Saturday, June 11, 2016

INTERRACIAL LOVETEAMS: From Filipinas to the World

The successful Philippine formula of developing interracial loveteams in romantic movies (between a mestizo boy & a native girl) which has been popularized internationally in 2014 by the Diary ng Panget film of the Jadine loveteam of James Reid & Nadine Lustre has become de rigueur in some multiracial South American romantic films. A minor adjustment was that a White boy was used instead of a mestizo, but just the same, the scheme relied on the same dynamics where native girls in a multiracial society ( like in the Hispanic societies of Latin America & the Philippines) usually grow up having first crushes on the cute mestizo/White boys who usually also belonged to a higher economic class. Breaking the barriers of race, class & love will always be hot stuff.

 The most popular telenovela in Peru is Valiente Amor between a White boy & an indigena (native Indian girl).

 Valiente Amor (2016) - Peru

From Paraguay is a rom com about an indigenous seller of Chipa (a Paraguayan delicacy) & a White boy.

 La Chiperita (2015)- Paraguay


  1. Chipa is sort of a donut made of cassava flour, cheese & anise. Masarap, natikman ko na

  2. Mayroon eksena dyan sa Valiente amor na nilatigo si lalaki nung lola niya. Sabi nung lola, "yan ang napapala mo sa pakikipagrelasyon sa isang "india" (native). Grabe, parang nasa panahon pa rin sila ng mga kastila, at meron pa ring racial division.