Wednesday, December 21, 2016

BEST XMAS GIFT: Naia Expressway finally opens... Wheww!

Several elevated expressways in the Metro Manila area are on the pipeline, and the one connecting the airport terminals to the first skyway and to the Bay Area has finally opened a year after the original schedule. What does that got to do with a showbiz blog, you say? Well, finally a big ray of hope... relief, I should say. Manila's hellish traffic has stymied many times my attempt to watch a movie... and many times I cursed "Why don't they build the ribbons of elevated expressways of Tokyo?" If ever there's a metropolis whose hectic spread  Metro Manila is tracing is Tokyo. And with the expected construction of a number of elevated expressways which leapfrog the bottlenecks in a few years, one can not begin to imagine the less aggravating traffic flow to the cinemas...



  1. Di ba sa APEC pa last year yan dapat natapos? Kung di pa dumating si Digong baka nganga pa rin sila

  2. Lahat daw ng infra ngayon fast track, 3 shifts, 24/7. Sana bilis-bilisan din nila ang Metro Skyway. Dapat open na agad yang Buendia-Quirino man lang para deretso na agad sa Manila from Makati

  3. Yong Pasig Expressway from Makati to Marcos Hway over Marikina River, dapat simulan na rin nila

  4. Putol yong C3 sa Araneta Avenue. Di ba dapat may connection siya sa may Circuit para deretso sa Buendia? Tulong din yan para detour sa Edsa at Manila Skyway.

    1. Dapat kalimutan na "pwede na" atitude- tutal kaya na, the more the better. Ang daming putol na kalsada, mga major pa naman. Ano na nangyari sa widening ng Ortigas, bakit makipot pa rin paglagpas sa Ever Gotesco hanggang sa Cainta junction at Tikling?