Thursday, September 1, 2016

THE SWEETEST WEDDING: "Dolce Amore" Finale Starring LIZQUEN & IAN VENERACION as Priest

Well, one can not gorge on sweets forever or the calories would pile up. The hit teleserye Dolce Amore has finally shunned the calories and packed up after 6 months.

It is still being shown in Kazakhstan.
зрителям из Казахстана и России, это финал. не смотреть видео, если вы не хотите потерять саспенс в финал.


  1. The best-looking loveteam in Asia. Wala nang iba!

  2. Sana ginawang up to next year pa ang ending. I will miss it, katakottakot na withdrawal symptoms na naman ito <3

  3. Waaa, bakit tinapos na? Extend ng extend lang forever sana. Ang ganda-ganda!!!

  4. Bagay talaga sila. Cute siguro baby nila