The Bojam Project" on youtube and you'll see Bojam de Belen's creations.

  2. Yup, EDM is big on the top venues like Valk & the rest but EDM as OPM is still undeveloped