Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Battle of the Sexy Posts: How about Max Collins?

I'm not so sure anymore if hot-blooded males are still my biggest readers. It's true Arci Muñoz & Ellen Adarna are consistent hit-getters but there are already more boys in our Most popular Posts. If you look at our Most Popular Posts list at the sidebar, Kenneth Medrano matches the girls' consistency. Surprisingly, our relatively new post on Pinoy Big Brother participant Tanner Mata just reached the Top 10 list. The 11-20 slots in the list feature more boys waiting to break into the column: Luis Hontiveros, Mark Neumann, etc. Meaning, the gays & the girls among our readers are not behind the hot-blooded males, they just have more varied tastes.

How about Max Collins? Surprisingly my previous post on her had a big international patronage but it stalled and just hovered shy of the Top 10. She is still sexy and she deserves to be appreciated.


  1. Sexy nga naman. Dapat balik ang mga star na bongga ang dating at international ang appeal. Worldwide na ang audience ng Pinoy films & teleserye, di uubra ang mga punggok at masyadong ethnic

  2. Wala ba hubo ito?