Saturday, July 23, 2016

No Box-Office Figures for the Philippines @ Boxofficemojo: A Mini-Puzzle

By now, all the people with a little bit of IQ must have figured out almost everything, be it in politics or showbiz, follows a narrative buttressed by propaganda. It's almost laughable when one realizes how much is unreal from what we read. But there should be enough truth somewhere to make the narrative work (more & more people are catching up, so enough truth must be injected or mainstream propaganda, international or local, will suffer, as what is generally happening now, be it in politics or showbiz).

The old adage: Follow the money, you'll likely be closer to the truth. Boxofficemojo had this reputation as providing supposedly independent box office figures. But it has been sparing in 2016, in fact it published only in February this year. Last year, it was more consistent, & it was noticeable that the few Pinoy films released came out as the top-drawer for more weeks than in previous years. Then when the Metro-Manila Film Fest 2015 came around, when only Pinoy films were shown, it suddenly disappeared altogether, denying us the chance to see the figures in dollar terms of what were the gross box-office takes of the top-grossers. It didn't want to show the real figures (that is, if they were even real)?

It returned last February for a couple of weeks but stopped altogether after that. The Philippines is one of the top markets for Hollywood movies worldwide so it is really puzzling that it has been left out, especially at a time when the Pinoy film industry is resurgent, releasing far more films compared last year.

At a time when the Pinoy film industry seems to be showing signs of a nascent new Golden Age, we need all the reference to bolster our calculations. We also need to be reassured that there isn't basis for the wayward propaganda speculations behind the disappearance of the figures for the Philippines.




  1. Aba, mabigat ang misteryong ito a. Pero OK sana kung merong independent source ng figures para menos ang kontrobersya.Pero humahalo sa kontrobersya?

  2. Alam ko dahilan... pero my lips are sealed <3

  3. Akala ko noong una ayaw lang humalo sa Aldub-Bestie controversy... pero nawala na tuluyan

  4. Ok nga sayang, I used to read it pa naman. Sana ibalik, iba na yong figures talaga

  5. Mahilig ka masyado sa pa-mystery, blogger. Why don't you just write as it is? Not all your readers have high IQ kaya maawa ka naman. Gaya nito, alam ko pwedeng may related stories behind ito, pwedeng wala, and I'm irritated kasi di ko magets. Di naman yellow journalism if you tell straight what you think

    1. Advanced ka naman. Baka gus2 lang niya makita uli mga figures, baka yon lang. Intindihin mo lang kasi ang kaya mong maintindihan

  6. Halos linggo-linggo may pinalalabas na Pinoy ngayon, it would be nice to know if they have improved their streaks last 2015 in 2016

  7. Para sa Hollywood lang yan. Syempre pag mga Pinoy ang nagsusulputan dyan masisira diskarte nila. Huwag ninyo na pakialaman. Ibig sabihin as much as possible gusto nila honest yan kasi pera na yan. So let it be

  8. Umaarangkada uli ang Pinoy showbiz so dapat di na tatanga-tanga ang mga Pinoy na hihilain uli ang carpet na kinatatayuan nila gaya nang nangyari noong 1990's nang bumagsak ang industriya.1) Siguraduhin nila na mukhang artista talaga ang mga artista nila at huwag payagang utuin sila na multicultural daw pag gawin nilang artista ang di mukhang artista para di mandiri ang mga manunuod, 2) pagandahin pa lalo ang mga pelikula at teleserye, 3) huwag hayaang i-price out uli ang masa kaya dapat by volume na lang tutal lumalaki ang middle-class. 4) Humingi ng tulong kay Digong para labanan ang piracy. 5) Magbuo ng equivalent ng Motion Picture Association of America para mag-strategize at mag-protect sa interest nila. Most of all, gamitin ang utak at di pauto uli